Berlin Climate Startup Ecoworks Innovates With High-Tech Blend To Decarbonize Buildings


Berlin-based climate startup ecoworks is revolutionizing the fight against energy inefficient buildings by harnessing digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and industrial robots. With approximately three-quarters of buildings in Europe considered energy inefficient and half of the region’s residential units rated E or worse in terms of energy performance, the continent faces the challenge of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. This necessitates the urgent renovation of millions of existing buildings, including residential apartments, office blocks, and public buildings like schools and hospitals, to address the legacy of past construction practices and decarbonize the built environment.

Key Takeaway

ecoworks is leading the way in smart retrofitting, leveraging high-tech tools and automated manufacturing to reduce energy loss and implement decarbonized heating systems in existing buildings.

Addressing the Challenge

  • The Urgency of Building Transformation
  • Industry’s Slow Pace of Transformation
  • The Role of Startups in Driving Innovation

CEO and co-founder Emanuel Heisenberg emphasizes the need for rapid and innovative solutions, pointing out that traditional players in the sector are unlikely to drive the necessary transformations. He notes the sector’s low investment in research and development and advocates for automation and cost reduction through the use of robots in factories, highlighting the critical role of startups in driving innovation in the housing and construction industry.

The Smart Retrofitting Solution

  • Reducing Energy Loss and Decarbonizing Heating Systems
  • Integration of Renewable Energy Generation
  • Benefits for Building Residents

ecoworks’ innovative approach involves the installation of prefabricated insulation panels on the exteriors of existing buildings, significantly limiting heat loss and integrating renewable energy generation. The company’s use of bio-based materials and patented methods allows for the reduction of primary energy demand by 85% to 90%, ensuring that buildings produce more energy than the tenants consume for heating, warm water, and electricity.

Scaling Impact and Future Plans

  • Licensing Software and Methods
  • Focus on Residential Apartment Blocks
  • Plans for International Expansion

While currently focused on residential apartment blocks in Germany, ecoworks intends to license its software and methods to scale its impact beyond its home market. The company’s use of AI, 3D scanning, and digital design, combined with robotic manufacturing, enables scalable and climate-friendly serial renovation. With a strong order book and plans to target government buildings and other public structures, ecoworks aims to achieve significant revenue growth and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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