Apple And Google Choose AllTrails And Imprint As App Of The Year


Apple and Google have recently announced their choices for the best apps and games of the year. In an unexpected turn of events, ChatGPT, the popular AI app, was not named as the app of the year by either company. Instead, Apple awarded AllTrails the title of iPhone App of the Year, while Google selected Imprint: Learn Visually as its best app for Google Play.

Key Takeaway

Apple and Google have announced their app of the year selections, with AllTrails winning on Apple’s App Store and Imprint: Learn Visually taking the top spot on Google Play. Both companies chose to avoid naming an AI app as their winner, despite the immense success of ChatGPT and others in the AI category. This indicates a deliberate choice to celebrate different types of apps that have made an impact in 2023.

Apple’s Selection Process

Apple’s decision to highlight AllTrails as its app of the year is an interesting departure from previous years. Rather than focusing on new or innovative apps, Apple recognized AllTrails as a well-built and well-designed mobile companion for hiking and biking enthusiasts. The finalists also included the language learning app Duolingo and the travel app Flighty.

Google’s Best App for Google Play

Google, on the other hand, chose Imprint: Learn Visually as its best app for Google Play. This educational app offers a visually engaging way for users to learn new subjects. While Google didn’t specifically mention why they chose Imprint over ChatGPT or other AI apps, it seems that they wanted to shine a spotlight on different types of apps this year.

Avoiding the AI Category

One surprising aspect of both Apple and Google’s selections is their decision to avoid the AI category. Despite the immense success of ChatGPT and other AI apps, neither company chose an AI app as their app of the year. This decision seems deliberate and suggests that Apple and Google wanted to celebrate other types of apps that have made a significant impact in 2023.

Apple’s Cultural Impact Winners

In addition to the app of the year, Apple also announced its Cultural Impact winners. Despite the significant role of AI in shaping culture, Apple did not recognize an AI app in this category. Instead, the winners included a children’s gaming app, an accessibility app, a food waste minimizer, a puzzle app, and a hidden-object game.

Google’s Approach to “Best of” Apps

Google took a different approach to its “best of” apps this year by highlighting “multi-device” apps that make it easier to find non-smartphone apps. Spotify was named the best multi-device app, while OUTERPLANE – Strategy Anime was selected as the best multi-device game.

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