AWS Introduces ‘Sovereign Cloud’ To Ensure Data Residency In Europe


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is set to launch the “AWS European Sovereign Cloud,” a dedicated independent cloud for Europe that will cater to governments and highly-regulated industries across the continent. While other major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Oracle have already introduced their own sovereign clouds, Amazon had previously distanced itself from the concept. However, with growing regulations in Europe governing data handling, AWS has decided to join the club.

Key Takeaway

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is developing the “AWS European Sovereign Cloud” to meet the data residency requirements of European governments and highly-regulated industries. This independent cloud infrastructure will provide greater control over data residency and will be physically and logically separate from other AWS Regions.

Commitment to Data Control

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud aims to offer public sector and highly-regulated industries in Europe greater control over their data residency. This “independent cloud for Europe” will allow customers to keep their metadata within the EU, ensuring that AWS employees outside of the EU cannot exert operational control over the AWS European Sovereign Cloud. In addition, the cloud will feature its own billing and usage metering system.

Initial Launch in Germany

Amazon has announced that the AWS European Sovereign Cloud will begin with a dedicated region in Germany, which will serve all European customers. It is worth noting that this cloud solution will not be limited to the EU, as organizations across Europe, including the UK, will have access to it. While the launch date of the sovereign cloud has not been confirmed, AWS already provides tools like AWS Outposts that allow customers to bring the power of the cloud to their own data centers.

A Growing Market

Aside from the major cloud providers introducing sovereign clouds, efforts are also underway by other companies to establish hyperscale data centers in Europe. For instance, a Swedish startup called Evroc recently emerged with €13 million in funding to develop data centers in the region. Despite the availability of these dedicated cloud solutions, it is expected that many organizations will still prefer keeping their data in-house or adopting a hybrid cloud approach.

Although the exact launch date of the AWS European Sovereign Cloud has not been disclosed, it is a significant move that reflects the increasing emphasis on data residency and control in Europe.

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