Hungryroot Founder Launches Every, An AI-Powered App For Self-Reflection And Human Connection


Ben McKean, the founder and CEO of healthy grocery delivery service Hungryroot, has recently debuted Every, a new app that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to promote self-reflection and foster meaningful human connections. While Hungryroot has been incorporating AI technologies to enhance its business, McKean is now applying this cutting-edge technology to help individuals establish deeper relationships with themselves and others, ultimately finding common ground.

Key Takeaway: Every, an AI-powered app developed by Hungryroot founder Ben McKean, aims to foster self-reflection and human connection through daily thought-provoking games. By leveraging AI technologies, users not only gain self-awareness but also discover common ground with others, deepening relationships. The app’s games are created using AI technology, which generates prompts and questions based on specific themes. Every is available as a free iOS app on the App Store.

Introducing Every: The AI-Powered Self-Reflection App

Every, structured as a non-profit organization, has launched its iOS app that offers thought-provoking games designed to facilitate self-discovery. One popular game, titled “Inner Odyssey,” prompts users to select a photo representing the place they would like to explore and then poses follow-up questions about travel companions, roles, and resonating advice. As users engage with the game, they have the opportunity to see how others have responded to the same questions and discover connections among their uploaded contacts.

McKean explains that the idea for Every stemmed from his observation of the increasing sense of disconnection resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. He cites startling statistics, such as 58% of Americans feeling like no one truly knows them and 70% of Americans believing that societal trust is declining. These insights, coupled with McKean’s own struggle to form connections within his entrepreneurial endeavors, drove him to explore the potential of AI to bridge this gap.

The Role of AI in Every’s Games

Despite its focus on human connectivity, Every’s games are built using AI technologies. Specifically, the app employs large language models and leverages technology from OpenAI and Midjourney to generate the thought-provoking prompts. While the AI creates the games entirely, human intervention is still involved in the training process, as the team has only been refining their models for six months.

Every plans to release a new game every day, each centered around a specific theme corresponding to the day of the week. The app also aims to tailor games to relevant events or topics, ensuring timely and engaging content for its users. After completing the games, users are provided with inspirational content based on their responses, including videos that explore various subjects such as pursuing dreams or the significance of creativity.

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