22 Games Like Destiny for Lovers of Looter Titles

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The onset of looter games came with Diablo, improved by Borderlands, and pretty much maximized by Destiny. Destiny’s release meant a lot of things, the most apparent being that looter games, specifically looter shooters, will always be good vibes. After all, we all want to see the loot fountains flow. Still, for those that don’t want to play Destiny for a bit of time, or are waiting for new expansions, here are 22 games that are like Destiny for looter fans. First though, what’s Destiny?


What Is Destiny?


The Destiny series is a multiplayer FPS game created and published by Bungie. Back then, it was published by Activision but creative differences made Bungie reclaim its rights to publish the game. The first Destiny game was released worldwide back in 2014 and has 4 expansions: House of Wolves, The Taken King, The Dark Below, and Rise of Iron.

After that is Destiny 2, released for the PS4 and Xbox 1 in September of 2017, and a PC version coming out a month later. In addition, a Free-to-Play title named Destiny 2: New Light was released in October 2019, and Next-gen compatibility was then done in November 2020.

Destiny 2 would be Bungie’s game of choice for the next few years and has undergone several overhauls and expansions in its time. The game’s base campaign has been vaulted alongside a few others. Still, it’s a pretty cool game all told and has 6 total expansions: Curse of Osiris, Warmind, Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen. There are also going to be two expansions coming out in 2023 and 2024 called Lightfall and The Final Shape. Meaning there’s more Destiny content to come for fans of the game.

Ever since its release, Destiny 2 has remained one of the biggest online looter shooter games out there. To be fair, it’s one of the only online looter shooter games out there, but you get the drift.

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22 Games Similar to Destiny

games like destiny
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Here are 22 games that look and play like Destiny. However, not all of these games share all elements present in Destiny. However, they all emphasize the absurd amount of it in-game. If you like destiny, you might like to try these games out.


1. Borderlands Series


Any mention of games that play like Destiny should include the Borderlands series. They’re practically tailor-made to be loot bonanzas after all, and the game didn’t change much. You have 4 characters, each with unique abilities, that go to the planet of Pandora to find treasure and wreck shit up. Pretty simple stuff.

However, the main thing that makes the Borderlands series so fun is the fact that there are guns, weapons, and gear everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Destiny may have been one of the premiere looter shooters in the current era, but Borderlands is one of the biggest games on this list that’s like Destiny. With the one exception that it’s not an MMO. Hell, it could even be said that the Borderlands games inspired Destiny. After all, Borderlands 1 came first.

In addition to all this, Borderlands also supports multiplayer with up to 4 people. This is pretty nuts by the way, as the game gets even more chaotic and utterly bonkers, with abilities and gunfire firing everywhere.

But we digress, if you want to have a pretty awesome yet chill single-player experience or the absolute chaos that is multiplayer, try Borderlands. The game’s fun as all get out and very accessible if you want multiplayer, just get 3 other friends on the same server and have a blast, no muss, and no fuss. Well, except for Borderlands 1, but that’s because few people play that game right now. Still, it’s a simple matter to host a public game for players to join in.

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2. Warframe


Next on the list of games like Destiny is Warframe. Why? Because among all the games in this list that are like Destiny? Warframe’s practically a Destiny Clone except with Space Ninjas. Its set in the far future, with Humanity joining forces with the Orokin Empire which led them to a golden age. However, a war against the Sentinels utterly destroyed the two empires, even with the Tenno and the Orokin’s powerful Warframes in the picture.

Fast forward a few years into the future and the Grineer are conquering and crushing what remains of resistance in the Solar System. Their science maintains a veritable flood of destructive, degenerating clone armies. With Humanity pushed to the brink, the Tenno arise once more, led by the secretive Lotus. It’s now the Tenno’s job to unite their scattered group, save Humanity and the Solar System from the brink of conquest, and finally do what they’re meant to do, lead the system to peace.

Warframe has a metric ton of similarities to Destiny. It is a game that’s like Destiny in every way in terms of overall gameplay. However, there are a lot of differences as well. For one, it’s a third-person shooter with a lot of melee combat based on what the player is using. Warframe is also different in terms of classes. Destiny 2 has three main classes each with four subclasses, offering a total of 12 main playstyles in total. Warframe, on the other hand, has 35 different Warframes divided into 17 classes, each with its playstyles and abilities.

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3. Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2


Next is Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2, which isn’t an MMORPG, but is still a Looter Shooter. To be fair, we can’t put that many MMORPGs on this list because if we do, it’ll be a different article altogether. After all, we’re talking about what games are like Destiny 2, which means we need to look for games that have mostly similar gameplay in terms of either shooters, looters, or both.

But we digress, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 happens a few months after the first Division and everything’s gone to hell. The city of New York’s now secured after Joint Task Force and Division agents scoured the city. Now though, Washington’s the one under attack, and it’s up to the Division once again to save the city. That’s pretty much the game’s plot, and after that, it’s just third-person shooting all day, every day with loot-based mechanics spicing up the gameplay. Specifically, guns, bulletproof armor, and other important things that an agent needs to fight off an entire army.

Overall, The Division 2 is a good entry to the Division Series and is also a good third-person looter shooter. Next up, let’s look at Enter the Gungeon.

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4. Enter the Gungeon


Next is Enter the Gungeon, a run and gun bullet hell roguelike looter that puts players on the titular Gungeon to get the “Gun that kills the Past.” Yes, this gun does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows the user to kill their past to change it. To do this though, they need to brave the Gungeon and all the gun-related monsters that are inside.

Enter the Gungeon is a pretty unique game on this list because the roguelike aspect is the main draw, not the looter aspect. Don’t get us wrong, there’s still a lot of loot to be had on Enter the Gungeon, specifically currency and some chests that give gun drops. However, the main draw of the game is the gameplay. It’s a frenetic pace and surprisingly demanding. The player is constantly moving around the combat arena, firing their guns until empty and then reloading.

However, guns aren’t the only things players can find, several power-ups completely change the way the player does combat. Some of them have synergies with guns that can do pretty nasty things to the Gungeoneer’s enemies. Overall, Enter the Gungeon is a great game that has awesome visuals, engaging gameplay, and a pretty cool loot randomized loot and level system. Kinda like Destiny in some regards.

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5. Necromunda: Hired Gun


For those that want a taste of the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, we have Necromunda: Hired Gun. A first-person shooter created by Streum On Studio based on the Warhammer 40K franchise. The game is set on Necromunda, a Hive World with… Let’s just say a less than stellar reputation. Gangers are everywhere, there are cultists in the bowels of cities, and it’s generally a pretty bad place overall. I mean, the entirety of Warhammer 40K is a pretty bad place overall but Necromunda is one of the worse ones.

Anyhow, players take control of a bounty hunter tasked with investigating some of the gangs in Necromunda. Along the way, they’re going to fight gangers, cultists, and a few other stuff that are bad for the Imperium. To help with this, players can find cool stuff like money, better gear, and harder-hitting weapons. These range from grav guns, lasrifles, Heavy Stubbers, and even Bolters. There are a lot of guns in Necromunda for players to enjoy, and the drops each have their uses as well. Making this game one of the better looter games like Destiny.

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6. Lost Ark


Another MMO looter game is Lost Ark, which is a shoo-in for this list due to its loot fountains being similar in scope. It might even surpass Destiny in that regard. It’s also one of the more popular MMORPGs on this list, with Final Fantasy XIV being more popular. Like other MMOs, Lost Ark offers players a world with enemies to kill, environments to explore, and quests to fulfill. What makes it a more popular MMO however, is the fusion of JRPG aesthetics in addition to traditional Western MMO traditions. This creates a game that’s very different or at least feels different, to a lot of gamers from the west.

In terms of Combat, Lost Ark is like a modern version of Diablo II, with an addition of more loot fountains. It’s pretty similar all told, but the classes are way different, and more numerous. They also tend to be pretty over the top, with various finishing moves and awesome visuals with every skill prompt.

This was pretty popular among JRPGs as well, with a lot of JRPG games having cool visual spectacles every time special skills are activated. Think Final Fantasy and the Meteor Black Magic spell for example. Nothing is more overpowered than flinging a giant meteor to your enemies after all, and it shows. This is evident on Lost Ark as well, making it one of the more visually arresting MMO Looters that are on this list. It’s also a fitting one to boot.


7. Deep Rock Galactic


Next on the list is Deep Rock Galactic, a game that puts players in the shoes of space dwarves. Yes, this is a thing, and it’s pretty damn awesome. The dwarves go around their area of space and start mining the various planets they come across. However, they also need to fight against the various creatures that they encounter.

Deep Rock Galactic’s kinda like Lord of the Rings, in Space if we’re being honest? But with the addition of a metric ton of capitalism and a bit of dystopia to garnish. If you’re not seeing what we’re talking about here, think Lord of the Rings dwarves combined with an unholy mix of Borderlands and Bioshock. Then you have a good idea of what Deep Rock Galactic is.

The gameplay is going to be different compared to Destiny, that’s no question. However, the fact that you’re fighting against aliens with a team on multiplayer or solo on a single player is the reason why it’s on the list. There’s also the fact that Deep Rock Galactic allows players to customize their characters, and has several classes to choose from for extra gameplay customization. There’s also a hub area for players to chill with that has some things players can do including mini-games. All in all, Deep Rock Galactic’s a pretty charming entry on this list and one that has a lot of positive things going for it.

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8. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands


Next is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which is a spinoff of the Borderlands series centered around Tiny Tina’s board game DLC. Specifically, Gearbox’s super popular Assault On Dragon Keep. That DLC was so beloved by the fanbase, that Gearbox straight-up made a full game out of it. Judging from the number of people enjoying the game, it’s a pretty good idea.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is basically what happens if you combine Borderlands with Dungeons and Dragons. Magic, guns, and shenanigans abound as loot fountains erupt everywhere every time a player kills a boss. Overall, it’s a fun time to be had and a cool spinoff of the Borderlands series. This is in addition to being a cool 4-player multiplayer alternative to Destiny, meaning it’s double the pleasure and fun.

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9. Torchlight Series


Next on the list is the Torchlight series, which is technically a Diablo clone. However, the fact that there are loot fountains galore every time enemies die is the main reason for adding it to the list. The game series only has 3 games overall, with Torchlight 1 not having any multiplayer components which drew criticism. It was only until Torchlight 2 came out that they added multiplayer co-op and the game flourished as a result.

Gameplay-wise, the Torchlight game series is pretty similar to Diablo, with a similar-enough UI and a focus on increasing character power. For a Diablo clone, it’s a pretty good one, and the looter elements in it are similar enough to Destiny’s that it made this list.

Overall, if you’re looking for an interesting experience in an isometric hack and slash looter game, get the Torchlight series. They’re well worth the money.

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10. Minecraft Dungeons


Next is Minecraft Dungeons, another isometric 3D dungeon looter game based on Minecraft. It’s a pretty simple game, all told. It’s just a standard dungeon looter in the Minecraft world, but the additional lore, cool story, the fact that the players can use the souls of their enemies as currency? Yeah, this game’s pretty nuts and is the reason why it’s on the list for games like Destiny in terms of being looter games.

On Minecraft Dungeons, the player is an adventurer who journeyed the land after the Arch Illager rose to power. Their goal is to stop whatever nefarious plans the Arch Illager has while rescuing the civilians they come across. Pretty standard stuff all told, but the isometric looter gameplay still shines here, and surprisingly, Mojang made a very good isometric looter action RPG. It even has multiplayer elements as well, with up to 4 players playing on one gameplay campaign.

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11. Risk of Rain 2


Risk of Rain 2 is another different game on this list. Specifically, it’s similar to Enter the Gungeon in that it’s a Roguelike game with looter elements that players can use to power up their characters. Pretty standard stuff all told. However, the sheer amount of shenanigans that Risk of Rain 2 gives to players with the various powerups it has available is the real draw of the game. Players can do stuff like 1-shot bosses with tons of HP, dodging several projectiles in all directions without taking damage.

The roguelike aspect of Risk of Rain 2 also helps it stand out as well, as the items players get on each run are random and the map layouts can change bit by bit. This adds to a lot of replay value, as with each run, the player gets more experienced at the game, in addition to always finding something new to control and use. Lastly, the game’s various characters also feel unique and have their niche playstyles which translate to a lot of awesome builds popping out.

All in all, Risk of Rain 2 is yet another option for players that want to see loot everywhere. It’s not similar to Destiny 2, per se, but it has its charms.

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12. Grim Dawn


Another game on this list that has loot fountains galore is Grim Dawn. This is another Isometric Dungeon Looter RPG created by Crate Entertainment back in 2016. The game’s inspiration is pretty apparent, with the various mechanics and loot drops being clear to see. What makes it different is that it’s set in an era based loosely on the real world’s Victorian Era. This means tall hats, flintlock guns, and old-timey honor speeches.

The player is placed on Cairn, a world torn by a war between the Aetherials and the Cthonians. The Aetherials want to use humanity as a sort of meat puppet for their goals, while the Cthonians want to destroy humanity so it doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, Humanity is stuck in the middle, and it’s not going well for them.

Eventually, though, the Aetherials and Cthonians managed to weaken each other. Meanwhile, the surviving humans now have new abilities thanks to the clashing of the two other races to attempt to strike back. Your character is one of those people, when the Aetherial possessing them fled from their body, at the cost of their memories. Pretty gnarly stuff, but the world is interesting, the lore is nice, and there are a lot of enemies to kill and loot. So Grim Dawn makes it to this list.

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13. Remnant: From the Ashes


Another good Looter game is Remnant: From the Ashes. What’s cool about this game is that it not only takes inspiration from other looter shooters but Souls games as well. It’s set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where the Root, an alien race, managed to wipe out most of humanity. The humans needed to go to various havens established by other humans to survive. However, these havens tend to be overrun pretty quickly by the Root.

The player controls the Survivor, a human that washed in close vicinity to Ward 13, a human sanctuary. The Survivor then assists Ward 13 in surviving the post-apocalyptic world, in addition to finding out a few things about their homeland’s previous champion.

Overall, think of Remnant: From the Ashes as a third-person looter shooter combined with Souls elements. With an additional sprinkling of Roguelike and 3-Person multiplayer. It’s surprisingly fun, all told, and has several DLCs for players to chew on.

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14. Divinity: Original Sin


Next on this list is Divinity: Original Sin 2, an isometric Turn-based RPG game created by Larian Studios. The game can be played on either multiplayer or single-player, with Multiplayer supporting 4 players on one playthrough.

Set in the world of Rivellon, players play the role of Sourcerers. Individuals who can manipulate the Source to use spells and increase their capabilities. Unfortunately for everyone else though, there’s a possible risk of summoning eldritch abominations from another dimension. Thus, Sourcerers are sent to the fortress island of Fort Joy to be… interred until the day they die. Luckily for the player though, the ship they’re on is attacked by a Kraken and they were saved by a mysterious voice.

After that, players now begin their jaunt around the world of Divinity: Original Sin 2. The world is the player’s oyster here, and anything can be done if it advances the player’s goals as well as the game’s story. There’s even a lot of cool loot to be found if certain actions are done. Overall, very underrated game and a hidden gem for players that like both RPGs with story and loot.

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15. Path of Exile


Path of Exile is usually the game players point to if they want to go for an alternative to the Diablo series, and it shows. It’s more flexible, has a literal galaxy of depth to it, and has more mechanics than you can throw at. The skill tree for passives alone is enough to make a normal gamer’s head spin. However, because of the high depth players can create a whole lot of build options for their characters. The number of skills they can use to experiment for synergies is one of the biggest draws for the game overall. In addition to this, the loot fountains are still very plentiful, with gold items shooting up to the air when a high leveled boss is defeated.

In addition to all this though is the Challenge League system, where the developers add new mechanics for players to test. Once testing is done and players are satisfied with a certain system or mechanic, it’s then added into Path of Exile proper. This allows players to have a lot of leeway in how the game is played, which is another cool aspect of Path of Exile.

It’s a really big departure from the usual Looter game like Destiny, but it’s a welcome departure nonetheless. The game also puts a lot of emphasis on modifying, augmenting, and crafting gear to progress in power. Endgame-wise, Path of Exile also slaps, with great bosses to kill, awesome loot to get, and overall, being a rewarding experience. The fact that it’s still getting updates even though it’s been almost a decade since its release is also a massive plus.

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16. Monster Hunter World


Next on this list is the Monster Hunter series, which is pretty much a simulator for wildlife removal, but we digress. The core gameplay loop for the games is pretty simple: Players use the various monster loot parts they obtained from doing quests defeating monsters and gathering resources to create better equipment. They then use their better equipment to defeat stronger, more dangerous monsters, and then they use their loot parts to make better equipment. Repeat ad nauseam until you’re wearing the skin of an Elder Dragon while using several weapons made from the spine of a Fatalis.

Monster Hunter: World takes this gameplay loop up to 11, makes it crossplay on both PC and PlayStation, and improves a lot of stuff. Specifically, improving monster AI, multiplayer, and the game’s environments. There are 14 weapon types with unique features and attack moves, making combat unique and satisfying. Combine this with the sheer breadth of the game’s world, and the amount of stuff to do both on Single and Multiplayer? Yeah, this game’s a real gem with a satisfying gameplay loop for fans of looters.

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17. Nioh 1 and 2


Another entry on this list is Nioh 1 and 2, which is a bit of a weird thing since Nioh was inspired by the Souls Series. However, the added addition of a loot-based system, as well as a constant rise to becoming stronger through items and equipment, places the series on this list. The Nioh Series is centered on a mythical version of historical Japan. Specifically, right after the Sengoku Jidai with Toyotomi Hideyoshi just coming out into power.

The player on Nioh 1 controls William Adams, whose spirit companion Saoirse was taken from him by Edward Kelley. William travels to Japan in pursuit of Edward, before getting embroiled in the conflicts of the era. With the added spice of various Yokai running amok due to the presence of Amrita.

Meanwhile, Nioh 2 is a bit weird in the sense that it’s both a prequel and a sequel to the first Nioh game. Specifically, there are mentions of characters from the first game and that there’s a part of Nioh 2 that takes place a few years after Nioh 1. Still, same thing: Japan is infested by Yokai, the player’s job to do something about it, et cetera.

The thing that sets this apart from other Soulslike titles though is the loot and combat system. The player has several weapon types that they can use to fight. Each of them has 4 different movesets based on the player’s current stance, and there’s also a tier system for weapons and other equipment. This means that the Nioh series is a weird but effective combination of looter games and Soulslike games, and we’re all in for it.

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18. Fallout Series


The next entries on our games like Destiny list both come from Bethesda, and by this point, you already know what we’re talking about here. The first game series we’ll put on this list is the Fallout Series, and it’s obvious why. Barring the current Fallout 76, the Fallout games have a lot of great stuff in them for players to kill and loot.

Each of the Fallout games transpires in different parts of the USA after the Great War. New Vegas takes place on the Mojave wasteland, Fallout 4 happens in the Commonwealth consisting of Boston, Massachusetts, and others. Fallout 3 is set on the East Coast, et cetera. All of these games are good with a lot of great loot to obtain and enemies to kill.

Overall, if you’re planning on playing the Fallout games, go ahead. They’re really good and have nice stories and narratives, especially New Vegas and Fallout 3.

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19. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Next is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, because of how influential it is on Western RPGs. In addition to the sheer amount of loot variety. Elder Scrolls V transpires from the northernmost province of  Skyrim. 200 years after the events of Oblivion, the World-Eater Alduin returns to finally end the world. Unless the Dragonborn, a human with the soul of a dragon, doesn’t get in the way.

If we’re being honest here, Skyrim’s story isn’t that different in comparison to others. What makes Skyrim unique is the fact that the world feels lived in, at least in most of the towns. However, there are some occasions when the player will find traveling merchants on the roads. Maybe a hagraven or five on the forests, or bandits in roads waiting for a quick mark. Combine this with the occasional flying dragon and a touch of eldritch with the Daedra and you’re good to go.

In short, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a 10/10 action/adventure looter game, would recommend. Combined with the fact that Skyrim can be modded into whatever the player wants and you’re pretty much golden in a lot of regards.

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20. Chronicon


Next on this list is Chronicon, a hack and slash, loot action RPG that stayed in Early Access on Steam for quite a while now. Specifically, at least 5 years. The game was fully released back in August of 2020 to the delight of those that were playing the Early Access.

Anyhow, Chronicon takes place in a world where the last evil is defeated, the last chest is opened, and the last quest has been done. Taken like this, it’s going to be a pretty boring game, yes? After all, if there’s no evil to slay, no quests to do, what’s the point? Well, that’s where the Chronicon comes in, which stores the memories of heroes long past. For those chosen, the Chronicon can open a portal into those very memories, reliving the old tales of years past.

Chronicon’s story is pretty interesting all told, and the game’s pretty fun even though it’s bad in terms of graphics and looks. If the player sees past the PixelArt graphics and finishes the campaign, they’ll find the endgame immensely satisfying. It’s the best of looter games with loot fountains combined with a whole lot of depth. Chronicon is for gamers that just want to have a bit of fun for a good hot hour or three. Kinda like Destiny, in this case, though with less graphical shenanigans.

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Next on this list is EVERSPACE 2, which is a single-player spaceship shooter with looter elements. Yes, this is a thing, and by God is it great. It’s still on Early Access right now, and there are will be more additions. Specifically, the game is planning to add more solar systems, more loot, and in general, more EVERSPACE.

The player’s main focus currently on EVERSPACE 2 is to explore the stars with their spaceship. Along the way, they’ll find better spaceships, loot, and items that they can use to get better stuff overall. They’ll also have to fight a lot of enemy spaceships as well, with the combat system very fleshed out with a lot of weapons at the player’s disposal. Do note that they can only equip a few of them at a time though.

Anyhow, EVERSPACE 2 is a great game to get right now even though it’s in Early Access. If you’re a fan of space combat at all, then getting EVERSPACE 2 is a great idea.

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22. Darksiders 2


Last on our list of games like Destiny, is Darksiders 2. It is third-person hack and slash action/adventure loot game. This game lets you play as Death, brother of War from the previous entry. Death’s main goal is to restore Humanity, which just went extinct after the Endwar was triggered accidentally. To do this, Death has to go to other worlds to find the Well of Souls, which has the power to restore Mankind. Well, after a few hundred, maybe a thousand years.

To do this, Death has a variety of weapons and abilities at his disposal. Darksiders 2 has way more mechanics compared to the original game, with Death having a primary scythe weapon and a secondary weapon of his choosing. The secondary weapons consist of light and heavy weapons, which do exactly what they say on the tin. Anyhow, Death has the standard stuff that the 4 Horsemen can do. An example of this is having a Super Mode. This turns Death into a giant grim reaper to do more damage.

Overall, if you’re looking for a single-player hack and slash game with additional looter elements, get Darksiders 2. It’s great, has a good story, and offers a good challenge to adrenaline junkies out there.

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Why Should You Play Games Like Destiny?

Looter games bring out both the best and worst in people. After all, no one’s going to say no to all the cool gold/purple-colored items due to our nature to want valuable stuff. What makes Looter games great though is the journey to get these items. After all, nothing’s more satisfying than getting the really good stuff after you’ve defeated 10 Demon Lords. That is in addition to the main villain and the Secret Boss that’s found only after a convoluted questline involving mushrooms.

All told, these games are best played either by yourself or with a friend you have an understanding with. Don’t play with people you don’t like, that way lies sadness and lots of PvP. Try out these games like Destiny and enjoy playing all the loot you can get

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