Apple Introduces New M3 MacBook Pro In Space Black Colorway


Apple’s latest release of MacBook Pro notebooks comes as exciting news for both tech enthusiasts and design aficionados. While the internal upgrades, primarily powered by the new M3 processor lineup, are certainly noteworthy, it’s the aesthetic update that steals the show. In addition to the classic silver and space gray options, Apple has brought back a colorway that will surely catch the attention of many – the stunning space black.

Key Takeaway

Apple has unveiled a new M3 MacBook Pro in a dark and captivating space black colorway, reminiscent of the iconic black MacBook. This reintroduction of black is a significant departure from Apple’s recent color choices, and it brings a sense of seriousness and sophistication to the MacBook lineup.

This reintroduction of the iconic black color is a nostalgic move by Apple, harking back to the beloved “BlackBook” MacBook, which was first introduced in 2006. The black MacBook, which succeeded the iBook, not only set the stage for the future design language of Mac notebooks but also earned a reputation as one of the most visually striking Macs ever created. Though the new MacBook Pro is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum instead of the matte polycarbonate of its predecessor, its darker tone still exudes an essence of black that has been absent from Macs for years.

Apple’s decision to include a black option in their product lineup is particularly noteworthy since the company had veered away from adopting this color in recent seasons. Instead, they opted for a ‘Midnight’ tint in their aluminum Apple Watches and Watch accessories a couple of generations ago, along with a ‘Midnight’ version of the MacBook Air. While these options showcased a dark appearance, they leaned more towards a blue undertone rather than a true black. Furthermore, these devices were notorious for accumulating fingerprints. However, Apple has enthusiastically announced that the new space black MacBook Pro features a special treatment that minimizes fingerprint visibility, thus offering users a sleek and clean look.

For individuals like myself, who appreciate a touch of elegance and gravitas in their tech accessories, the reintroduction of a true black Mac is a cause for celebration. As a professional, having an actual black (or a very dark gray) metal computer not only complements my seriousness and competence but also provides a unique way for me to convey my professionalism to colleagues and clients.

While some may argue that the previous space gray option was sufficient, it was more of a transitional color than a definitive statement. It served as an acknowledgment that my laptop shouldn’t be taken as lightly as its silver counterpart. However, the space black colorway brings a sense of gravitas and uniqueness that truly sets it apart.

As an enthusiastic supporter of Apple’s design choices, I sincerely hope that the reintroduction of black in their product lineup signifies the end of the company’s hiatus from this timeless color. It’s time for us to bid adieu to the ‘blueshade’ alternatives and embrace the elegance and sophistication of an actual black MacBook.

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