Docker Unveils New Remote Container Builds And Debugging Tools At DockerCon


Docker, the leading container platform, made several significant product announcements at DockerCon, the company’s highly-anticipated user conference. The event, which brought together developers and industry leaders, marked the launch of a new remote build service, advanced debugging tools, and the general availability of Docker Scout, the company’s software supply chain security service.

Key Takeaway

Docker’s latest announcements at DockerCon highlight the company’s commitment to empowering developers and addressing the challenges of containerized app development. The introduction of remote container builds and advanced debugging tools aims to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security for developers working with complex applications. By combining the best of both local and cloud environments, Docker is providing a comprehensive solution to meet the evolving needs of the developer community.

Expanding User Base and Importance of Inner Loop App Development

Docker’s CEO, Scott Johnston, noted that the company has experienced tremendous growth since its pivot in 2019. Docker now boasts around 20 million monthly active users, a remarkable increase from the previous number of 12 million. Over 79,000 businesses have also subscribed to Docker’s paid plans, indicating a substantial demand for their services.

Johnston highlighted the increased focus on ‘inner loop’ app development, referring to the coding experience and testing processes that occur on an individual developer’s local machine. With the rising complexity of containerized applications, developers face challenges related to performance and collaboration. Johnston emphasized that Docker aims to bridge the gap between local and cloud-based development by offering a hybrid approach that meets developers where they are, providing the right amount of cloud support.

New Docker Build and Debugging Tools

One of the key announcements at DockerCon was the unveiling of the next generation Docker Build, a remote build service aimed at relieving the pressure on developers’ laptops when dealing with complex applications consisting of numerous containers. This new solution enables developers to seamlessly build and share applications without compromising on security.

In addition to Docker Build, Docker also introduced Docker Debug, an integrated toolbox for local and remote debugging of containerized apps. Debugging is a critical aspect of the development process, often taking up a significant portion of developers’ time. With Docker Debug, developers no longer need to navigate through multiple tooling options but have a comprehensive debugging solution in one place. This eliminates the need for time-consuming setup and configuration, allowing developers to focus on problem-solving.

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