New AI-Powered Tech Gifts: Fun And Productive Delights


As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start brainstorming for the perfect gifts to delight your loved ones. In a world dominated by artificial intelligence (AI), it’s only fitting to consider AI-powered tech gifts that are both fun and productive. In this article, we explore five such gifts that are sure to bring joy and enhance productivity.

Key Takeaway

AI-powered tech gifts can bring joy and enhance productivity. From personalized skincare to AI-powered webcams and interactive learning companions, these gifts showcase the potential of AI in our daily lives.

Proven: Personalized Skincare

Proven, a Y Combinator-backed startup, leverages AI to offer personalized skincare solutions. By filling out a survey on their website, prospective customers answer questions about their age, ethnicity, skin type, and skincare priorities. Proven then uses an algorithm trained on user reviews and scientific research to match the customer with appropriate skincare products. While not a silver bullet, Proven’s success suggests the potential of AI in the skincare industry.

Obsbot: AI-Powered Webcam

In the post-pandemic work-from-home era, webcams have become an essential tool. The Obsbot Tiny PTZ 4K webcam stands out with its AI-powered face tracking feature. Using an algorithm and a motorized gimbal, the webcam automatically pans to keep you in focus, regardless of your movements. With the ability to shoot in 4K and recognize hand gestures, the Obsbot Tiny PTZ 4K offers a superior videoconferencing experience.

Smart Four: AI Board Game

Games make fantastic gifts for all ages, and the Smart Four is no exception. It is a 3D AI-powered four-in-a-row game that challenges players to align four pegs on a 5x5x5 board. In the absence of a human opponent, the game’s AI provides a fierce competition across different difficulty levels. Smart Four encourages cognitive skill-building and offers a screen-free way to pass the time and engage in strategic thinking.

Arccos Caddie: Golfing Augmentation

Golfers looking to improve their game can rely on the power of AI with the Arccos Caddie. This device features a rangefinder with real-time adjustments for wind, elevation, altitude, and temperature humidity. It also provides strokes gained analytics to identify areas of improvement in a golfer’s stroke. By analyzing data from sensors attached to any golf club, the Arccos Caddie offers personalized insights and recommendations for refining technique and choosing equipment.

Moxie Robot: Interactive Learning Companion

Moxie, developed by startup Embodied, is an AI-powered interactive learning companion for children. Equipped with sensors and AI capabilities, Moxie engages in “play-based” conversations and offers games, missions, and lessons on various topics. With its ability to hold open-ended dialogues, Moxie aims to enhance social skills and emotional intelligence in children. KidFilter ensures that the content remains appropriate for young users. Internal research conducted by Embodied has shown positive results, with 71% of children experiencing improved social skills.

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