Falcomm Secures $4 Million Funding To Revolutionize Power Amplifiers And Challenge Industry Giants


Falcomm, an Atlanta-based semiconductor startup, is making waves in the industry with its innovative approach to power amplifiers. The company aims to address the increasing energy consumption in various hardware devices, including smartphones, Wi-Fi networks, satellites, and IoT devices.

Key Takeaway

Atlanta-based semiconductor startup Falcomm secures $4 million funding to pursue its mission of revolutionizing power amplifiers. The company’s unique approach enables efficiency levels over 50% at 28 GHz, compared to competitors’ 25-35%. With the potential to disrupt the industry, Falcomm aims to challenge giants like Qualcomm and Broadcom.

Revolutionizing Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are critical components in devices that transmit wireless signals. Falcomm’s CEO, Edgar Garay, explains that power amplifiers are responsible for conditioning and boosting the signal before it is transmitted through the antenna. The efficiency of a power amplifier directly affects the quality of wireless signal transmission.

Falcomm’s power amplifiers differentiate themselves by enabling simultaneous signal transmission at all terminals of a transistor, which is the semiconductor active element. This unique approach reduces the “knee voltage” of the transistor, resulting in efficiency levels over 50% at 28 GHz. In comparison, competitors typically achieve only 25-35% efficiency.

A Vast Market and Potential Growth

The market for power amplifiers is estimated to be worth $23 billion, providing immense growth opportunities for Falcomm. The company has initially focused on satellite companies, wireless infrastructure manufacturers, and Wi-Fi OEMs but plans to expand its reach in the future.

Falcomm is a fabless chip company, meaning it outsources the manufacturing of its chips to foundries. This approach allows the company to directly sell semiconductor products or license its technology to manufacturers.

Funding and Confidence from Investors

Falcomm’s technology and potential to revolutionize power amplifiers have garnered the attention of investors. The startup recently secured a term sheet with Squadra Ventures and is set to close a $4 million funding round on September 22. This funding will support Falcomm’s growth plans and hiring efforts.

Challenging Incumbents and Driving Innovation

The power amplifier industry has witnessed limited technological advancements due to incumbents’ reluctance to disrupt the status quo. Garay compares Falcomm’s potential influence on industry giants like Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Skyworks to Tesla’s impact on the auto industry.

Garay believes that the semiconductor industry, supported by initiatives like the Chips Act and increased investor interest, is on the brink of significant innovation. Falcomm is well-positioned to lead this innovation with its breakthrough technology.

Attracting Talent and Building a Vision

Falcomm plans to utilize the funding to hire talented individuals who share their vision of transforming the semiconductor world. While the challenge lies in attracting high-caliber professionals to a startup, Garay is confident that there is a significant pool of semiconductor talent eager to contribute to meaningful and challenging work.

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