How to Deactivate and Permanently Delete Your PSN Account

How To Delete PSN Account

Can we delete our PSN account? Yes. If you truly want to be rid of your PSN account, you can do so. However, the method is not obvious, especially if you haven’t tried it previously. With that said, here’s how to delete your PSN account and get rid of your data.


What Occurs After Erasing Your PSN Account?

Before you learn how to delete a PSN account, you may want to find out what happens afterward. What will occur when you remove your account?

Firstly, know that deleting your PSN account results in the account’s total shutdown. Thus, you can never retrieve any content you bought from the PlayStation store. Moreover, you may not transfer your purchased games and other content to other PlayStation network users.

In addition, you can no longer access your subscriptions, entitlements, or your PSN wallet. Be especially mindful of this last one because, according to Sony’s terms of service, you cannot get your wallet refunded. When it comes to games and other content, you’ll only get refunds according to PlayStation’s cancellation policy.

Therefore, you’ll lose everything associated with your PSN account when you delete it. You also cannot use your old online ID once more to create a new PSN account.

Finally, remember that learning how to delete a PSN account is different from erasing your PlayStation user account on a console. That’s because your PSN account is specifically tied to the PlayStation Network and your online wallet.

On the other hand, your user account works simply like a user profile for your local console. Deleting it won’t delete your PSN account, purchased games, or online wallet. It will only erase your local user’s save data, clips, and screenshots. Moreover, it will be removed as a primary account if it was one before.


How to Delete PSN Account

With that out of the way, you may be asking: how do I cancel my PSN account online? Learning how to delete a PSN account isn’t easy. That’s because the process is different from simply deleting regular accounts on your PlayStation console.

Fortunately, you can learn how to permanently delete a PSN account. However, it will take some time and a few attempts because Sony doesn’t make the process easy. Here’s how to delete

PSN account on a PC or Mac:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your PSN ID
  3. Press the “Support” dropdown and choose the “Support” icon
  4. Select “Account & Security”
  5. Choose “Account Management”
  6. Hit “Create, change & close account”
  7. Pick “Close an account”
  8. Press the “contact us” link
  9. Pick “Connectivity”
  10. Click “Internet connection”
  11. Scroll until you see the live chat option to talk to customer service
  12. Click “Live chat now”
  13. Provide your Sony account’s PlayStation Network Sign-in ID (email) and online ID when prompted
  14. Verify that you’re not a robot
  15. Press “Request Chat” on the blue bar
  16. Wait until you can talk to a customer support representative to delete your account


If you can’t seem to find a chat option, you can also contact Sony through the number they provide. You should find this under the “Internet connection” section. Simply make the call and ask Sony how to delete the PSN account.

Remember that the customer service personnel may ask you for your email and online ID. Keep these handy when you’re on the call to keep things quick and smooth.


How To Delete PSN Account Without Password

Learning how to delete a PSN account becomes more complicated if you’ve forgotten the password. However, as long as you have access to the right email inbox, it’s still possible:

  1. Open your PlayStation console
  2. Navigate to the “Sign In” area
  3. Key in your Sign-in ID/email address
  4. Choose “Forgot Password” by hitting the Triangle key on your controller
  5. Use the same email and press the “Send Email” option
    • Note: you should get an email to help you reset the password
  6. Open your email
  7. Pick “Change Password”
  8. Type in your birthday and new password
  9. Go back to your console and log into your account


If you can log in without problems, you can follow the steps of the previous section again. The only difference is this time, you’re logging into your account with the new password instead of the old one. However, the steps to follow to contact customer service personnel are the same.


Can You Delete Your Account on the Console?

Unfortunately, you cannot learn how to delete a PSN account on PS5 or PS4. That’s because the process is pretty much the same and will lead you back to calling or contacting customer service.

We’re not sure why but Sony has chosen to keep account deletion locked behind a complicated process. There is no button or link you can click to automatically delete your PSN account on your PS4 or PS5.


Can You Deactivate the Account on the App?

Learning how to delete PlayStation accounts on a phone is pretty much the same as it is on a computer. You simply head to the website on your phone’s browser to contact customer service via chat or phone call.

However, like on the console, you cannot learn how to delete a PSN account on your phone using the app. That’s because the feature is exclusively accessible through contacting PlayStation’s customer service.


How to Delete a User Account

If you mistook your PSN account for your user account, don’t worry. That’s because we can also tackle the process of deleting your user account below. The good thing about this process is it’s much easier than learning how to delete a PSN account. You can do it locally on almost any device.


On PS5

Unfortunately, you cannot learn how to delete a PSN account on PS5. However, if you aim to erase a single PS5 account from your console, you can easily accomplish that:

  1. Open the PS5 and close any game you’re playing
  2. Go to the main screen by pressing the PlayStation button and clicking the house icon
  3. Choose the “Settings” menu by hitting on the cog icon
  4. Press “Users and Accounts”
  5. Pick the “Users” tab on the left
  6. Select the garbage bin icon beside the PS5 account you wish to remove
  7. Confirm your action


Remember that deleting an account on a console will lead to data loss. Hence, whoever owns that account can no longer access their screenshots, clips, or saved data.


On PS4

Unfortunately, you can’t learn how to delete a PSN account on PS4. However, what you can do is erase a user account locally on the console. How do I permanently delete my PS4 account on a PS4 console? Check out this guide you can follow on the console itself:

  1. Open your PS4
  2. Navigate to the “Settings” (suitcase icon) menu
  3. Go to “Login Settings”
  4. Press “User Management”
  5. Click on “Delete” to delete your user account
  6. Choose “Yes” to confirm the action


Like on the PS5, deleting a PS4 account will result in the permanent loss of that user’s data. This includes all of the user’s screenshots, saved data, and clips.


Why Delete Your PSN Account?

There could be multiple motivations behind why you might wish to delete your PSN account on PS3, PS4, or PS5. For example, you may want to stop playing games completely and want to take up a different hobby. Deleting your PSN account signifies how serious you are about the decision, as it removes all your purchases and subscriptions.

On the other hand, you may want to delete your PSN account simply because of privacy issues. You may not want companies having access to your credit card or personal information so you’re deleting your account entirely.

Finally, you may simply be learning how to delete a PSN account because the account belongs to a deceased loved one. In this scenario, the process may be more complex because you’ll need access to that person’s email address.

Nonetheless, it’s a good way to close their account so their subscriptions are no longer valid. You can also simply leave the account dormant and wait until Sony deletes it. However, deleting it now may be the right thing to do to tie up loose ends related to the person.


When to Delete Your PSN Account

You can delete your PSN account anytime you think it’s necessary. For example, you may need to accomplish the task if you have a terminal illness and must settle your accounts now. You may also decide to do it if you’ve decided to live off-grid without technology.

Some people may also do it simply to reduce their digital footprint or protect their information. We also recommend doing so for other people after the person has passed away. Finally, you may have created the account long ago but are no longer using a PlayStation console. Therefore, you do not need your old PSN account.

These are all good reasons to delete your PSN account and we understand them perfectly. However, if you don’t have a justifiable reason to permanently delete your account, we don’t recommend doing so. After all, there’s no reason to delete your PSN account and waste all the money you’ve spent.

If you anticipate that you’ll be gone for a long period, deleting it still may not be the best choice. After all, you may come back one day and play your PS4 or PS5 again. In this situation, we suggest simply keeping your account active while you’re gone.

Try logging in and using the account from time to time to keep Sony from deactivating it. You can also get a friend or family member to maintain the account during your absence. Otherwise, you may not get your account, including the games and wallet tied to it, back.


Pros and Cons of Deleting a PSN Account

What are the benefits and drawbacks of deleting your account? Here are the consequences, both good and bad, that you may want to think through.


  • You don’t have to manage your account or keep it active just to retain its benefits
  • Deleting your account reduces your digital footprint
  • You no longer have to remember the password to your PSN account
  • Erasing your account means you can start a new account with fresh information and credentials


  • You’ll lose all your purchases, subscriptions, and games
  • PlayStation will not transfer your content to another account based on its policies
  • The PSN wallet is non-refundable so you’ll lose the money you saved inside
  • You cannot access any of your PSN account’s privileges
  • If you want a new account, you have to use a new ID to sign up



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Final Word

Learning how to delete a PSN account is tricky, especially because it isn’t as straightforward as deleting your social media profile. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a process you must be familiar with if you can justify the deletion. However, make sure to review all of the consequences so you’re prepared to deal with the aftermath of data loss.

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