New AI-Powered Weight Loss Platform Signos Raises $20 Million In Funding


Signos, a metabolic health platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), has successfully raised $20 million in a Series B funding round. The funding, led by Cheyenne Ventures and GV (Google Ventures), will enable Signos to expand its team, extend its platform, and conduct further research on metabolic health. This development comes at a crucial time, with the obesity and metabolic health crisis plaguing the United States and an increasing number of people at risk of developing diabetes.

Key Takeaway

Signos raises $20 million in a Series B funding round led by Cheyenne Ventures and GV, enabling the company to expand its team, enhance its platform, and conduct further research on metabolic health. Signos offers a unique AI-powered platform that provides real-time data and personalized recommendations for healthy weight management based on an individual’s metabolic profile.

Addressing the Metabolic Health Crisis

With over 96 million Americans prediabetic and projections estimating that 1 billion people will have diabetes by 2050, the need for early detection and lifestyle changes is more pressing than ever. Signos aims to tackle this crisis by providing real-time data and personalized recommendations for healthy weight management through their innovative AI-engine and CGM technology.

The Signos app allows users to log their food intake and exercise levels, allowing the AI platform to learn and understand how an individual’s metabolism responds to various foods and fitness patterns. With this information, Signos provides personalized, data-driven recommendations based on each individual’s unique metabolic profile.

A Personal Motivation

The CEO of Signos, Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, shared his personal motivation behind the company in an interview. Having struggled with his weight since childhood, Fouladgar-Mercer understands the challenges of weight loss and the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach. Inspired by his own experiences, he decided to leverage CGM technology to extend the benefits of glucose insight to a wider population, including those living with Type 2 diabetes.

Challenges and Optimism

While Signos has ambitious goals, the company acknowledges the challenges ahead. Hiring suitable candidates and making the platform widely accessible, particularly considering the relatively high cost of CGM technology, are key areas of focus for Signos. Despite these challenges, Fouladgar-Mercer remains optimistic about the future, expressing excitement to continue building something that can positively impact lives.

This space has seen other interesting developments as well, such as HME Square’s use of photo-acoustics to measure blood glucose without the need for skin penetration. This competition and race to innovation will ultimately benefit customers who want to closely monitor their metabolic health.

When asked how his work on Signos has influenced his personal habits, Fouladgar-Mercer responded that he still enjoys baking sourdough bread in his free time but plans his consumption and incorporates exercise to mitigate glucose spikes. He emphasizes the importance of finding a sustainable diet and exercise plan that works for each individual’s unique metabolism.

With this fresh injection of funding, Signos is well-positioned to continue its pioneering work in metabolic health and weight management, offering a much-needed solution to a growing health crisis.

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