Pixel’s Call Screen Feature Enhances Call Filtering With New Conversational Mode


Google is revolutionizing its Call Screen feature alongside the launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. The updated feature now enables users to better determine which calls to answer and which to skip. During the Made by Google Android event, Google showcased an impressive demo of its AI answering calls on behalf of users and engaging in more natural conversations with callers to determine the importance of the call.

Key Takeaway

Google’s updated Call Screen feature for Pixel smartphones uses AI to filter calls, reducing spam calls and improving user experience. The conversational mode allows for more natural interactions with callers, making it easier for users to determine which calls to take.

The improved AI has allowed Pixel owners to experience 50% fewer spam calls on average. Call Screen now utilizes a new, more natural-sounding speaking voice to answer calls from unknown numbers. Furthermore, the feature has become smarter in differentiating between important calls and unwanted ones.

During the demo, the Call Screen virtual calling assistant introduced itself and informed the caller that it was recording the call on behalf of the recipient. This addresses a previous criticism faced by another AI calling feature, which attempted to mimic human behavior without disclosing its identity as a bot. Call Screen avoids such misleading tactics while maintaining a human-like voice.

Upon receiving a call, the AI decides how to respond based on the information provided by the caller. In the demo, a spam call offered a free trip to the Caribbean upon pressing a specific number. Call Screen’s AI responded by politely stating, “Unfortunately, the person you’re calling cannot take your call right now. Have a nice day.”

In another scenario, an airline representative introduced themselves, and Call Screen prompted them to provide a brief description of the call’s purpose. The caller mentioned ticketing options, and the AI bot replied, “Okay, let me try to get the person you’re trying to reach on the line.”

Google also announced that Call Screen will soon offer contextual replies, allowing users to respond with a single tap without even answering the call. For instance, if confirming a doctor’s appointment is necessary, a button can be tapped to provide the confirmation.

Furthermore, the new generation of Call Screen will be compatible with the Pixel Watch when connected to a Tensor-enabled Pixel phone. Users can expect this feature through a Pixel feature drop later in the year.

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