Apple’s Scary Fast October Mac Event: How To Watch And What To Expect


Apple has surprised its fans with the announcement of another event this year. While supply chain issues prevented the company from unveiling new hardware at last month’s iPhone 15 event, it has decided to hold a standalone event to make the much-anticipated announcements.

Key Takeaway

Apple has announced a standalone event called “Scary Fast” where it is expected to unveil new Macs and chips. The event will be live-streamed on Apple’s events page and YouTube. Alongside the new 24-inch iMac and MacBook Pro refresh, other announcements, such as updates to the iPad line and potential refreshes of older devices, could also be on the agenda.

The event, called Scary Fast, has generated speculation that Apple might finally release its new desktop silicon. However, unlike previous events, this one will not have an in-person component. It seems that Apple wants to make substantial announcements without requiring people to fly in from around the world.

This event is also different in terms of its start time. Instead of the usual 10 AM PT on a Tuesday morning, the kickoff is scheduled for 5 PM PT/8 PM ET on Monday night, just before Halloween. To follow along with the event, you can visit Apple’s events page or watch the live stream on YouTube, although the latter tends to lag behind the former.

New Macs and Chips Expected

The theme of “Scary Fast” suggests that Apple will likely unveil new chips during the event. The silver Apple logo on the invitation and the AR effect that transforms it into the Finder widget strongly indicate that we can expect new Macs.

The most anticipated announcements are the new 24-inch iMac and a MacBook Pro refresh featuring the M3 and M3 Pro chips, respectively. There are also rumors of a 32-inch iMac/iMac Pro in the works, but it seems unlikely to launch until next year. Despite that, Apple is likely to celebrate the arrival of macOS Sonoma with new hardware.

iPad and More

The iPad line could also receive some attention at the event. While the Pro model seems to be the most likely candidate for an update, there is a possibility of updates across the entire line, including the introduction of USB-C connectors. Additionally, this event might serve as an opportunity to refresh various devices, such as the AirPods Max, which were introduced almost three years ago.

It is unclear whether the event will focus solely on Macs or if other products will be showcased as well. The Vision Pro, for instance, had limited stage time at the iPhone event, so it is possible that Apple will provide more details and demos during this event. With its release scheduled for early next year, there might be additional content to debut.

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