DOTA 2 Battle Pass: Everything You Need to Know

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The International 2020 might be postponed, but that doesn’t mean that Valve will postpone the release of the Dota 2 Battle Pass. We’re here to give you the juicy details on Dota 2’s newest iteration of its Battle Pass, a yearly release that gives additional content to the game that many adore.


What Is the Dota 2 Battle Pass?

Dota 2 2020 Battle Pass
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In layman’s terms, the Dota 2 Battle Pass gives the players that buy it the ability to complete a huge number of limited-time quests, challenges, and game modes, as well as various in-game cosmetic rewards. By purchasing the 1st tier of the battle pass bundle, players can then level up by completing in-game challenges. Higher levels in the Battle Pass let you unlock or buy more rewards—which can range from hero skins and accessories to announcer voice packs and menu customizations.

Every Battle Pass that came around brings something fresh to Dota 2. Some highlights in the 2020 Battle Pass include the guild system, a Battle Gauntlet that gives rewards so long as you’re consistently winning, and a Bounty system that allows Battle Pass players the ability to mark enemies for death to gain level rewards. Remember that these features are exclusive to those who purchased the TI 10 Battle Pass.


When Does It Start and End?

The 2020 TI 10 Dota 2 Battle Pass was released to the public on May 25, 2020. It was priced at $9.99, with 25% of total sales going into the prize pool for The International 10. The International is the biggest tournament in the DOTA 2 Pro Circuit Season. The event was postponed on a later date due to the ongoing pandemic.

Usually, the Battle Pass runs until The International is done. Usually, the tournament happens in August of every year. However, with The International 10 delayed until 2021 due to coronavirus, it’s not known how long the Battle Pass will go. We don’t know how Valve would like to end the TI 10 Battle Pass due to the postponement of the event. However, it remains to be seen what they have in store in regard to ending the subscription period.


How to Purchase the Dota 2 Battle Pass?

This year’s Dota 2 Battle Pass is available right now and can be purchased on Steam or the in-game client.

The regular Battle Pass costs $9.99. You’ll start from level one, but you’ll receive a few exclusive items like treasures and other features.

Currently, there are two Dota 2 Battle Pass bundles available, the 50 and 100 Level Bundles priced at $29.35 and $44.99 respectively. If past Battle Passes are to be followed, there will be new bundles to buy, which will revolve around the Immortal Treasure II and III. As of right now, only the Immortal Treasure I is available for players to open.


How to Buy the Dota 2 Battle Pass on Steam or Game Client?

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The 2020 Dota 2 Battle Pass and all bundles mentioned above are available for purchase on the Dota 2 website, in-game client, or Steam. Remember to update your game before considering buying the regular or bundled Battle Pass. You can turn on automatic updates so the game version is up to date every time you launch it.

In order to purchase it via Steam, you need to have the correct amount on your Steam Wallet. If you want to learn how to add funds to your Steam Wallet, we have a guide to help you out. We also have a guide on how to download Steam games and a list of the online multiplayer games that you have to try.


How to Gift Battle Pass to Friends

Dota 2’s The International 10 (TI10) has a new event that’s called “The Gifts of Giving.” This event allows players to be rewarded for gifting Battle Pass and bundles to their friends.

  1. You need to go to the in-game Battle Pass page to access the Battle Pass Gift Event. It can be found on the left side of your homepage.
  2. Once there, a Gift a Battle Pass button can be seen at the bottom-right corner. Select that to proceed.
  3. From here, select the bundle you wish to gift to your friends. Note that you will be charged for this, but it’s a great way to help a paying friend to get the Battle Pass.


If you’re using the mobile authentication method to secure your Steam account, there are a few restrictions. The biggest one being a 30-day real-time friendship with your friend’s account. If that’s not the case, then your recipient won’t show up on the gift listing. However, if you don’t use the mobile authentication for your Steam account, you’ll need to be friends with that account for at least a year.


Dota 2 Battle Pass Features & Rewards


The 2020 Dota 2 Battle Pass has a few notable rewards for people who wish to claim them. From hero and ward skins to taunts and sprays, there’s something for everyone, provided of course you work for them. Here are a few notable rewards from the Battle Pass.


Notable Skins

Sanctum of the Divine

One of the more prestigious and awesome rewards that one can get from the Battle Pass is the ability to change the whole Dota 2 Map. The Sanctum of the Divine Terrain Skin changes the terrain of the Dota 2 Map with fresh new graphics. It’s a great reward for when you reach Level 160 in the Battle Pass. Do note that it’s untradeable, nor can you obtain it when the Battle Pass is gone. So you might want to play some games while it’s still there.



The Toy Butcher (Pudge Persona)

Obtained when you reach Battle Pass Level 255, the Toy Butcher Persona changes Pudge from a hulking pile of flesh about to turn you into its next dinner, into…

A hulking pile of fluff? Well, that’s a thing. Anyhow, don’t let the cutesy appearance fool you. This is still Pudge. And he will cut you down to size if you’re not careful. Keep watch for this skin when you reach Level 250. Pudge Players really shouldn’t miss it.


The Disciple’s Path (Anti-Mage Persona)

Disciple's Path
Photo from DOTA 2 Blog


Now, people will probably YAY! For the fact that we finally have a female skin for a male hero. Well… Not really.

Lore-wise, the Disciple’s Path is the female apprentice of the OG Anti-Mage. Trained in the ways of killing those pesky wizards, Wei (the said disciple’s name) is ready to cause some havoc in the way that we all know Anti-Mage can do on the battlefield.

The Disciple’s Path Persona is obtained on Battle Pass Level 305.



The One True King (Wraith King Arcana)

Wraith King Arcana
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Now here’s a familiar sight. The One True King Arcana is unlocked in the 375th Level of the 2020 Dota 2 Battle Pass, changing the general look of the Wraith King Hero, as well as how some of his abilities look like. For the people who don’t know, Wraith King wasn’t his OG name back in the old Dota 1 days. He was known as Skeleton King. And, lore-wise, he gained his new powers and title through the help of the heroes all around the Dota 2 world.

With this Persona skin, we hearken back to his old Skeleton King days. Wielding a greatsword of bone and his baleful eyes spitting certain death to his enemies, The One True King truly lives up to his name, collecting the bones of his dead enemies to better his throne and kingdom. Those that fight against him better take heed, else they also join his macabre collection.


The Eminence of Ristul (Queen of Pain Arcana)

QOP Arcana
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The Queen of Pain isn’t usually seen in Pro Play. But Valve sees fit to grant her with her Arcana—to the joy of those that use her. The Arcana changes her art and the look of some of her abilities. Unlocked at Battle Pass Level 445, the Eminence of Ristul tells of Akasha’s reclamation of her daemonic court.

When Akasha returned to the Court of Ristul in the very depths of Hell, she sees that pretenders and worms have usurped her court while she was above the mortal world, playing her games with mortals and the Radiant and Dire.

With burning whip and searing pain to all that oppose her, she takes the daemonic court by storm again. Seizing a new power and striking a bargain with an exiled demon prince, she stands to reobtain the throne that is rightfully hers.


Compass of the Rising Gale (Windranger Arcana)

Last but not the least, the Compass of the Rising Gale is the last Arcana that you’ll receive in the 2020 Dota 2 Battle Pass. Obtained at Level 575, the Windranger Arcana gives Windranger some nice digs and new cosmetic effects to some of her abilities (though that’s the same with all the Arcanas in the Battle Pass.)

The Wind was ever Lyralei’s ally. It protects her from the attacks of her enemies, conceals her form, and hastens her footsteps. Though her memory might be lost and with no knowledge of her origins, she follows the wind, wherever it may lead. Even through the soft caresses in the sun-draped woods, to the ravaging storms throughout the seas, Lyralei goes on in search of her real self.


Arcana Vote

A staple of the Battle Pass, the Arcana Vote gives Battle Pass buyers the ability to decide for themselves which hero in the game is worthy of getting a newly made Arcana. The tradition began on TI4 where Juggernaut and Phantom Assassin were the final contenders. And every year after that, the community comes together and vote on which hero gets some new digs.



The Immortal Treasures make a triumphant return. With each one, you get a single immortal item and also have a chance of getting either a rare, very rare, or ultra-rare item for your pleasure. As of right now, only the first treasure is available, giving Immortal Items to several heroes that you can use in-game.


Declarations of the Divine (Living Towers)

The towers on the battlefield have come to life. Alongside the Sanctum of the Divine Map Terrain, the towers also have the Declarations of the Divine. Through this, the Radiant and Dire towers turn from giant stone structures to dragons sprouting from the ground, attacking enemies. Unlocked at Level 200 in the Battle Pass, the same deal with the terrain is also on the towers. Unlock it before TI10, or else you won’t be able to get it. Ever.


Chat Wheels


One of the staples in the Dota 2 Battle Pass is the Chat Wheel. And with a lot of favorite quips from not only the Dota 2 Casters but also voice lines from favorite heroes, Valve decided to give the players the ability to equip specific chat responses to their chat wheel, personalizing their chat wheel with the taunt, spray, and voice line of their choice. From the iconic “Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeb!” to the “Loser” spray, customize your chat wheel and play psychological warfare with your enemies.


Other Aesthetic Improvements, Features & Rewards

There are a lot of other features, rewards, and aesthetic improvements that Valve put into the game through the Battle Pass—from the ability to recycle four unwanted immortal items to the ability to create another Immortal Treasure.

You can get evolving chat lines, High Fives, the new Ping Cosmetics (allowing you to customize your pings), cool consumables from the Disco Ball, Soccer Ball, The Portal, and the Hot Pepper, the updated sprays, taunts, emoticons, and last but not the least, the new courier skin Brightskye as well as the TI10 Music Pack, The Voice of the International, the special ranged attack effect, Emblem of Divinity, and more.

Other improvements to the game itself include the ability to taunt in the versus screen, the ability to look who is the MVP in the game, three pause-screen minigames, and more.


How to Level Up Your Dota 2 Battle Pass?

You can level up your TI10 Battle Pass through a variety of methods. The first way to do so is to keep winning. Just keep winning your games and you’ll level up your Battle Pass.

Another method is through the use of Bounties. Some players who have the Battle Pass can set a bounty on a particular hero. Whoever kills the hero in the game will get Battle Points to level up the Battle Pass.

Then, there’s the Battle Gauntlet mode. In this game mode, you join in on the gauntlet by yourself or with your friends, and you keep playing until you reach three wins before you lose two games. Winning three games will give you 1,500 Battle Points as well as a Battle Tier Upgrade.

DOTA 2 Battle Pass: Everything You Need to Know

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