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How to Download Songs From Amazon Music For Free

Who doesn’t love music? During stressful days, it is like a food for our mind that calms our thoughts and detaches us from the rest. As we already knew, listening to music is no longer limited to CDs, vinyl, and mp3 players. With the advent of digital music and various streaming platforms, listening to your favorite songs from any device has never been easier, until you go offline. Most of the music streaming platforms nowadays offer limited access to its users. One of which is Amazon Music.

Official logo of Amazon Music.
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Amazon Music doesn’t come for free, although it has a 30-day subscription trial. For a good amount, the platform allows you to stream to ad-free music. But even with a subscription, your access is still limited. You can’t even save tracks directly to your local drive unless you buy music in the Amazon Music Store. The good thing is, there are now tools you can use that will allow you to download Amazon music for free.

In this article, we uncover several ways how to download Amazon Music for free. We’ll also be providing you with tools and step-by-step guides to do so.

Disclaimer: does not promote any form of piracy and copyright infringement. This page was created merely to inform our readers on how to download Amazon Music for free. It does not wish to promote questionable methods of acquiring copyrighted content in digital media.


Tools You Need To Download Amazon Music For Free

Titles from Amazon Music are encrypted with digital rights management (DRM) protection to prevent illicit distributions. Although Amazon Music supports offline playback, you cannot access tracks outside the Amazon Music app or share them with other devices. This is where third-party tools come in.

Tools like music converters and downloaders break the DRM protection of digital content. This allows you to save tracks to your local storage and, in return, share them as you want. Here are some tools you can use to download Amazon music for free.


Amazon Music Downloader Description Download Links
TunePat Amazon Music Converter Converts Amazon music to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC and saves them on local storage. Download Here
Cinch Audio Recorder Captures audio from Amazon Music and other music streaming services and allows users to save recordings on local drives. Download Here
AudFree AudFree is an Amazon Music ripper that records music losslessly at excellent quality. Download Here


How To Download Amazon Music Using TunePat?

TunePat is a desktop application that allows Amazon Music subscribers to download and convert tracks to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC. It requires a one-time payment to install the tool to your computer, but it also has a free trial that will allow you to get music from Amazon for a limited time. Here’s how you can download Amazon music using TunePat.

Step 1. Open Tunepat on your computer and sign-in to your Amazon Music account. It works as if you are signing in to the main Amazon Music platform.

Sign in page of Amazon Music on Tunepat App.
Photo by Tunepat on Youtube

Step 2. Go to “Settings” by clicking the gear button. It is located on the bottom right corner for Windows and at the upper right corner for macOS. From there, set the output format and output path you prefer.

Settings page of Tunepat App.
Photo by Tunepat on Youtube

Step 3. Go to a playlist or album then click the musical note icon to view the list of tracks you can download. The button is located at the bottom of the screen for Windows and at the right-side panel for macOS.

List of music to download on Amazon Music using Tunepat.
Photo by Tunepat on Youtube

Step 4. Tick the songs you want to download then tap convert to start saving them to your computer drive.

You can freely access downloaded tracks from Amazon Music using TunePat anytime you want. More importantly, you can share them with any devices as you wish. Tunepat also works well when you want to download music from Spotify.


How To Download Amazon Music Using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Cinch is an application for Windows and macOS that simultaneously records and downloads tracks as they play. In contrast to the usual audio recorder, Cinch can capture tracks with almost the same quality as the original. It saves MP3 files of up to 320kbps, but the output will still depend on the quality you are streaming to. Here’s how to download Amazon Music for free using Cinch Audio Recorder.

Step 1. Launch Amazon Music and Cinch Audio Recorder on your computer side-by-side.

Cinch audio recorder
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Step 2. Click the recording button at the upper left corner of the Cinch App then play the song, playlist, or album you want to download on Amazon Music. There’s no need to turn on the audio on your computer, Cinch records the core audio anyway.

Cinch audio recorder overlapping Amazon Music platform
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Step 3. Click the recording button again to stop recording. Cinch will display the titles you have recorded right on the homepage of the app. Simply click the folder icon at the bottom right corner of the Cinch app to loacte all the music recordings from your local drive.

A list or recorded tracks on Cinch
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Cinch Audio Recorder is straightforward and very easy to use. The app has an ID3 tagging feature which automatically identifies the title, artist, and album for each MP3 you record. This means that you don’t have to start and stop recording for each song you want to save. Just record a playlist altogether and Cinch will record them as individual tracks. Aside from Amazon, you can also use Cinch to download music from Youtube and other streaming platforms.


How To Download Amazon Music Using Audfree?

Audfree is an audio recorder that can capture music from different platforms and allows you to define output formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, and FLAC. The software isn’t for free, but it has a trial version that you can use to see if the app is for you. It has efficient features and is a great investment if sharing music is your thing. Audfree seamlessly records any sounds from your computer and saves them without sacrificing quality. Here’s how to record tracks from Amazon Music using Audfree.

Step 1. Install Audfree Audio Capture and Amazon Music to your computer. Launch Audfree afterward, then add Amazon Music to its main interface by clicking the large plus (+) button. You can also record Amazon Music from a browser.

Main interface of Audfree
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Step 2.  Click the audio icon on the lower right corner of Audfree and define the audio output.

Audfree output customization panel
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Step 3. Tap Amazon Music or any browser from the main interface of Audfree and play the song, playlist or album you want to record. Wait for the tracks to end and press stop.

List of recorded tracks from Audfree
Photo by Audfree

Step 4. Click on “Edit” if you want to remove parts of the recording. Tap “Ok” then “Save” to download tracks to your computer.

Splitting recorded tracks on Audfree
Photo by Audfree

It is important to note that even when you record a whole playlist or album, Audfree will save titles as individual tracks. Like Cinch, it can identify ID3 tags for each MP3 you record. This saves you from the inconvenience of trimming a recording to separate tracks. But if you want to save songs as a single file, you can simply tick “Merge all into one file ” whilst recording.


Is Downloading Amazon Music For Free Legal?

The only legitimate way to download tracks from Amazon Music is by using its offline playback or buying titles from the Amazon Digital Music Store if you want to store them locally. Clearly, using third-party tools to download music or any DRM-protected content for free is illicit. Tools like music converters and downloaders are breaking some properties of digital content that are intended to prevent piracy.

Some might argue that they are paying for the Amazon Music service, so they must be given the freedom to access its content without restrictions. True enough, you cannot download tracks from Amazon Music without a subscription. But your subscription to the service doesn’t warrant you to download music directly to your local drive, with or without the intention to redistribute them.


Protect Your Computer With VPNs

Some music downloaders and converters are bypassing security measures of a platform to work properly. In return, this could make your computer susceptible to malware and online viruses. That’s why, before downloading content from untrusted sites, it is important to know how to set up a VPN.

VPNs facilitate private and secure surfing from any network. They essentially hide your true IP address with external servers to protect your data from being seen or tampered with by hackers or other attackers. Aside from protecting you against cyberattacks, VPNs also allows you to access contents that are not originally available in your location.

There are different types of VPNs you can install on your computer. There are those for gaming, torrenting, and downloading. ExpressVPN vs NordVPN goes head-to-head when it comes to providing security protection for all digital nomads.


Final Thoughts

Being able to download and share the music you love is a different kind of bliss. While there is a free and easy way to do that, we should always come clean and opt for what is legal. If you want to download music from Amazon that is not encrypted with DRM, you should buy it instead. If that doesn’t fit your budget, just stick with streaming and the offline playback.



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