Best Warframe Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Looking for the best Warframe guide for beginners?

If you are looking for the best free MMORPG games available today, you’ll get a lot of suggestions. One of the more consistent free games on the market is Warframe. Warframe is an action-based game that is still seeing success on both PC and consoles. Being a free online MMORPG, Warframe gets continuous updates as the players increase. With this, players looking for the best Warframe builds and guides available online. This is very helpful for beginners since they’ll have an immediate grasp of how the game plays in the long run. 

This guide will talk about the best Warframe skills, character tiers, and more. This is to help new players with picking a class that will favor their preferred playstyle. We’ll also discuss basic game mechanics such as consoles and different types of quests. We’ll also discuss a Warframe tier list for classes and explain their pros and cons. Let us now dive further into one of the top PC games today that is also available on consoles. 

We’ll be introducing the game and then venture forth in its lore.



What is Warframe?


Warframes are the instruments to batte the Grineer
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Some of you are curious about what Warframe is? Warframe is an MMORPG that places the focus on mobile suits of the same name. These frames have different classes and use within a party. In a way, Warframe is comparable with another PC gamer favorite, Destiny. Warframe allows players to go on missions along with friends. During these missions, players can get loot which includes weapons and upgrades. These mods or upgrades can improve your character or your weapons.

Warframe has also received a lot of support from its developers. The game got its conception in 2013 for PC and on consoles in later years. With 6 years under its belt, Warframe continues to receive updates. From new story elements, new frames, and maps. This is why it is important to look for Warframe guides on the internet. This is to allow new players the chance to dive in without any hiccups. Before, Warframe only had maps for missions but has since added more open-world maps. 

The game’s tagline “Ninjas Play For Fee” is an emphasis on its fast gameplay with a focus on movement. But, much like its competitors, there are also different classes of Warframes. Some focus on absorbing damage while others are more inclined to a support role. Managing your squad composition can lead to success or failure in this game. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and play the game for free!



Warframe Lore


Warframe lets you take control of a mobile but deadly character
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Before venturing further, we must talk about the game’s lore. Warframe is set in a world involving two of the game’s major factions. The Tenno and the Grineer, agents of order and chaos. One seeks to save all forms of creation while the other looks to destroy it. The Tenno are masters of the blade and firearms. Left in a state of stasis, these ancient warriors woke up from a call to save the galaxy. Grineer, are a race of conquerors. These vile beings are masters of cloning which took a toll on their race. Grineer’s experienced mutation and their horde won’t stop until they conquer everything. 





Warframe Gameplay
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Warframe is a free online game that blends melee and ranged combat. As a Tenno or Warframe, you will have access to a melee and ranged weapons. These weapons will be your primary way of defending yourself. Aside from combat, Warframe also has an emphasis on movement. But, you will also solve puzzles via the games’ hacking mechanic. Your character will be able to run, jump and even parkour their way out of obstacles. These skills will be crucial in determining the success of your missions. Speaking of missions, you can play solo, with friends, public and invite-only.

Public settings allow you to get matched-up with anyone on the server. Solo allows you to play on your own while friends allow you to play with people you know. If you want exclusivity, pick the invite-only function when playing.

Warframe has 21 different mission types that feature different objectives and goals. Your squad will have to work together to succeed or face defeat. These missions fall into two categories, PvE and PvP. PvE will see players confront hordes of computer-generated opponents as their main obstacle. PvP modes include arena and clan battles. This will test who has the Best Warframe squad. That it is great to know more about your chosen Warframe.

There are also special missions that give out more rewards. But, you will need a few items to access them.





Combat is fast and smooth
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Fast-paced movement and an emphasis on melee and ranged combat is the key to Warframe. Your Primary weapon can be anything you want. It can be a bow or a rifle that matches us well with your playstyle. Your secondary weapon is key as it will be the only one you can use when you nearing death. Melee weapons are your go-to paraphernalia when you are up-close. These weapons can deliver quick and steady damage when you are near your enemies. 

Mid-air movements can produce attacks that can help you distance yourself from enemies.

Your weapons are upgradeable through mods. These items will give your weapons bonus effects that can help in missions. This is the case when it comes to end-game missions and runs. Enemies will be tougher and having the correct bonuses can help a lot.

When you fall in battle, your frame will lie on the floor. But, you can still attack with your secondary weapon. Your companions should save you with enough time. Failure to do so will leave you incapacitated. 

Your Frame also has different skills that match well with your preferred playstyle. Controls are easy and function well in a fast-paced game.



Best Warframe For Your Playstyle


Frames move like ninjas, fast and agile
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Picking the best Warframe for your playstyle might be more complex than you think. At first, you will be able to pick from several Warframes that match well to a certain playstyle. At the start, you will be able to choose between three Warframes with different skills. 

Excalibur is the most balanced of the three Warframes available at the start. This Frame focuses on getting up-close with movement and melee attacks. This is the best Warframe to start with if you prefer dealing hits while being able to take it. Volt is the Warframe to pick if you prefer providing buffs while also using elements. 

Volt frames can destroy enemies and fire massive elemental Warframe damage. The four main Warframe elements are Cold, Electricity, Heat and Toxin. These elements mimic ice, electricity, fire, and poison. 

Mag is the final entry-level Warframe that you can choose. If you like to control enemies through energy manipulation and debuffs, this is the way to go. This is the best Warframe by design for people who want crowd control abilities. 

To unlock new Frames, you must have a Blueprint that you can buy in the Market. Then you need the parts to build the new frame as well as an extra slot for the frame. 

Many other frames fall on many tiers depending on their capabilities. There are many tiers that we’ll get to in a few moments. Some Warframes have Prime versions that are powerful and carry a different look.



Tiers for Best Warframe Classes


Warframe has multiple mission types and modes
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Like in most free online games, there are differing opinions on classes. In Warframe’s case, it revolves around what are the best frames in-game. Everyone wants to know what is the best Warframe to use for a specific role in missions? Frames such as Octavia, Nova, and Rhino are consistent as top picks for the best ones to get. These Frames are the best when it comes to their roles. Whether firing massive DPS or tanking damage, these Warframes are the best.

One of the Frames that you can get at the start is also one of the best in the game. Excalibur’s balance as a character works well, especially during the endgame. This Frame is a solid pick if you want a character that can do it all.

Aside from top-tiers, there are also a lot of frames that are stuck in the middle. These frames serve their purpose but not as good as the top ones. Then, you also have a few Frames that are in the low-tier. Frames that belong to this list need buffs to be useable. Some of these low-tier frames include Nekros, Atlas, Wukong, and Titania.



Best Warframe Tips For Beginners


Warframe has different Worlds that you can visit
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After discussing the lore, gameplay, and frames. Let us now talk about basic tips & tricks for beginners.

First, you should invest in your weapon for better results. Getting mastery over your weapon and making upgrades work wonders. There will be better weapons to replace your first ones so do not get too attached to them. Remember to also make the most of Mods especially when you’re in the endgame. The bonus effects of these Mods can make you the best Warframe on the battlefield.

Then, when picking a new frame, make sure that the skills favor your playstyle. Unless you are planning to learn a new role, it is better to get the frame that you’ll be comfortable with. 

Next, if you can spend on offers and Prime Warframes then go for it. But, wait until you reach the endgame before considering this option. You don’t want to splurge on 

If you have friends that play Warframe, the better. You’ll have better communication as you know each other. Having a good gaming headset is a big help as well. This allows clear communication among your team.



Final Word


Looking for the best Warframe guide for beginners?
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Warframe is one of the best free MMORPGs in the market today. Mixing high-speed action with loot mechanics and fun game modes. Beginners can dive in and level up their Frames to get better weapons and mods. Then, once you’ve mastered a playstyle, it is now time to invest in the Best Warframe available. Warframe is available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Play this game now for free! Warframe also has an app for both iOS and Android devices that lets you do more while being away.

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