Milan-based Bending Spoons Lays Off Entire Staff Of Filmic


In a surprising turn of events, Milan-based creative app studio Bending Spoons has made the decision to lay off the entire staff of Filmic, the company it acquired last July. This news has left many employees shocked and concerned about their future prospects in the industry.

Key Takeaway

The decision by Bending Spoons to lay off the entire staff of Filmic has shocked the industry. The uncertain future of Filmic’s popular video and photo editing apps leaves many wondering about the company’s upcoming moves. This move follows previous instances where Bending Spoons has made significant changes to its acquired properties, reshaping their offerings and business models.

Departure of Key Figures

Several former Filmic employees, including Chief Technology Officer Christopher Cohen and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Buonagurio, have taken to professional networking platforms like LinkedIn to announce their departure from the company. Interestingly, Filmic’s founder and former CEO Neill Barham seems to have left the company even before the recent layoffs, as suggested by his LinkedIn page which indicates he left in November 2023.

Uncertain Future for Filmic’s Apps

With the sudden decision to lay off the entire Filmic staff, it is unclear what Bending Spoons’ plans are for the popular video and photo editing apps. Bending Spoons is known for making significant changes to its acquired properties, such as introducing subscriptions instead of one-time purchase prices. It is also worth mentioning that Bending Spoons already has a video editor called Splice in its portfolio.

The Impact of iPhone 11 Series

Filmic gained significant recognition when Apple featured its DoubleTake app, which enabled users to utilize multiple cameras on the iPhone 11 series to capture simultaneous footage. This exposure increased Filmic’s popularity and made it a go-to choice for iPhone users who wanted to explore advanced video recording capabilities.

Past Overhauls by Bending Spoons

This is not the first time that Bending Spoons has implemented major changes to its acquired companies. Just last month, Evernote, which is owned by Bending Spoons, underwent an overhaul of its free tier, limiting it to only 50 notes at a time. Additionally, earlier this year, Bending Spoons laid off 129 employees of Evernote after acquiring the note app last year.

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