Robot Software Firm Mujin Secures $85 Million In Series C Funding


Tokyo- and Atlanta-based startup Mujin, known for its AI-based software for industrial automation, has raised $85 million in its Series C funding round. This brings the total funding for the company to $150 million. The investment was led by SBI Investment, with participation from Accenture and Pegasus Tech Ventures, among others. The valuation of Mujin was not disclosed.

Key Takeaway

Mujin, a robot software firm, has raised $85 million in Series C funding, totaling its funding to

50 million. The company’s AI-based software, MujinController, is widely adopted by prominent robot manufacturers and has demonstrated significant improvements in productivity and cost reduction for companies in the manufacturing and logistics sectors.

Improving productivity and safety with robotics

Mujin believes that robots can enhance productivity and safety in the manufacturing sector. The software developed by Mujin, called MujinController, enables users to deploy and automate various applications for their industrial robots at a lower cost. With a focus on being the “definitive brain for robots,” Mujin’s software platform drives intelligence and capabilities across different industries.

Adoption and partnerships

MujinController is currently being used in over 1,000 production systems and has been adopted by renowned robot manufacturers such as ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, and Yaskawa. The platform is designed primarily for picking and palletizing e-commerce products. Earlier this year, Mujin introduced a truck bot capable of unloading trailers and shipping containers.

The software’s effectiveness has been demonstrated by various strategic partners. For instance, Paltac, a Japanese logistics firm, has automated its manual palletizing process using Mujin Pack. As a result, Paltac has achieved a doubling of productivity and a 90% reduction in labor requirements. Mujin’s precision piece-picking technology has also helped handle delicate and expensive items.

Expansion plans and global reach

Mujin plans to use the funding to develop advanced solutions and applications that meet evolving market demands. The company also aims to expand its presence in new markets worldwide. With offices in the U.S., Japan, and China, Mujin currently has more than 300 employees.

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