Bluesky Reaches 1 Million Users Milestone


Bluesky, a rising competitor to Twitter, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching 1 million users. Rose Wang, who is responsible for strategy and operations at Bluesky, excitedly shared the news on X (formerly known as Twitter). The app had gained attention for restricting access through a waitlist and invitations, deliberately keeping its user base small while it expanded and improved.

Key Takeaway

Bluesky has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 1 million users. Its deliberate approach of limiting access and fostering a dedicated community has contributed to its success. The app’s distinct subculture, characterized by surreal memes and dedicated shitposting, sets it apart in the social media sphere.

The screenshot shared by Wang (@iamrosewang) showcased the achievement, further solidifying Bluesky’s place in the social media landscape. Although Bluesky had surpassed 1 million installs back in July, this recent milestone reflects the number of users who have successfully created an account and actively engage with the app.

An Alternative Approach: Bluesky vs. Threads

Interestingly, Threads, Meta’s rival to X/Twitter, adopted an entirely distinct strategy. It witnessed a surge in sign-ups on its launch day due to cross-promotion to existing Instagram users. With a seamless onboarding process, Threads managed to amass an impressive 30 million sign-ups within 24 hours, eventually surpassing 100 million in just five days.

While Bluesky operates on a smaller scale, its dedicated community of early adopters continues to engage actively. Threads, on the other hand, experienced a decline in usage after its initial surge and faces uncertainty in terms of its long-term appeal beyond corporate culture.

Embracing Unique Subcultures: Bluesky’s Path to Success

Bluesky has carved out its niche by cultivating a distinct subculture characterized by surreal memes, dedicated shitposting, and a playfully irreverent tone. This approach has resonated with its community, fostering a sense of shared humor and camaraderie. By embracing and encouraging this unique subculture, Bluesky stands a better chance of thriving in the competitive social media landscape.

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