Apple Sends Out Invites For Upcoming ‘Scary Fast’ Event – New Macs Could Be On The Menu


Apple has recently sent out invites for its highly anticipated ‘Scary Fast’ virtual event, scheduled to take place on October 30th. With the event falling just before Halloween, the tagline has sparked speculation about what exciting announcements the tech giant has in store for its users. One possibility is that Apple will unveil its all-new M3 chip, which could revolutionize its lineup of Mac computers, just in time for the holiday gift-buying season.

Key Takeaway

Apple has sent out invites for its ‘Scary Fast’ event, which is expected to feature new Mac announcements. The company’s computers did not receive much attention at the recent iPhone event, making this event the perfect opportunity for Apple to reveal updated MacBook Pros and iMacs. The highly anticipated M3 chip might also make its debut at the event, potentially revolutionizing Apple’s Mac lineup.

New Macs Expected

Given the lack of attention dedicated to Mac computers at the recent iPhone event, many Apple fans are eagerly awaiting news of refreshed Macs. It is widely anticipated that Apple will use this event to showcase a range of new Mac models, including updated MacBook Pros and iMacs. This follows reports of dwindling stocks of these devices, further fueling speculation about an imminent release.

Potential Changes to the Mac Lineup

If the rumors hold true, the new MacBook Pro would likely feature either a Pro or Max chip. Some sources suggest that this chip could be the much-anticipated M3 chip. However, this would deviate from Apple’s established six-month release cycle for its chips, as the previous chip announced was the M2 Ultra at WWDC earlier this year.

Earlier reports had suggested that the M3 chip faced supply chain constraints and would be delayed until 2024. However, more recent rumors indicate that Apple may be ready to unveil the M3 MacBook Pro and a 24-inch iMac at this upcoming event, with a larger 34-inch iMac Pro set to be delayed until next year.

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