PSN Wallet: How to Add Funds & Buy Games

What Is PSN Wallet

PlayStation Network (PSN) allows gamers to transfer funds to their accounts to purchase various paid games or even add gems or coins to their different gaming profiles. Nonetheless, it can be difficult for new gamers to figure out how to add funds, especially to the PSN wallet, when there are no available step-by-step solutions.


What Is the PSN Wallet

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PSN refers to PlayStation Network, a digital entertainment service developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Initially launched in 2006, PSN was created for the PlayStation console series. However, developers soon made the service available for tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices. As of 2019, PSN has more than 100 million active users.

The PSN Wallet allows them to purchase paid apps and various top-up gaming accounts that are made available via Sony’s PlayStation Store, an online marketplace that consolidates all PlayStation products for gaming, music, and movies. Gamers are then given the option to either purchase or rent various services. PSN is made available in about 73 territories.

Your PSN account is usable for the PS3, PS4, and the upcoming PlayStation 5.


Setting Up a PSN Wallet

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Setting up a PSN account is free. Every PSN gamer can simply sign up into the platform and begin browsing the different products and services available. Two kinds of accounts can be used, a master account and a sub-account.


Master Account

A master account permits full access to all the different PSN settings that include parental controls. The master account can, then, be used to create sub-accounts. Thus, parents who wish to make sub-accounts for their children can consist of various controls and restrictions.



Sub-accounts are given various restrictions, including access to different products that are deemed not suitable by the master account owner. Nonetheless, sub-account owners are given the option to upgrade their status as soon as they are 18 years old.

Account-holders are advised to utilize unique emails and create strong passwords that are not linked to other online platforms and services. This technique helps improve account security and lessen the prevalence of lost accounts due to malicious software and online theft.


Understanding Your Online ID

A user’s Online ID is also considered one’s username. It can be created with up to 16 characters consisting of alphabets, numbers, underscores, and hyphens. Your ID is an essential part of your PSN profile. It is also used when playing various games and using other services on PSN. If you aren’t satisfied with your ID, you are also given the option to modify it.

When creating your profile, you can further personalize it by including your real name and a brief description of yourself, uploading an avatar or profile picture, and identifying your spoken languages. Your PSN profile displays a summary of your Trophy levels as well as your recent activity. Your profile can be seen via the PlayStation website or the PSN user interface.


Adding Funds to Your PSN Wallet

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Once you have fully set up your PSN account, you can now access various games and services at the PlayStation Store. However, some of these games and services need to be purchased, but many of them are free. To gain access to various full-length games or download more content for your device, you need to add funds to your PSN Wallet.


How to Load PSN Wallet

You can quickly load funds to your PSN wallet via your user interface or your computer’s browser. Below are several steps that you need to make.


Via User Interface

  1. Log into your PlayStation account.
  2. Go to the Settings.
  3. Tap on Account Management (This also displays your profile avatar).
  4. Go to Account Information.
  5. Tap on Wallet.
  6. Once you reach your wallet, you can find various Payment Options.
  7. Create your default payment method.
  8. Now, you can add funds to your PSN wallet.


Via Your Computer’s Browser

  1. Search for the PlayStation Store (
  2. Log into your PlayStation account.
  3. You can also enter via the PlayStation Account Management Site.
  4. Find your account name’s dropdown menu and tap on Payment Management, which is located beside the dollar symbol.
  5. This will bring you to your Payment Settings.
  6. Now, you can check your account’s wallet balance.
  7. Click on your desired payment methods.
  8. Add funds to your PSN wallet.


How to Link Your Debit or Credit Cards

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Once you reach your accounts, Payment Options, or Payment Settings, you can check your PSN account’s wallet balance. Topping up your funds necessitates choosing your desired payment methods. Click on the Existing Debit/Credit Cards tab to fill in the details needed.

Among the accepted cards are the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Visa or Mastercard debit cards


Once your credit or debit card details are written down, you will be asked to verify them so that your card may be linked to your PSN account. Follow the instructions given to link your card to your PSN Wallet. Once confirmation is made, you can pay for various products and services at the store. Your card details are added to your PSN Wallet. Hence, you do not have to worry about having to enter the same information the next time you plan to top up your wallet via credit or debit card.

Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that you can always unlink, change, or delete your credit card details to prevent exposure to hackers, malware, and various glitches.


Other Methods

Aside from using your credit or debit cards to purchase items and services at the PlayStation Store, you can also add funds to your PlayStation account by using PayPal, Voucher Codes, and Gift Cards that are sold at participating retail outlets.



When using PayPal, link your PSN account to your PayPal account. Follow the given instructions on your PSN account and verify linking on both your PayPal and PSN accounts. You will be asked to confirm your details. Make sure that you allow access via your PayPal account.


PSN Codes

You can also top up your PSN wallet by purchasing Codes online. The PlayStation Store offers PSN Codes that you can easily purchase. Codes can be bought for a minimum of $5. A Voucher Code contains a unique combination of 12 alphanumeric digits that you enter into your PSN wallet, allowing you to purchase various items and services from the PlayStation Store.


PlayStation Gift Cards

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However, if you do not have any online credit or debit card, you can also visit participating retail outlets to purchase a PlayStation Gift Card. Similar to online Voucher Codes offered via the PlayStation Store, PSN Gift Cards contain a unique combination of 12 alphanumeric digits that you need to enter into your PSN wallet, which, then, permits you to purchase services and items from the PlayStation Store.

Again, it is essential to take note of the Voucher or Gift Card’s expiration date. Make sure also to use your Voucher Codes and Gift Cards before they expire.

To prevent misuse, the PlayStation Store does not give children and sub-accounts any PSN Wallet. Only master account holders have the said wallet in their accounts.

Also, funds that are funneled into your PSN Wallet cannot be refunded or returned to your credit or debit card. This can be read via the PlayStation Store Cancellation Policy.

Check out the PlayStation Store Gift Cards on Amazon to buy games and DLCs today.


Buying Games and Content Using Your PSN Wallet

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As soon as you successfully add funds to your PSN wallet by entering Voucher Codes, Gift Card codes, or linking your PSN account to your credit/debit cards or PayPal account, you get access to the different products and services available at the PlayStation Store. You can buy PS4 games and subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service.

Below are the different steps to purchasing games and other products at the Store.

  1. Click on the items you want.
  2. Tap on the Add to Cart option, which can be found on the Product Details screen.
  3. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
  4. On the Confirm to Purchase page, click on Add Funds.
  5. Select your desired Payment Method.


Managing Sub-Account Purchases

Because children and sub-accounts do not have any PSN Wallet, a master account owner that is linked to such sub-accounts can permit usage of their PSN Wallet. Master account owners can set spending limits for associated sub-accounts per month:

  1. Via the PlayStation Store Settings, go to Account Management.
  2. Click on Sub Account Management.


Managing Subscriptions

You can set automatic payments for your subscriptions as well. This is particularly important, especially for various online streaming services like music and movies. For continuous subscription to such services, you can add funds to your PSN Wallet from your credit/debit cards.

Renewal of such services usually occurs every month. However, you need to make sure that your linked cards have sufficient funds to ensure continuous top-ups. Automatic payments may not be available in your location, as well. You will need to contact your area’s technical support for more information regarding this feature.

One such subscription is the PlayStation Plus, service which you can learn more about by reading our beginner’s guide on PlayStation Plus.


Benefits of Topping up Your PSN Wallet

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Topping up your PSN wallet can be extremely beneficial because it permits you a continuous experience of the different items and services available via the PlayStation Store.


Continuous Coverage

Automatic payments are necessary for subscriptions to various PSN services like music and movie streaming. Linking your credit or debit card to your PSN Wallet offers added convenience since you do not have to add funds to your PSN Wallet manually.

Instead of funding your cards and your PSN Wallet separately, you can simply allow automatic payments so that you only need to monitor your credit or debit card funds. Consequently, you need to make sure that your cards have sufficient funds to cover your monthly PSN subscriptions.


Convenient Spending

Aside from continuous coverage of various PSN services, you are guaranteed convenient spending. Gamers can especially appreciate this feature because various games necessitate immediate top-ups to gain levels or purchase different in-game items.

Also, having ready funds in your PSN Wallet does not require you to visit any physical retail outlet, especially when you need to top up your funds during inconvenient moments (e.g., during the night, on vacation). You can simply log into your PlayStation Store account and purchase the products and services that you need.


Easy Sub-Account Purchases

Since children and sub-accounts do not have their PSN wallets, it is necessary to have enough funds to cover their desired purchases as well. Topping up your wallet permits you to give higher limits to your sub-accounts so that these accounts can also enjoy convenient access to various items and services that are available via the PlayStation Store.


Added Freebies

By directly adding funds to your PSN Wallet, you are eligible for different discounts and freebies. Purchasing higher Voucher Codes, for instance, allows you to save money.

Immediately topping up on subscriptions also allows you to have a more significant discount on your next top-up. In the long run, users get to save more money while enjoying uninterrupted gaming or streaming experience when they opt to top up their wallets regularly.


PlayStation Store Sales

PSN offers frequent discounts for various items and services, as well. Having enough funds in your PSN Wallet allows you to grab these products at significantly reduced prices during Store sales. There are instances, as well, when various PSN games offer surprise, short-lived discounts for different in-game items. Having ready funds permit you to purchase these items.


Paid Games and Other Services

Having zero or insufficient PSN Wallet funds prevents you from accessing PSN games and services. Although some of these apps and features are available partially, users need to purchase these apps and services to explore them fully. Most times, paid apps and services are undoubtedly better than their free counterparts. If you are an avid user or gamer, you may need to fully access these paid apps and services to enjoy the PlayStation Store experience.


Essential PlayStation Store Reminders

There are several essential reminders that PSN users need to know. To fully enjoy your PSN experience, it is best to bear these in mind.


Email and Password

The PlayStation Store requires users to create unique emails and passwords to access its many features. However, you need to bear in mind that you can easily forget these access details, primarily when you use several devices to access the Store. Remember to keep a note of these details so that you can access the Store anytime you want.


Malware and Hackers

The internet is full of malware and hackers that are merely waiting for a chance to steal your details or access your accounts. Keep in mind to regularly check your PSN account for any irregularities and immediately report them to your region’s technical support. Also, make it a habit to change or modify your password frequently. This prevents hackers and other malicious programs from stealing your information or even your money.


Voucher Codes and Gift Cards Expiry Date

Be sure to check the expiration date when purchasing Voucher Codes and Gift Cards via participating retail outlets. These cards and codes are merely valid for a given duration.


PSN Wallet Limits

Your PSN Wallet is limited to holding only up to $250. If your newly purchased Voucher Code or Gift Card plus your remaining wallet balance exceeds this limit, you can simply use your codes and cards after you use up your wallet balance. Again, make sure not to wait too long because these codes and cards are merely valid for a limited time.


PSN Service Subscriptions

Streaming services, for example, require you to top up your subscription regularly. If you are not enrolled in automated payments, remember to renew your subscriptions before they expire. This allows you to gain various discounts aside for continuous service coverage. Make sure that your PSN Wallet has sufficient funds for this.


Maximizing Your Experience

The PlayStation Store frequently offers games and other services at discounted prices for limited durations. You can further save money when you purchase these items during PSN Store sales.


Top Up Your PSN Wallet to Buy Games Today

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Indeed, users can fully maximize their PSN experience by topping up their PSN Wallets regularly. Aside from offering continuous coverage and purchase convenience, frequent top-ups allow access to a plethora of discounts and freebies that appear in the PlayStation Store. Not only has Sony made top-ups easier by allowing card and PayPal linking, but it has also enabled every member of the family to take advantage of the PSN’s perks. At the same time, the power remains in the hands of the adults in the family to manage what minors consume through the distinction of Master and Sub-Accounts.

Alongside the inevitably increased dependence on technology and the internet, users can conveniently access continuous enjoyment of various PSN services by simply topping up their PSN wallets via several methods.

PSN Wallet: How to Add Funds & Buy Games

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