Google Maps Introduces New Controls For User Privacy


Google Maps has announced new updates that will give users more control over their personal information. The navigation app is set to introduce features that will allow users to manage and delete their location-related activity with ease. These updates aim to enhance user privacy and provide more transparency regarding the use of location data.

Key Takeaway

Google Maps is introducing new features that will enable users to delete specific location-related activity and access location controls directly from the app. These updates are designed to give users more control over their personal information and enhance privacy.

Enhanced User Control

One of the key updates includes the ability to delete activity associated with specific places. Users will soon have the option to view and delete their searches, directions, visits, and shares related to a particular location. This feature will provide users with greater control over their location history and the data stored in Google Maps.

Accessible Location Controls

Google Maps will also make it easier for users to access location controls directly from the blue dot that indicates their current location. This will allow users to quickly check and manage their Location History and Timeline settings, as well as review the app’s access to their device’s location.

Rollout and Additional Changes

According to Google, the ability to delete place-related activity and the new blue dot controls will be gradually rolled out on Android and iOS platforms in the coming weeks. Additionally, users who have enabled Location History will soon have the option to save their Timeline data directly on their device. The company emphasizes that users can delete or disable their information at any time and offers the ability to back up data to the cloud for added security.

Furthermore, Google Maps will automatically encrypt backed-up data to ensure its confidentiality. The update also includes changes to the default auto-delete control for Location History, which will now be set to three months, down from the previous 18 months. These changes are expected to be implemented gradually over the next year, with users receiving notifications when the updates become available for their accounts.

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