ScyllaDB Secures $43M In Funding To Expand NoSQL Database Platform


ScyllaDB, the startup behind a high-throughput, low-latency NoSQL database platform, has announced a successful funding round that generated $43 million. The funding was led by Eight Roads Ventures, with participation from AB Private Credit Investors, AllianceBernstein, TLV partners, Magma Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures.

Key Takeaway

ScyllaDB, a leading NoSQL database platform, has raised $43 million in funding to further enhance its capabilities and scale its operations. With its advanced architecture and impressive performance, ScyllaDB aims to meet the growing demand for efficient and scalable database solutions in the data-driven era.

A Database for the Data-Driven Era

The influx of data being generated by disruptive companies has created a need for powerful database solutions. ScyllaDB aims to meet this demand by providing a database that can process large amounts of data efficiently, enabling companies to deliver exceptional user experiences and gain a competitive edge in the market.

NoSQL databases, like ScyllaDB, offer advantages over traditional relational databases. They provide flexibility in terms of data storage and retrieval, which is crucial for applications like ad serving, AI and machine learning, recommendation engines, fraud detection, and IoT data analysis.

A recent survey by Ventana revealed that 22% of organizations currently use NoSQL databases, with an additional 34% planning to adopt them within the next two years. The market for NoSQL databases is predicted to grow to $35.7 billion by 2028.

ScyllaDB’s Unique Architecture

ScyllaDB differentiates itself from other NoSQL vendors with its advanced architectural capabilities. The platform can handle millions of operations per second with single-digit millisecond latency. It can be deployed across multiple clouds, hybrid cloud setups, or on-premises, providing workload prioritization and efficient utilization of I/O and CPU performance.

The impressive performance and scalability of ScyllaDB have attracted over 400 companies, including major players like Discord, Epic Games, and Palo Alto Networks. Since its inception in 2012, ScyllaDB has achieved an 800% revenue growth.

Expanding Momentum and Team

The $43 million funding will be utilized to accelerate ScyllaDB’s momentum and support the expansion of its team, which currently consists of 168 employees. The company aims to continue delivering lightning-fast user experiences at extreme scale in an era where data is the driving force behind successful businesses.

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