Ubicloud Aims To Create Open Source Alternative To AWS


Ubicloud, a new startup founded by the team behind Citus Data, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2019, is on a mission to revolutionize the cloud computing landscape. The company aims to offer a layer of core cloud computing services on top of affordable bare-metal servers from providers like Hetzner, OVH Cloud, Leaseweb, and AWS. This includes a managed service and an open-source version that allows developers to build their own cloud on bare metal providers.

Key Takeaway

Ubicloud, a new startup founded by the team behind Citus Data, aims to offer a cost-effective open-source alternative to AWS by providing core cloud computing services on affordable bare-metal servers.

Focus on Core Components

Currently, Ubicloud is focusing on a small set of core components, including compute and a PostgreSQL database service, in addition to networking capabilities to create public and private virtual networks. The team plans to add a block storage feature and a Kubernetes-based container service in the future.

Founders’ Background

The co-founders of Ubicloud, Ozgun Erdogan and Umur Cubukcu, previously built Citus Data and have a strong background in cloud computing. Cubukcu, who was instrumental in building Heroku PostgreSQL, and his team have a deep understanding of the cloud computing landscape and are passionate about simplifying the developer experience.

Competing with AWS

While Ubicloud acknowledges that it won’t replace the full breadth of AWS offerings, it believes that it can offer the majority of the value at a lower price and with a simpler developer experience. The company aims to bridge the gap between hardware costs and what hyperscalers are charging, making cloud computing more accessible to developers.

Open Source Approach

Ubicloud’s approach to open source is different from previous projects like OpenStack. The team emphasizes that its managed service is available from day one, providing a seamless experience for developers. With the support of existing open-source projects for virtual networking and storage services, Ubicloud aims to leverage the modern open-source landscape to its advantage.

Seed Round Funding

Ubicloud recently announced that it has raised a $16 million seed round, with investors including Y Combinator and 500 Emerging Europe, as well as a number of angel investors. The company currently has 10 employees split between San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Istanbul.

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