Atomicwork Revolutionizing Employee Workflows With AI Assistant


Atomicwork, a San Francisco and Singapore-based company, has emerged from stealth mode with $11 million in seed funding to launch its AI assistant. The company aims to automate various administrative workflows that burden HR and IT departments, particularly in remote or hybrid work settings. With the help of conversational AI, Atomicwork intends to streamline employee tasks like requesting leave, filing tech requests, and accessing company policies.

Key Takeaway

Atomicwork has launched an AI assistant, Atom, to automate administrative tasks and improve operational efficiency in companies. By leveraging conversational AI, Atomicwork aims to enhance employee experiences with streamlined workflows for leave requests, tech inquiries, and policy navigation. With

1 million in seed funding, the San Francisco and Singapore-based company seeks to revolutionize employee support functions and become a comprehensive business service management suite.

Founders and Background

Atomicwork was founded in September 2022 by SaaS veterans Vijay Rayapati, Kiran Darisi, and Parsuram Vijayasankar. The team, which has known each other for a decade, identified a significant gap in the availability of software solutions tailored to employees’ operational needs. Prior to starting Atomicwork, Rayapati, the former General Manager at Nutanix, had successfully sold his previous cloud computing startup, Minjar, to the company in 2018. Darisi and Parsuram were also part of the founding team at Freshwork.

The Need for Automation

Atomicwork recognized that many companies struggle with complex internal software and processes, leading to excessive manual work. Time-consuming tasks such as retrieving payslips, hardware requests, and leave or reimbursement document searches waste both employees’ and internal teams’ valuable time. Moreover, navigating convoluted internal systems without familiarity with each department’s software adds to the productivity drain.

Efficiency through AI Assistant

To address these challenges, Atomicwork developed Atom, an AI assistant that integrates with collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Atom learns from the company’s various resources, including wikis, policy documents, FAQs, and historical tickets, allowing it to provide quick and accurate responses to employee queries. For example, employees can ask Atom questions like “Is tomorrow a day off?” or “How do I set up email on my new phone?” and receive instant answers.

Automated and Semi-automated Workflows

Atomicwork offers a range of workflows to optimize company operations. Fully automated workflows handle tasks without manual intervention, such as providing generative answers to common employee questions or expediting reimbursement processes. Semi-automated workflows strike a balance between automation and human oversight, simplifying vendor payments, request approvals, and employee onboarding or offboarding.

Target Customers and Future Expansion

Atomicwork primarily targets mid-market companies with employee counts ranging from 500 to 2,000, which often allocate dedicated budgets for employee support functions. While considering ServiceNow as a competitor, Atomicwork distinguishes itself by its conversational AI’s foundational integration. The company envisions expanding its services to encompass other employee support teams, including legal, facilities, business operations, and general and administrative functions. Additionally, Atomicwork aims to enter sales operations, partner operations, vendor operations, and other internal teams.

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