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How To Download Music As Ringtone



Setting a personalized ringtone on your phone can add a touch of flair and individuality to your device. Instead of using generic pre-installed ringtones, why not download your favorite music and turn it into a ringtone? With the plethora of music download platforms and ringtone maker apps available today, it has become easier than ever to customize your phone’s sound.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of downloading music and converting it into a ringtone. Whether you want to use the latest chart-topping hit or a beloved classic, these steps will enable you to set a unique ringtone that reflects your personal taste.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that the process may slightly vary depending on your device’s operating system. However, the overall steps remain similar across different platforms. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of personalized ringtones!


Step 1: Choose the Right Song

The first step in creating your own custom ringtone is selecting the perfect song. While this may seem like a simple task, it’s essential to choose a song that fits your preferences and suits the purpose of a ringtone. Here are a few factors to consider when making your selection:

  1. Your Favorite Song: Think about the songs that resonate with you the most. It could be a catchy tune that lifts your mood or a sentimental track that holds special meaning. Selecting a song you love will make your personalized ringtone even more enjoyable.
  2. Catchy Melodies: When choosing a song, pay attention to its melody. Opt for tunes with memorable hooks or distinctive instrumentals that will instantly capture attention when your phone rings.
  3. Appropriate Length: Keep in mind that a ringtone should be short and concise. Ideally, it should be around 30 seconds long. Consider songs with a catchy chorus or a memorable instrumental section that can be easily edited to fit within this timeframe.

Once you have identified a song that meets these criteria, you’re ready to move on to the next step. Remember, the song you choose as your ringtone should reflect your personality and bring a smile to your face every time your phone rings.


Step 2: Find a Reliable Music Download Platform

In order to download the song you’ve chosen for your ringtone, you’ll need to find a reliable music download platform. With countless options available, it’s important to choose a platform that is safe, legal, and offers a wide selection of songs. Follow these guidelines to find the right platform:

  1. Consider Legality and Copyright: Ensure that the platform you choose follows copyright laws and offers legitimate downloads. Using unauthorized sources can lead to legal issues and compromise the quality of the downloaded music.
  2. Check User Reviews and Ratings: Before committing to a platform, take some time to read user reviews and ratings. This will provide valuable insights into the platform’s reputation, user experience, and reliability.
  3. Explore Music Library: Look for platforms that have a vast music library, including a wide range of genres and artists. This will increase your chances of finding the specific song you’re looking for.
  4. Consider Pricing and Subscription: Some platforms offer free downloads, while others require a subscription or payment for premium content. Evaluate your budget and choose a platform that aligns with your financial preferences.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Opt for a platform with a user-friendly interface. This will make it easier for you to navigate, search for songs, and download them hassle-free.

By conducting a bit of research and considering these factors, you can find a reliable music download platform that meets your requirements. Once you’ve identified a platform that fits the bill, proceed to the next step to begin downloading your chosen song.


Step 3: Download and Install a Ringtone Maker App

After selecting a song and downloading it from a trusted music platform, the next step is to download and install a ringtone maker app on your device. A good ringtone maker app will allow you to easily edit and customize the song to create the perfect ringtone. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Research and Choose an App: Explore your device’s app store and search for ringtone maker apps. Read user reviews, check ratings, and consider the features each app offers. Look for an app that is compatible with your device’s operating system and has a user-friendly interface.
  2. Download and Install the App: Once you have selected the app of your choice, click on the download button and follow the instructions to install it on your device. Ensure that you grant all the necessary permissions required for the app to function properly.
  3. Open the App: Locate the newly installed ringtone maker app on your device and open it. Familiarize yourself with the app’s interface and its available editing options.
  4. Ensure Compatibility: Verify that the downloaded song from the music platform is compatible with the ringtone maker app. Most apps support popular audio file formats such as MP3, AAC, and WAV.

With the ringtone maker app installed on your device, you’re now ready to import the downloaded song and start editing it to create your personalized ringtone. This app will serve as a valuable tool in the upcoming steps, allowing you to trim the song and set the desired length for your ringtone.


Step 4: Import the Music File to the App

Now that you have the ringtone maker app installed on your device, it’s time to import the downloaded music file into the app. This will enable you to edit the song and transform it into a custom ringtone. Follow these steps to import the music file:

  1. Open the Ringtone Maker App: Locate the ringtone maker app on your device’s home screen and open it by tapping on its icon.
  2. Import the Music File: Look for an option in the app’s interface that allows you to import or add music files. Tap on this option and browse through your device’s storage to find the location of the downloaded song you want to use as a ringtone.
  3. Select the Music File: Once you’ve located the downloaded song, tap on it to select it. The app will then import the file, and you will see it displayed within the app’s interface.

By importing the music file into the ringtone maker app, you are now ready to proceed to the next step, where you will have the opportunity to edit the song and set the desired length for your ringtone. Stay tuned for the next section!


Step 5: Edit the Song and Set the Desired Length

With the music file imported into the ringtone maker app, you can now begin editing the song and setting the desired length for your ringtone. The app will provide you with various editing tools and options to customize your ringtone. Follow these steps to edit the song:

  1. Trim the Song: Look for the trimming or cutting tool in the app’s interface. This tool allows you to select the specific portion of the song you want to use as your ringtone. Drag the handles or input the start and end times to trim the song to your preferred section.
  2. Set the Desired Length: Decide the length of your ringtone. As mentioned earlier, shorter ringtone durations are generally recommended, with 30 seconds being an ideal length. Use the editing options provided by the app to adjust the song’s duration accordingly.
  3. Preview Your Ringtone: Before finalizing, take advantage of the preview feature to listen to how your edited ringtone sounds. This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it sounds perfect.
  4. Save Your Ringtone: Once you are satisfied with the edits and length of your ringtone, locate the option to save or export the file. The app may give you the choice to save it directly to your phone’s ringtone folder or offer other exporting methods.

By following these steps, you can easily edit the song, select the desired section, and set the perfect length for your ringtone. In the next step, we will guide you through the process of saving and exporting your edited ringtone.


Step 6: Save and Export the Edited Song

Once you have finished editing your ringtone to perfection, it’s time to save and export the final version of the song. Follow these steps to ensure that your personalized ringtone is ready to be set on your phone:

  1. Choose a Saving Option: Look for a saving or exporting option within the ringtone maker app. The app may offer multiple saving options, such as saving the ringtone directly to your phone’s ringtone folder or exporting it as a separate file.
  2. Name Your Ringtone: Give your ringtone a memorable name that reflects its content or the song it is derived from. This will make it easier to locate and identify among other files on your device.
  3. Select a Format: Choose the preferred file format for your ringtone. Common formats such as MP3 or M4R are widely compatible with most devices and operating systems.
  4. Save or Export the File: Tap the “Save” or “Export” button to initiate the process. Depending on the size of the ringtone and the app’s processing speed, the saving/exporting process may take a few seconds or longer.

Once the ringtone is saved or exported, you will have a final version of your personalized creation. The file will be ready to be set as your phone’s ringtone in the next step. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!


Step 7: Set the Ringtone on Your Phone

Now that you have your customized ringtone ready, the final step is to set it as the default ringtone on your phone. Follow these instructions based on your device’s operating system:

  1. Android: On most Android devices, go to the “Settings” menu and then select “Sound” or “Sound & notification.” Look for the option to change the ringtone and tap on it. You should be able to locate your customized ringtone within the list of available options. Select it, and your ringtone will be set.
  2. iOS: For iPhone or iPad users, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Sounds & Haptics” or “Sounds.” Look for the option to change the ringtone and tap on it. Your customized ringtone should appear under the “Ringtones” section. Select it, and your ringtone will be set.
  3. Other Platforms: The process may vary slightly for other platforms. However, the general steps involve accessing the device’s settings or sound-related options and selecting the option to change the ringtone. The customized ringtone should be available within the list of available options to choose from.

After setting your customized ringtone, test it by calling your phone from another device. If you hear your newly set ringtone, congratulations! You have successfully set your personalized ringtone.

It’s worth noting that you can also assign your customized ringtone to specific contacts, allowing you to identify who is calling without even looking at your phone. Explore your device’s settings to find this option and customize your ringtone experience further.

Enjoy the unique sounds of your personalized ringtone and let it reflect your style and personality every time your phone rings.



Customizing your phone’s ringtone can be a fun and creative way to make your device reflect your personality and style. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily download your favorite music, edit it, and set it as a personalized ringtone on your phone. Let’s recap the process:

In the first step, you chose the right song that resonates with you and captures your attention. Then, you found a reliable music download platform where you could legally obtain the song of your choice. Afterwards, you downloaded and installed a ringtone maker app, which became your tool of choice for editing the song.

In step four, you imported the music file into the ringtone maker app, allowing you to proceed to the exciting stage of editing the song and setting the desired length. Once satisfied with the edits, you saved and exported the file.

Finally, in step seven, you triumphantly set your newly created ringtone as the default sound on your phone. Now, every time your phone rings, you’ll hear a personalized melody that brings a touch of individuality to your device.

Remember, the process may vary slightly depending on your device’s operating system, but the overall steps are similar. Feel free to explore further customization options, such as assigning different ringtones to specific contacts, for a more personalized experience.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to download music as a ringtone, unleash your creativity and showcase your unique style through the sound of your phone. Enjoy the pleasure of hearing your favorite tunes every time someone reaches out to you!

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