Kost Capital Raises Inaugural Fund To Invest In European Food Tech Startups


Kost Capital, a new Danish venture capital fund, is on a mission to revolutionize the food industry in Europe. The firm, founded by General Partner Bodil Sidén along with LPs Kasper Hulthin, Christian Tang-Jespersen, Mark Emil Hermansen, and Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, has raised a substantial amount for its inaugural fund. The fund, which means “diet” in the Scandinavian language, is dedicated to investing in innovative food tech startups that aim to bring better food to a wider audience.

Key Takeaway

Kost Capital, a new Danish venture capital fund, has raised a substantial amount for its inaugural fund to invest in European food tech startups. With a focus on pre-seed and seed startups, the fund aims to drive innovation and growth in the food tech industry, addressing key challenges such as food waste, health issues, and climate change.

The Fund and Its Backers

While the exact amount raised by Kost Capital has not been disclosed, it has secured backing from prominent investors, including the Danish sovereign fund EIFO and Kost’s founding limited partners. The fund focuses on pre-seed and seed startups across Europe, particularly those involved in B2B inputs in the future of food. Notably, Kost Capital has already made three investments, including Estonian palm oil replacement company Äio, French infant formula company Numi, and Danish ingredient company Nutrumami.

Founder’s Background and Vision

Bodil Sidén, the driving force behind Kost Capital, brings a unique background to the world of venture capital. Her journey began in Swedish politics, where she was actively involved in societal change and global issues. Drawing from her experience in the tech industry, particularly with Uber, Sidén recognized the potential for scaling tech companies and marketplaces. This led her to venture into the world of venture capital, where she has been instrumental in hands-on company building and strategic planning.

Investment Thesis and Industry Trends

Kost Capital’s investment thesis is rooted in the belief that food is powered by the bioeconomy. With a growing population, climate change, food waste, health issues, and policy changes, Sidén emphasizes the need for increased funding in food tech. She envisions Kost Capital as a key player in driving innovation and growth in the European food tech landscape, aiming to be the best co-investor in Europe with a focus on scale-up expertise and food-specialized abilities.

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