Singular Raises €400 Million For Its Second Fund


Singular, a Paris-based venture capital firm, has secured €400 million for its second fund, signaling a significant achievement in the competitive world of VC funding. This milestone is particularly noteworthy as all the investors who participated in the firm’s initial fund have returned as limited partners for the second fund, a strong vote of confidence in Singular’s investment strategy.

Key Takeaway

Singular, a Paris-based VC firm, has successfully raised €400 million for its second fund, with all investors from the initial fund returning as limited partners, demonstrating confidence in the firm’s investment approach.

Wild Ride in Venture Capital

Over the past few years, the venture capital landscape has experienced significant fluctuations, with a surge in investment activity followed by a more restrained environment. This shift has had a direct impact on startups, with many now raising funds at flat or reduced valuations compared to previous rounds.

Implications of the Investment Frenzy

Despite the challenges posed by the changing investment landscape, Singular’s performance remains strong, with the firm indicating positive results from its first fund. The decision to swiftly raise the second fund was driven by the need to navigate the evolving market conditions and capitalize on investment opportunities.

Building a Strong European VC Fund

Unlike many VC firms based in Paris, Singular has maintained a broad focus on European startups from its inception. With a diverse portfolio spanning various industries and verticals, the firm aims to establish itself as a leading VC player on a European scale, competing with established names in the industry.

Singular’s investment strategy encompasses Series A rounds and beyond, with a commitment to supporting promising teams and projects with substantial potential. The firm’s portfolio includes a wide range of companies across Europe, reflecting its expansive investment approach.

By securing significant backing from large investors such as pension funds and sovereign funds, Singular has demonstrated its ability to attract substantial capital, further solidifying its position in the European VC landscape.

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