Mach Industries Closes $79M Series A, Valued At $335M


Defense technology company Mach Industries has successfully closed a Series A funding round, securing $79 million in investment. The round was led by Bedrock Capital and has propelled Mach’s post-money valuation to an impressive $335 million. This news confirms the company’s rapid growth and highlights its significant potential in the defense tech industry.

Key Takeaway

Mach Industries has closed a $79 million Series A funding round, led by Bedrock Capital, and has achieved a post-money valuation of $335 million. The startup aims to revolutionize defense procurement by offering affordable and agile solutions through its hydrogen-powered platforms and munitions. This investment underscores the growing interest and potential in the defense tech industry.

Expanding Investment and Partnership

In addition to Bedrock Capital, Mach Industries also secured investments from other top-tier investors. The startup’s Head of Growth, Koko Xu, confirmed the numbers, expressing excitement about the new funding and the partnerships it brings.

This new round of funding comes just four months after Mach Industries announced its initial $5.7 million seed round, which was led by Sequoia Capital. The company’s first investments came from Champion Hill Ventures and 1517 Fund, further solidifying its position in the industry.

Mach Industries’ Innovative Technologies

Mach Industries specializes in developing a range of hydrogen-powered platforms and munitions for military use. This includes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and hydrogen generation systems. While the details of their technology are closely guarded, it is clear that Mach intends to leverage field-sourced hydrogen to provide a significant advantage on the battlefield.

This approach represents a paradigm shift in defense procurement, challenging the traditional model of investing in costly, complex defense systems with long development cycles. Startups like Mach Industries aim to offer more affordable solutions at a higher volume, using iterative development programs that are reminiscent of Silicon Valley’s agile approach.

Bedrock Capital’s Defense Tech Investments

Bedrock Capital has shown a strong interest in defense tech, evidenced by its previous investments in the sector. It has backed other notable companies, such as Anduril, a multi-unicorn that has secured massive government contracts and raised substantial amounts of capital. Additional defense investments by Bedrock include Austin-based AI company Modern Intelligence and defense systems startup Epirus.

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