Grimes Trademarks Grok, The AI Plushie, Before Elon Musk’s Grok


Grimes, the renowned musician and artist, has ventured into the toy industry with “Grok,” a character she voiced for Curio’s latest line of screen-free AI plushies. This move has sparked interest and curiosity, especially with the trademarking of the name “Grok,” which precedes the AI chatbot associated with Grimes’ former partner, Elon Musk. The trademarking of Grimes’ Grok has led to an intriguing overlap, as both entities now share the same name.

Key Takeaway

Grimes’ foray into the toy industry with the trademarked character “Grok” has set the stage for a unique intersection between AI and toys, as her plushie’s name predates Elon Musk’s Grok AI, leading to an unexpected overlap in nomenclature.

Grimes’ Involvement with Curio

Grimes’ collaboration with Curio stemmed from her response to a discussion about the future of AI-integrated toys, envisioning children’s teddy bears interacting with them to provide comfort and security. This interaction led to her engagement with Curio and the development of the characters Grok, Gabbo, and Grem.

The Unique Features of Curio’s Plushies

Curio’s plushies, including Grok, are designed to engage in full conversations, enabling children to hone their communication skills. Additionally, the plushies offer educational value by answering questions and encouraging interactive play, thereby fostering creativity and imagination.

The Trademarking and Overlapping Names

Curio filed for the trademark of Grok on September 12, predating xAI’s trademark filing on October 23. This distinction establishes the precedence of Grimes’ Grok in the realm of trademarks. The unforeseen overlap of names has resulted in both Grimes’ Grok plushie and Musk’s AI chatbot sharing the same name, creating an intriguing convergence in the world of AI and toys.

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