Gmail Implements Stricter Rules In 2024 To Combat Spam Emails


Google has announced significant changes to its email handling policies in an effort to combat spam and unwanted emails. These changes, set to take effect in 2024, will impact bulk senders, which Google defines as those who send more than 5,000 messages to Gmail addresses in a single day. The new rules will require bulk senders to authenticate their emails, provide an easy unsubscribe option, and maintain a reported spam threshold.

Key Takeaway

Google will enforce stricter rules for bulk email senders in 2024 to combat spam. The new regulations will require senders to authenticate their emails, provide an easy unsubscribe option, and stay under a reported spam threshold. These changes aim to improve email security, reduce unwanted emails, and create a safer experience for Gmail users.

Increased Email Authentication

Building on a policy introduced last year, Gmail will now require bulk senders to authenticate their emails to validate the sender’s identity. This step is necessary as many bulk senders fail to secure and configure their systems properly, leaving room for attackers to hide among legitimate senders. By strongly authenticating emails, Google aims to reduce the volume of unauthenticated messages sent to Gmail users.

One-Click Unsubscribe

Under the new rules, bulk senders will have to provide an easily accessible option for users to unsubscribe from their mailing lists. Additionally, unsubscribe requests must be processed within two days. This change will empower Gmail users to easily manage their preferences and reduce unwanted emails in their inboxes.

Clear Spam Rate Threshold

Google is taking a unique approach by implementing a clear spam rate threshold for bulk senders. If a significant number of users mark a sender’s emails as spam, the bulk sender may lose access to users’ inboxes. This innovative measure aims to further filter out unwanted emails and maintain a safe and secure email experience for all Gmail users.

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