Apple Unveils M3 IMac With Enhanced Performance And Stunning Display


If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iMac Pro, we regret to inform you that you’ll have to exercise a little more patience. However, there’s good news for those looking to upgrade their 24-inch all-in-one iMac. Apple has just announced a refresh to the 24-inch iMac, introducing the highly anticipated M3 chip that was revealed at the Scary Fast event.

Key Takeaway

The new M3 iMac delivers exceptional performance with its 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, and 16-core neural engine, making it a perfect choice for creative professionals who demand superior processing power.

Improved GPU Performance

Apple’s focus with the M3 chip aims to position itself as a serious contender in the gaming arena. One notable enhancement is the introduction of hardware-based ray tracing and mesh shading, which significantly improve the system’s rendering capabilities. The chip boasts an impressive 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, and 16-core neural engine, providing support for up to 24GB of memory. Apple claims that the M3 iMac offers up to 2 times the performance compared to the previous M1 chip.

Enhanced Creative Capabilities

Apple highlights the creative advantages of the new iMac. When compared to the previous generation 24-inch iMac, this latest model allows creatives to edit and play back up to 12 streams of 4K video, which is three times more than before. Video projects in programs like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro can be produced up to two times faster, while processing photos in applications like Adobe Photoshop is also carried out at double the speed.

Spectacular Display and Audio

The centerpiece of the new iMac is its stunning 24-inch 4.5K Retina display. With 11.3 million pixels and 500 nits of brightness, this display strikes a perfect balance between the 4K and 5K Intel iMac models. Additionally, it features a 1080p FaceTime camera and a six-speaker system that supports both Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos.

Connectivity and Color Options

Apple has ensured that the new iMac keeps up with the latest connectivity standards by incorporating Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3. It boasts four USB-C ports, two of which support Thunderbolt, and select models come with Gigabit Ethernet support. The M3 iMac is available in vibrant colors including green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, or silver. Each color option comes with a matching keyboard and the choice of a trackpad or a mouse. A special feature to note is the optional TouchID for the keyboard.

Preorder and Shipping Details

Starting at $1,299, the new M3 iMac can be preordered as of now. The base model comes with an 8-core GPU and CPU. With an additional $200, customers can upgrade to an 8-core GPU, 8GB of memory, and a 256GB SSD. Preorders are available starting today, and shipping is expected to commence next week.

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