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Steam Wallet: How to Add Funds, Buy Games and More

Steam Wallet: How to Add Funds, Buy Games and More

Steam and the Steam Wallet are for gamers and by gamers. Gamers know that worthwhile accessories and gaming experiences do not come for free. This is why online gaming communities are established. Such a community is present on Steam, where people can download Steam games, review, and talk about games.

These games can range from Sims, and Grand Theft Auto V, to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and even to popular mobile game Onmyoji. There is a lot of space on Steam for others, such as games like Animal Crossing.

In these communities, you support each other in getting the best prices on these games. You make sure the games you’re buying (or downloading for free) are worth it. You also want to make sure you’re all playing the same game. With the Steam Wallet, you can give your friends and family a chance to enhance their gaming experience. They can play with you or choose their own adventures.


A Backgrounder on Steam Wallets

What Is a Steam Wallet?

Steam Wallets are used to buy from Steam


Before we get into the Steam Wallet, you must first know that there is a difference between the Steam Wallet and Steam itself. Steam is a popular digital platform for gamers. It is one of the largest of its kind, especially for PC gaming. It is a hub for game distribution and downloading. Put simply, imagine it as your common app store, but exclusively for endless games imaginable.

Some games are free, and some aren’t. You can buy them through direct purchases from Steam and/or through codes bought from third-parties. This is where the Steam Wallet comes in.

If you’re an avid gamer, chances are you already regularly spend on in-game purchases, skins, and other gaming accessories. You can use your Steam Wallet to buy these. Adding funds to your Steam Wallet is simple. It’s just like signing up for other platforms. You can use different personal cards of choice in adding funds directly into the wallet. It’s a digital gaming bank, and you use it to purchase whatever you want on Steam.

A big benefit of this is that you no longer need to directly link your credit and/or debit cards in every purchase you make. Steam is one of the largest digital gaming distribution platforms, and you can never be too safe!


What Currency Does Steam Use?

Steam Wallet Currency
TBIT via Pixabay


There are a lot of currencies you can use on Steam. If it’s your first time using your Steam Wallet, you will be using the currency your Steam store uses. Don’t worry if you’re transferring stores, too. Your existing Steam Wallet can be transferred to your updated Steam platform’s currency.

While it is still updating its accepted currencies, there are already a number of “live” currencies you can use on Steam. These currencies are what you can use for buying games in-store and for other small transactions.

Examples of currencies available on Steam are USD (United States Dollar), RUB (Russian Rouble), SAR (Saudi Riyal), TWD (New Taiwan Dollar), ZAR (South African Rand), PHP (Philippine Peso), and CAD (Canadian Dollar). There are a lot more, and a quick search will show you if your currency is available on Steam.

For currencies that are: (a) not yet available on Steam, and (b) not in Europe, the default currency is USD. There are discounted USD prices that do not use their local pricing on Steam. These are used especially in South Asian regions.


What Are Steam Wallet Codes?

Think of it as Christmas time. Your aunts and uncles know you like gaming but aren’t really sure of what to get you. They don’t want to give away money because it might look lazy. You ask them to get you a Steam Wallet Code instead.

If Steam is a mall, then Steam Wallet Codes are like gift cards. You can redeem them on (you guessed it!) Steam, and this is immediately added to your Steam Wallet credit. Use them for anything you want on Steam, as long as you can afford it! If you want to learn more about redeeming these, just read on.

Do not get them confused with the actual Steam Gift Cards though! Even though they do the same things, the cards look like actual gift certificates. The codes just look like activation codes. These can be bought globally, online, and in retail. Different stores in every country sell them, for different prices and currencies. Your Steam Gift Card and Steam Wallet Codes are automatically converted to your store’s currency.

For physical purchases, stores for electronics, gaming, and even groceries can sell Steam Wallet Cards and Steam Wallet Codes. Another place you can get them is probably your local convenience store. Other countries allow you to buy the codes through SMS/text messages and internet cafes. It all depends on what’s convenient for you and your country’s purchasing methods.


Can You Cash Out Your Steam Wallet?

Cash Out your Steam Wallet
blickpixel via Pixabay


A very common question about Steam Wallets is whether Steam Wallet funds can be transferred. For some, there is a long and winding answer to this. Put simply, Steam does not allow you to convert your Steam Wallet funds to cash. When you transfer funds to your Steam Wallet, it stays there for good. You also cannot transfer your funds to someone else. How to gift someone’s wallet on Steam? Just buy them a Steam Wallet Card or a Steam Wallet Code. More details on that down below.

However, there are people who say that they can cash out their Steam Wallets. They sell their skins through third parties and withdraw the money from there. In this scenario, you should have skins to sell first. The easiest way to cash out your Steam Wallet is to not cash too much in. By doing so, you can control your spending and not worry about wasting your money.


What Can You Use Your Steam Wallet For?

Steam accepts many different types of currencies
Mediamodifier via Pixabay


The Steam Wallet is for two main things, as discussed above: buying games for yourself, or buying games for your friends. Whether you play games by yourself, or with your friends, the Steam Wallet’s features remain.

Purchasing Games

Use Steam Wallet Codes to buy yourself games
ExplorerBob via Pixabay


The Steam Wallet is normally used for purchasing games. While some games on the Steam platform are free, a lot of popular games have to be bought. Moreover, there are also in-game purchases that active gamers are familiar with.

By linking your game profiles to your Steam wallet, you can make these transactions with ease.


Sending Gifts to Friends

Gaming With Friends
Via Pixabay


Since the Steam Wallet can be loaded by what are essentially gift cards, it is a popular method of gifting. To send gifts to your friends on Steam, you have to be friends with them on the platform for at least three days.

Buying funds for your friends is easy. You just have to log into your Steam account, select your friend and your chosen amount, and send.


How to Use a Steam Wallet?


How to View Steam Wallet Balance

Viewing your Steam Wallet balance is easy. You just log into your Steam account and look at the upper right-hand corner. Below your profile name should be your current balance.


How to Gift Steam Wallet Funds

  1. Go to If you are asked to log in to your account, enter your account details.
  2. You will see the Digital Gift Cards page. Click Send through Steam.
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 2
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  3. Select an amount you want to give to your Steam friend/s. Select your amount. Steam gift cards range from $5 to $100.
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 3
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  4. You will be asked to sign in or create an account if you haven’t yet. Enter your details to get to the next step.
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 4
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  5. Choose a friend to give the Steam Wallet funds to. Make sure you have been friends with this person for at least three days. If you haven’t, then you cannot send a gift card to your recipient.
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 5
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  6. When you press continue, you can personalize your Steam gift with a note. You can greet your friend, or tell them why you’re getting them this gift. It’s your call!
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 6
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  7. After pressing on continue again, you will be asked to choose your payment method.
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 7
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  8. Enter your payment method details.
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 8
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  9. Review your details and tick the box if you agree to the terms listed by Steam.
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 9
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  10. Your purchase receipt will appear, and your friend will be gifted with the amount you chose.
    Gift Steam Wallet Funds Step 10
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube


Where to Buy Steam Wallet Code (US)

Steam Wallet codes can be bought all across the United States, but it also depends on where you live. You can get them at your local gaming stores and groceries, and also from different e-commerce websites.

Retailers in the US that sell cards and codes include Gamestop, Best Buy, and Walgreens. For the rest of North America, convenience stores and drug marts can be checked. Besides these, you can also try texting and emailing tech kiosks and cybercafes. Last but certainly not the least, the codes are also available on PayPal!


How to Buy a Game With Your Steam Wallet

Buying a game with your Steam Wallet is almost the exact same process as buying it with your credit card or through Paypal.

  1. Make sure you are in your Steam application’s STORE tab.
    Buy a game Step 1
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  2. Click on the search bar and type in your game of choice. Click on the game once you see it.
    Buy a game Step 2
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  3. You will be on your game of choice’s main page. Scroll down and you will find an option to buy the game.
    Buy a game Step 3
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  4. Choose whether you are purchasing the game for yourself or for someone else.
    Buy a game Step 4
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  5. Choose your payment method. For this instance, choose your Steam Wallet. Enter the necessary information.
    Buy a game Step 6
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  6. When you press continue, you will be asked to double-check your information. Make sure you agree to the terms of Steam’s Subscriber Agreement before you press Purchase.
    Buy a game Step 6
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  7. A “Thank You for your Purchase” page will appear on your screen. When you scroll down, your purchase receipt will be displayed.


How to Add Funds to Your Steam Wallet?


By Cashing into the Steam App

Buying funds through your Steam application is a quick process. Here is a quick guide for you!

  1. Like all Steam transactions, first, log into your Steam account. You will be on your homepage.
    Cash in to the Steam App Step 1
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  2. Click on your profile name and through the drop-down, select View my Wallet.
    Cash in to the Steam App Step 2
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  3. The option to add funds to your Steam Wallet will be displayed. Click on the “add funds” button of the amount you wish to buy.
    Cash in to the Steam App Step 3
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  4. Enter the details of your payment method of choice. Press continue, which will be found at the bottom of the page.
    Cash in to the Steam App Step 4
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  5. Confirm all your details on the next page, and agree to the use agreement. Press Purchase if all details are correct.
    Cash in to the Steam App Step 5
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube
  6. It will redirect you to a purchase receipt. You can now check your wallet for your funds.
    Cash in to the Steam App Step 6
    Screenshot from Max Dalton via Youtube


Using a Gift Card or Wallet Code

Steam has made transactions on the platform very easy. Redeeming your Steam Gift Card and Steam Wallet Code is one of these!

  1. Open your Steam application and go to the LIBRARY tab. On the main page, you will find the option to redeem your card/code.
    Redeem a Giftcard Step 1
    Screenshot from Manny Fresh via Youtube
  2. On the “Redeem A Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code” page, you will be asked to enter your code. Type it in.
    Redeem a Giftcard Step 2
    Screenshot from Manny Fresh via Youtube
  3. Enter your mailing address and press continue.
    Redeem a Giftcard Step 3
    Screenshot from Manny Fresh via Youtube
  4. If the transaction is successful, a “SUCCESS!” page will appear. The amount displayed on your Steam Gift Card or Steam Wallet Code is now added to your Steam Wallet!


Where to get Free Steam Wallet Codes?

Watch streams and get free Steam Wallet Codes
Caspar Camille Rubin via Unsplash


Getting and giving gifts are fun and all, but we all know how fun free stuff is. Steam has such a vibrant and active community. They often wonder about how to get a Steam Wallet cash-free or look for Steam Wallet Codes generators.

Look no further, we have a short guide for you.


Screenshot from PointsPrizes site


At PointsPrizes, you answer (and complete!) surveys and/or sign up for several company newsletters to earn points. Getting enough points can merit you a free Steam Wallet Code. Your points are sent directly to your inbox. It is a get-codes-quick easy scheme that may be too good to be true, but trust us when we say it works. For tinkering on PointsPrizes for an hour, your gaming fun is endless.

However, it is important to note that your location still matters here. If you live in the United States, then you are one of the lucky few who can earn quickly from PointsPrizes. Unpopular gaming locations are not as fortunate. If you’re not in the US, remember to check PointsPrizes’ availability in your region first!

Go to site
via Medium


The cost of being a passionate gamer is not lost on The site is made especially for the gaming community. You can get your Steam Wallet codes for free by completing tasks on What are these tasks? The usual internet requests–– watch a video, sometimes a stream; answer surveys here and there. After these, you can redeem your promo codes.

This, of course, is not instant. Most gamers have to save up on their promo codes to get their Steam Wallet reward. It’s still free, though. So, you can be the judge of that!

Go to site



via wall-spot


You can get your free Steam Gift Card from Points2Shop by doing the things you already do online. Not to mention, make friends while doing so! One of the largest rewards sites, Points2Shop gives you a lot of options to earn: shop online, play games, sign up for newsletters and other offers, fill out surveys, and watch videos.

This is even available for download on app stores. So, if you’re stuck in long lines, commuter traffic, and the lot, you can earn your points. Like real-world coupon fanatics, Points2Shop also has a large community. People share their Points2Shop experiences and rewards with each other.  This is definitely worth a Google search.

Go to site



via Survey Sites


With a strong social media presence, GrabPoints has a good reputation. GrabPoints is like the other sites mentioned above. GrabPoints asks you to take paid surveys, watch videos, and download apps. You can find out how to get free Steam Wallet Codes from there.

Referring friends also gets you points. So, have your Steam friends tag along! The success of using GrabPoints has been talked about online for a while. This is especially true if you’re from Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.

Go to site



via Survey Sites


If you’re also interested in free Netflix and Amazon gift cards, check out PrizeRebel. This site is a good source for free coupons, gift cards, and Steam Wallet codes. You start earning by filling out surveys, watching videos, and joining other offers. These are standard free internet stuff, so it is very easy to use. Get ready to mostly answer surveys, though. PrizeRebel is big on paid surveys.

Navigating the PrizeRebel site is not an issue, either. You do not have to worry about clicking on the wrong things or about getting a computer virus. After signing up on PrizeRebel, you just have to confirm your email and you are ready to go.

Go to site

Steam Wallet: How to Add Funds, Buy Games and More

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