Apollo Developer Releases Language Learning Widget On Pixel Pals App


Pixel Pals Adds Language Learning Widget

The shutdown of the third-party Reddit app, Apollo, hasn’t stopped developer Christian Selig from continuing to publish iOS apps. Instead, he’s moved on to an Apollo spin-off app called Pixel Pals, which puts cute little virtual pets on top of your iPhone’s Dynamic Island — that is, the black bar at the top of the screen surrounding the camera hardware. But Pixel Pals is shaping up to be more than just a virtual pets toy. The app has also been rolling out an eclectic collection of iOS widgets, ranging from interactive games to a playable fidget spinner to transparent widgets for iPhone customization and more.

Key Takeaway

Pixel Pals, the Apollo spin-off app by developer Christian Selig, has introduced a language learning widget that allows users to learn vocabulary from multiple languages on their iPhone’s Home Screen. This new addition expands the app’s offerings beyond virtual pets and interactive games.

Today, Selig is adding one more to the list — a language-learning widget that puts vocabulary from a variety of languages on your Home Screen.

Language Learning Widget in Pixel Pals

Pixel Pals, known for its virtual pets and interactive games, is expanding its offerings with a language learning widget. The widget supports French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, German, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, and even Canadian slang. With this new feature, users can now learn vocabulary from a variety of languages conveniently by unlocking their phones.

Bundling Widgets as a Strategy

Selig’s decision to include the language learning widget in Pixel Pals is part of his strategy to provide users with a bundle of interactive widgets in one download. Instead of creating separate apps for each widget, Selig believes that having all the widgets in one place adds to the convenience and delight of his app’s users. This strategy has proven successful for Pixel Pals, as the app has garnered nearly 50,000 subscribers within a year.

Cute and Clever Updates

Pixel Pals 2.0, released last month, introduced more social networking features for the pixelated pets. Users can now choose to upgrade their subscriptions to unlock additional pets and other features. Alongside the interactive widgets, Pixel Pals also includes its own versions of standard iOS widgets, such as calendar, clock, battery percentage, time, countdown, weather, forecasts, and quotes widgets. These widgets often feature the virtual pets and even include unique variations like a “magic clock” and an “emoji clock.”

Overall, Pixel Pals continues to deliver cute and clever updates that take advantage of new iOS features, and the addition of the language learning widget expands its appeal to language enthusiasts looking to improve their vocabulary.

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