Iowa Sues TikTok Over Alleged Misrepresentation Of Content Available To Kids


The state of Iowa has filed a lawsuit against TikTok, accusing the social media platform of deceiving parents about the types of content accessible to young users. The lawsuit alleges that TikTok hosts inappropriate content, including sexual material, drugs, alcohol, intense profanity, and self-harm messages, which are easily accessible to children and teenagers in the state. Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird asserts that TikTok’s representations of infrequent inappropriate content on its platform are false.

Key Takeaway

Iowa has filed a lawsuit against TikTok, alleging that the platform misleads parents about the nature of content available to young users, and seeks to compel TikTok to end its deceptive conduct related to content for underage users.

Allegations and Concerns

The state of Iowa specifically takes issue with TikTok’s age rating in app marketplaces, arguing that the platform intentionally misrepresents itself to parents. The lawsuit criticizes TikTok’s age-restricted mode, claiming that it fails to adequately filter out mature content, including sexual content, nudity, mature and suggestive themes, profanity, and content related to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

Legal Action and Demands

Iowa is seeking an injunction under the state’s Consumer Fraud Act to compel TikTok to cease its deceptive and misleading conduct related to the content parents expect, as outlined in TikTok’s community guidelines and age ratings on various app stores. The lawsuit also highlights the failure of TikTok’s Restricted Mode, a safety tool for parents, to effectively limit exposure to unsuitable content for younger users.

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