TalkShopLive Launches New Studio App For Mobile Broadcasts


TalkShopLive, the live commerce platform, has unveiled its latest offering: the Studio app. This new mobile application provides creators and brands with a range of management and broadcast tools, enabling them to livestream on the go. The Studio app allows sellers to access TalkShopLive’s full suite of features, including virtual collaboration with up to four individuals during a livestream, the ability to pin comments, and simulcasting on Facebook. This development marks an upgrade from the company’s previous iOS app, as the Studio app boasts high-definition streaming capabilities and a built-in broadcast studio.

Key Takeaway

TalkShopLive’s new Studio app for mobile broadcasts provides creators and brands with an array of management and broadcast tools, enabling them to livestream and engage with customers in real-time. The app offers improved features for sellers, such as HD-quality streaming, synchronized Shopify store integration, and the ability to appoint a producer for behind-the-scenes support. Additionally, the app introduces “Shoppable Simulcast” capability, allowing users to stream content simultaneously on their Facebook business page. TalkShopLive is also looking to forge partnerships with other social media platforms, signaling its commitment to the expanding livestream shopping market.

Enhanced Features for Sellers

With TalkShopLive’s Studio app, sellers can seamlessly leverage the platform’s functionalities directly from their mobile devices. This means they can display item details on the screen, highlight key products, track sales in real-time, interact with customers during livestreams, and access viewership metrics. Moreover, the app incorporates TalkShopLive’s proprietary multi-embed point-of-sale technology, which allows customers to make purchases without interrupting their viewing experience. Sellers can also synchronize their existing Shopify stores with the app to seamlessly manage their inventory.

Streamlined Livestreaming Process

One highly anticipated feature of the Studio app is the option for sellers to appoint a producer within their team. This producer can assist behind the scenes during the livestream, without appearing on screen. With the seller’s permission, the producer can handle product sales, highlight items, pin live comments, and perform other essential tasks. This functionality eases the burden on sellers, enabling them to focus fully on engaging with their audience.

Innovative Simulcasting Capability

TalkShopLive’s Studio app introduces a “Shoppable Simulcast” feature, allowing users to simultaneously livestream their content on their Facebook business page. This move by TalkShopLive is particularly significant in light of Meta’s recent discontinuation of its live shopping feature. TalkShopLive’s CEO and co-founder, Bryan Moore, emphasized the platform’s uniqueness in that it enables users to view and shop from multiple domains concurrently.

Expanding Partnerships and Future Plans

Moore confirmed that TalkShopLive is exploring partnerships with other social media platforms. While he did not disclose the platforms in question, it was previously reported that TikTok was in discussions with TalkShopLive regarding support for live shopping features. However, Moore emphasized that the company views social platforms as an integral part of the retail landscape.

The TalkShopLive Studio app is currently available exclusively on iOS devices. The company plans to release an Android version soon to cater to a wider user base.

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