New Alexa Emergency Assist Service Enables Fast Access To Emergency Services


In a major announcement at its annual fall event in Virginia, Amazon unveiled its latest subscription service, Alexa Emergency Assist, that allows users to contact emergency services through their Echo devices. With the new Urgent Response feature, users can now prompt Alexa to call for help in emergency situations.

Key Takeaway

Amazon has launched the Alexa Emergency Assist service, enabling users to access emergency services through their Echo devices. By saying “Alexa, call for help,” users are connected to a trained agent, and their crucial emergency contact information is securely stored. This service seeks to improve emergency response and provide peace of mind to users in critical situations.

The unique feature of Alexa Emergency Assist is that it does not directly connect users to 911. Instead, when a user invokes the command “Alexa, call for help,” they are connected to a dedicated and professionally trained agent. This ensures that users receive the necessary support and guidance during emergency situations.

Furthermore, Alexa Emergency Assist securely stores essential emergency contact information, including the user’s address, medication details, and allergies. This crucial information can be vital for first responders in providing tailored assistance and optimizing their response. They can also quickly identify the device used to make the call, facilitating prompt location and response upon arrival.

While the much-awaited service will initially be available only in the United States, Amazon plans to expand its reach globally in the future. The Alexa Emergency Assist service will be offered at an affordable subscription cost of $6 per month or $59 for a full year.

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