Humane’s ‘AI Pin’ Set To Make Its Debut On The Paris Runway


A mysterious company by the name of Humane has been making waves in the tech world. Founded by former Apple employees, the company has managed to secure substantial funding for its undisclosed project. After raising $30 million in a Series A round and an additional $100 million in funding, the startup has now announced that its first product, the “AI Pin,” will be unveiled at an event on November 9. However, it seems that the device has already made an appearance, adorning the lapel of supermodel Naomi Campbell at the Coperni fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.

Key Takeaway

Humane’s AI Pin, a standalone wearable device, is set to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Designed to seamlessly integrate into our lives, its screenless design and privacy-first approach prioritize trust. With its recent appearance at a fashion show, the device showcases the convergence of fashion and technology.

Humane describes the AI Pin as a standalone, screenless wearable device that utilizes sensors to enable seamless interactions. The company envisions a new paradigm of ambient, AI-driven computing, where technology becomes an extension of our bodies and minds. Privacy is a key focus, with the device designed to prioritize trust by incorporating features such as no wake word and no “always-on” listening. With its innovative design and functionality, it aims to integrate seamlessly into users’ daily lives.

By collaborating with the fashion brand Coperni, Humane aims to showcase the fusion of design, creativity, and technology. The device’s cameo on Naomi Campbell’s lapel highlights its potential as a fashion-forward accessory. Humane’s founders, Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, expressed their admiration for Coperni and shared their vision of a future where technology becomes more personal.

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