New AI Chatbot, Grok, To Provide Early Access To Twitter Subscribers: Elon Musk


Elon Musk, the CEO of xAI, announced in a series of tweets that the company’s AI startup is developing its own version of ChatGPT called Grok. Grok is an AI model that can answer questions conversationally by accessing real-time information via the internet. Musk mentioned that Grok has been designed to have a sense of humor in its responses, making interactions with the AI more engaging and enjoyable.

Key Takeaway

xAI’s AI model, Grok, is being developed to provide conversational question-answering capabilities with real-time access to information. It aims to offer a more humorous and engaging user experience compared to other similar AI models.

Early Access for Twitter Subscribers

Musk revealed that xAI plans to release its first AI model, presumably Grok, to a select group on November 4. However, Musk also announced that all subscribers to X’s Premium Plus plan will have access to Grok once it is out of the early beta phase. This gives Twitter subscribers a unique opportunity to experience the AI chatbot before it becomes widely available.

Developing the Best AI Model

Details about Grok and xAI’s broader research projects are still limited. The company has signed a contract with Oracle to train its AI models on Oracle’s cloud, but specific information about the inner workings of the models or their capabilities has not been disclosed. Musk, along with a team of experts from various leading organizations, aims to build AI that can truly understand the nature of the universe.

Musk’s AI ambitions have grown since his split with OpenAI’s co-founders. He has expressed the desire to create a “maximum-truth-seeking AI” and believes that Grok is currently the best AI model available. With the release of Grok, xAI aims to provide users with an AI chatbot that can intelligently and humorously engage in conversation while providing accurate and up-to-date information.

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