AWS Announces Unrestricted Free Data Transfers To Other Cloud Providers


Amazon’s cloud computing subsidiary AWS has revealed that it will allow customers to transfer their data out of its ecosystem with no so-called “egress fees” attached. This decision follows Google’s similar announcement and is in line with the European Data Act, which aims to promote competition and make it easier for cloud customers to switch providers.

Key Takeaway

AWS’s decision to allow unrestricted free data transfers to other cloud providers marks a significant shift in the industry, aligning with regulatory efforts to promote competition and facilitate seamless migration for cloud customers.

Changes in AWS Data Transfer Policy

While AWS previously allowed customers to transfer up to 100GB of data per month off its servers for free, this didn’t cover companies looking to move their entire data stores to another provider. However, with the recent announcement, AWS customers can now seamlessly shift their complete data stores to other cloud platforms without incurring additional fees.

Global Implications

It’s important to note that while the European Data Act is focused on promoting competition in Europe, AWS’s new policy applies to its operations globally. This move aligns with Google’s earlier announcement, indicating a shift in the industry’s approach to data transfer and competition.

Impact on Cloud Market Dynamics

With Google and AWS leading the way in eliminating egress fees, it is anticipated that Microsoft will likely follow suit. This collective shift is expected to have implications for the ongoing antitrust probes, particularly in relation to cloud lock-in practices and technical barriers to switching identified by regulatory authorities.

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