Diligent Raises $25 Million To Expand Reach Of Nursing Robot Moxi


Introducing Robotics to Transform Healthcare: Diligent’s Moxi

The impact of the pandemic on nursing and healthcare providers has been significant, with healthcare workers facing long hours and immense pressure. In response to these challenges, Diligent has developed Moxi, a nursing robot designed to alleviate the burden on overworked staff. As the demand for robotic assistance in healthcare continues to grow, Diligent has raised $25 million in funding to expand the deployment of Moxi across the United States.

Key Takeaway

Diligent has raised $25 million in funding to expand the deployment of its nursing robot, Moxi, across the United States. The robot has proven to be a valuable asset in alleviating the burden on overworked healthcare providers, with hospitals recognizing the benefits of integrating Moxi into their workforce. Diligent aims to continue expanding its client base and exploring new innovations to enhance the capabilities of Moxi, ultimately improving care models and clinical outcomes in hospitals.

The Perfect Solution for Overworked Healthcare Providers

Moxi, created by Diligent, has proven to be a valuable asset to hospitals during the pandemic. The robot’s ability to provide assistance and support to healthcare workers during times of crisis has been widely recognized. As the initial wave of COVID-19 subsided, hospitals began to realize the significant benefits of integrating Moxi into their workforce. The innovative solutions offered by the robot have addressed the challenges of healthcare worker turnover and burnout, leading to increased demand for the technology.

With hospitals still in crisis mode and the need for healthcare workforce reinvention becoming increasingly clear, Diligent anticipates the deployment of over 100 Moxi units across 22 hospital systems in the U.S. by the end of the year. The sight of Moxi units navigating hospital corridors and elevators has become a common occurrence, as the robot carries supplies and assists healthcare providers in their daily tasks.

Securing Funding for Expansion and Development

Diligent, based in Austin, has successfully secured a $25 million investment round, led by Canaan. True Ventures, DNX Ventures, Next Coast, and Northwestern Medicine Innovation also participated in the funding. This substantial investment will be used to boost production and research and development efforts, with the aim of tripling Moxi’s reach across the United States.

Continued Growth and Future Innovations

Diligent has spent the past year and a half implementing Moxi in various health systems. With most health systems having multiple hospitals within their network, the company plans to expand its client base and deploy Moxi to new hospitals within existing health systems. Diligent’s vision goes beyond being just a robotics company; they see themselves as robot experts, dedicated to enhancing workflows and improving care models in healthcare.

Looking ahead, Diligent envisions the development of exciting new hardware solutions, diversifying the capabilities of Moxi and exploring integrations with electronic medical records. The company is also exploring the use of generative AI for natural language controls in order to further enhance Moxi’s capabilities. These advancements, coupled with ongoing investments in the platform, aim to optimize deliveries, manage robots at scale, and ultimately improve clinical outcomes in hospitals.

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