Flavrs Launches New Takeout Feature And AI-Powered Recommendations


Flavrs, the popular iOS app that has been revolutionizing how foodies discover recipes and shop for ingredients, is poised to make an even bigger impact with its latest updates. The app, founded by Alejandro Oropeza, former global head of creator marketing at YouTube, and François Chu, former Google engineer, has raised $7 million in seed funding and garnered attention from prominent investors like Andreessen Horowitz and Wellington Access Ventures.

Key Takeaway

Flavrs, the innovative app for food lovers, has introduced a new takeout feature and AI-powered recommendations. With the ability to order takeout directly from the app and personalized content recommendations, Flavrs is transforming the way food enthusiasts discover, order, and engage with the culinary world. The app’s recent updates have attracted significant investment and are propelling Flavrs towards its vision of becoming the go-to platform for food content and commerce.

A Taste of Something New: Introducing the Takeout Feature

Flavrs is taking its platform to the next level by introducing a new takeout feature. Now, users not only have access to mouth-watering recipes, but they can also conveniently place takeout orders directly within the app. If you happen upon a delectable dish in one of the app’s TikTok-like videos, Flavrs seamlessly redirects you to popular delivery providers like Uber Eats to fulfill your cravings. Allowing food enthusiasts to explore and order food in one place is a game-changer that simplifies the entire culinary experience.

AI-powered Recommendations: A Savory Twist to Content Discoverability

Flavrs has also teamed up with OpenAI to incorporate AI-powered recommendation systems into their platform. This integration enables Flavrs to personalize video content from creators across more than 30 food categories, ensuring that users receive content tailored to their preferences. The AI system analyzes various factors such as cuisine, technique, allergens, cook time, and dietary restrictions to offer personalized and engaging content. Creators benefit too, as the integration streamlines content tagging and filtering, saving them time and effort.

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