Evernote Implements New Free Plan With Restrictions On Users


In a recent announcement, popular notetaking app, Evernote, has officially confirmed that it will be restricting free users to 50 notes starting December 4. This new free plan, which was previously being tested with a limited number of users, will now become the default option for all new and existing free users.

Key Takeaway

Evernote will be implementing new restrictions on its free users, limiting them to 50 notes and one notebook per account. Existing users with more than 50 notes will have the option to export additional notes and notebooks. The changes are set to take effect on December 4.

Changes to Evernote’s Free Plan

In a blog post, Evernote explained that from December 4, both new and existing free users will be restricted to a maximum of 50 notes and one notebook per account. The company clarified that these limits apply to the number of notes and notebooks that users can have at any given time. However, users have the flexibility to delete unwanted content to stay within the defined limits.

Evernote is owned by Milan-based Bending Spoons, and this decision appears to be an effort to nudge free users towards considering the paid plans. The company did not mention whether there are any changes to the pricing or limits of other plans.

Implications for Free Users and Evernote

According to Evernote, the majority of its free users already fall below the new note limit. However, the company acknowledged that this change may cause some users to reconsider their relationship with the app. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact Evernote’s user base and whether it will achieve its goal of increasing paid subscriptions.

Evernote has faced financial challenges in recent years, resulting in layoffs after its acquisition by Bending Spoons. The company’s CEO, Ian Smalls, managed to achieve $100 million in recurring revenue, but Evernote has struggled to keep up with newer competitors such as Notion.

Explore Alternatives

For users who may be seeking alternatives, several options offer generous free tiers. Notion, Microsoft OneNote, and Zoho Notebook are worth considering as substitutes for Evernote.

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