Strava Introduces In-App Messaging To Enhance Social Networking Experience


Strava, the popular fitness-tracking platform, has announced the addition of in-app messaging, allowing users to send private messages to individuals and group chats. This new feature aims to streamline communication within the app, eliminating the need for users to switch between Strava and third-party messaging services like WhatsApp.

Key Takeaway

Strava’s in-app messaging feature enhances the platform’s social networking capabilities, allowing users to connect and coordinate activities more easily. While the current release has some limitations, such as the absence of photo-sharing and end-to-end encryption, the addition of messaging is a significant step for Strava as it seeks to increase engagement and appeal to a wider user base.

Connecting the Fitness Community

Over the years, Strava has transformed from a simple activity tracking platform to a social network for fitness enthusiasts. Users can find and share routes, interact with groups, post photos, comment on friends’ activities, and give kudos. However, the social features have been limited, primarily consisting of commenting and giving thumbs up. Strava events and clubs offered more functionality but still lacked comprehensive messaging capabilities.

The introduction of in-app messaging addresses this gap, enabling users to coordinate activities, share tips, and connect with one another directly on the platform. Zipporah Allen, Strava’s Chief Business Officer, stated, “Our community will now be able to coordinate adventures, connect for inspiration and tips, and share their journey—all on one platform.”

Convenient and Customizable Messaging

The new messaging feature can be accessed via the speech bubble icon at the top-right corner of the app. Users can initiate one-on-one conversations with anyone in their network or create customized group chats with unique names. Additionally, users can share saved routes directly through messaging, making it easier to plan and discuss activities.

Privacy Settings and Future Updates

Strava allows users to personalize their messaging preferences, including who can message them or invite them to group chats. By default, messaging is limited to mutual connections, but users can adjust this in the settings to suit their preferences. Notably, the messaging feature is available to both free and premium subscribers.

While the messaging functionality in Strava is a welcome addition, some features are still lacking. For instance, photo-sharing and group size limitations are present, although the company plans to introduce these features in future updates. End-to-end encryption, a feature found in standalone messaging apps like WhatsApp, is also not included in Strava’s messaging feature.

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