Black Tech Nation Ventures: Navigating DEI Backlash With Confidence


Black Tech Nation Ventures (BTNV) has remained steadfast in its commitment to diversity and inclusion, despite the growing pushback against DEI initiatives in the venture capital space. The Pittsburgh-based firm, established in 2021, has successfully raised its inaugural $50 million fund to support pre-seed and seed-stage software startups led by underrepresented founders, including Black, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Key Takeaway

Black Tech Nation Ventures perseveres in its mission to support underrepresented founders, navigating through the challenges posed by the evolving landscape of diversity and inclusion in venture capital.

Challenges and Resilience

David Motley, a general partner at BTNV, acknowledged the challenges faced during the fundraising process. While the initial momentum was fueled by a surge of interest in diversity-focused investments, the latter half of the fundraise proved to be more arduous as market conditions shifted, and investors retracted from their previous commitments to diversity-focused funding goals.

Staying Committed to the Mission

Despite the prevailing pushback against DEI efforts, Motley emphasized that BTNV remains resolute in its mission. He highlighted the importance of persevering through the changing narrative surrounding diversity in venture capital, emphasizing that the firm is positioned to demonstrate the enduring significance of investing in underrepresented founders.

Investment Focus and Impact

BTNV’s investments, ranging from $250,000 to $1 million, are primarily directed towards enterprise software solutions in sectors such as fintech, edtech, and clean tech. The firm aims to extend its impact beyond capital infusion by actively supporting the startups it invests in, facilitating additional funding opportunities, and fostering connections within the industry.

Collaborative Initiatives

Additionally, BTNV seeks to collaborate with Black Tech Nation, a nonprofit organization spearheaded by BTNV general partner Kelauni Jasmyn. While distinct entities, the two organizations aim to collaborate on various initiatives, leveraging their networks to identify and support promising founders from underrepresented backgrounds.

Looking Ahead

While BTNV remains dedicated to championing underrepresented founders, the ultimate objective for Fund I is to deliver exceptional returns, solidifying the firm’s position to raise subsequent funds. Motley expressed confidence that focusing on underserved markets will not only drive financial success but also contribute to the broader advancement of the entrepreneurial landscape.

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