Pixel Pals 2.0: A Playful Update Explores The Potential Of IOS 17


Pixel Pals, the beloved virtual pet app developed by Christian Selig, has just released an exciting update that takes full advantage of the new iOS features. This clever update, version 2.0, showcases the possibilities of Live Activities, the Dynamic Island, and interactive widgets on iOS 17. Selig, known for his former Reddit client Apollo, has poured his creativity into Pixel Pals to bring users a delightful and engaging experience.

Key Takeaway

Pixel Pals 2.0 is an innovative update that integrates new iOS features to offer users a playful and interactive virtual pet experience. With Live Activities, the Dynamic Island, and interactive widgets, Pixel Pals provides a unique and engaging way to interact with your virtual pets.

Clever Exploitation of Interactive Widgets and Live Activities

The new version of Pixel Pals seamlessly incorporates interactive widgets, which can serve as fun distractions on your home screen. These widgets include the fully interactive game PixelQuest, as well as other engaging mini-games such as 2048 and Eternal Scroll. Additionally, you can find widgets with a fidget spinner, a mechanical keyboard, and more. These widgets offer enjoyable ways to pass the time and provide a break from mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds.

Selig’s curiosity about the capabilities of iOS 17 interactive widgets is evident in their inclusion in Pixel Pals 2.0. By exploring the limits of these widgets, Selig has created an experience that encourages users to interact and discover the full potential of their devices.

A Social Network for Virtual Pet Lovers

Originally, Pixel Pals revolved around nurturing and playing with virtual pets in a charming pixel art style. The updated version not only expands on these features but also transforms the virtual pets into a social network. Users can add friends and see their Pixel Pals on their iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen. Engaging in battles with friends adds an exciting competitive element. Furthermore, the Pixel Pals can now roam around on the Lock Screen through Live Activities or appear as widgets in the iOS 17 StandBy mode when the phone is on its side.

Building relationships with your Pixel Pals becomes even more rewarding as they can now transform into “Morphs” or new forms as their love for you grows. This update introduces more interactive activities, such as camping, hiking, and even growing food on a farm, to enhance the bonding experience with your virtual pets.

Unleashing the Full Experience

While Pixel Pals can be downloaded for free, unlocking additional pets and features requires a Pixel Pals Premium subscription ($1.99/month or $14.99/year). With the subscription, users gain access to all the exclusive virtual pets and the complete range of features, allowing for a fully immersive Pixel Pals experience on iPhone and iPad.

Selig’s dedication and creativity shine through in Pixel Pals 2.0. By tapping into the capabilities of new iOS features, he has created an app that seamlessly integrates virtual pets into everyday life and offers a delightful and engaging experience for users.

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