Oasis Security Emerges From Stealth With $40M Funding To Revolutionize Non-Human Identity Management


When it comes to enterprise identity management, the focus is often on human users and their access to network services. However, the world of non-human identity management is a complex and critical aspect of modern IT infrastructure. Oasis Security, a startup based in Israel, has just unveiled its groundbreaking technology designed to address this very challenge.

Key Takeaway

Oasis Security has emerged with a $40 million funding to address the critical need for non-human identity management in today’s enterprise landscape. With a focus on proactive discovery, resolution, and automation, the company is poised to revolutionize how organizations secure their non-human identities.

The Problem of Non-Human Identity

In today’s organizations, there are approximately 50 non-human identities for every human identity. This vast and intricate network of machine-based authentications presents a significant vulnerability to security breaches. Oasis Security aims to tackle this issue head-on.

Funding and Early Success

Despite being in stealth mode until now, Oasis Security has already secured funding and acquired high-profile customers. Notable investors include Sequoia, Accel, Cyberstarts, and others, with a total of $40 million raised across seed and Series A rounds. Early adopters of Oasis Security’s technology include Chipotle, JLL, and Mercury Financial.

The Solution: Discover, Resolve, Automate

Oasis Security has developed a comprehensive three-part system to address non-human identity management. The first step involves building a detailed map of the network to track machine-based interactions. This map enables the identification of any irregularities in data movement, which can then be remediated automatically or with human intervention. The system also includes proactive monitoring and ongoing updates to ensure a robust security posture.

Founder’s Background and Vision

Oasis Security’s founder and CEO, Danny Brickman, brings a wealth of experience from his time in the Israeli Defense Forces, where he led cybersecurity initiatives. His co-founder, Amit Zimmerman, also hails from a background in engineering and security. The team’s expertise and early success have positioned Oasis Security as a formidable player in the cybersecurity landscape.

Industry Landscape and Future Outlook

While Oasis Security is not the only player in the non-human identity management space, its focused approach sets it apart. The company’s singular dedication to addressing the challenges of non-human identity management has garnered attention and support from investors and industry experts alike.

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