40 Best Camping Electronics and Gadgets to Buy for Outdoor Lovers

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The best camping electronics can help you enjoy the great outdoors without having to forego some creature comforts. These devices can help you accomplish various things, from lighting up your tent to helping you get rescued in an emergency. Let’s look at the different categories of gadgets, their purpose, and the selection of the best devices.


40 Best Camping Electronics to Buy Today

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Camping is the ultimate way to escape the tribulations and distractions of modern life. But unless you’re camping to learn some survival skills, you probably don’t want to go into the wilderness without a few basic creature comforts. Suppose your whole point is to get some much-needed rest. In that case, there is plenty of modern, innovative, and lightweight gear that you can make your camping experience safer and more comfortable.

Some inherent risks come with spending time out in the wilderness, and you must be prepared for what conditions and the local terrain will throw at you. Depending on how extreme the conditions are, having the right gear might save your life when it comes to an emergency.

That said, we’ve compiled a list of the best electronics to take with you while camping out in the wilderness. This list covers a range of potential needs, from essential lighting to full-blown emergency scenarios.


Camp Light

Of course, a camping trip wouldn’t be complete without a campfire, but even a camping fire can only do so much. For starters, a campfire is unreliable because a strong wind or rain can blow it out. It is also stationary, which means you can’t use it to navigate to and around your camp if you want to walk around in the dark. With this in mind, we highly recommend investing in a good camping lantern for outdoor adventures.


The Klein 56403 LED light is a portable LED light and one of the best camping electronics you can buy. The device has a flat, rectangular LED light encased in a durable plastic casing and supported at the base by a rectangular plastic stand. Both parts of the lantern are rotatable; the head can rotate 360 degrees while the kickstand rotates 270 degrees.

The light consists of ten smaller circular buttons with adjustable lighting intensity that can last 9 hours for 460 Lumens and 16 hours for 175 Lumens. Additionally, the device features a battery gauge that displays battery power in 25 percent increments.

The device can charge smartphones and devices via a USB-A port on the right-hand side of the head of the device. The device also charges via a Micro-USB cord included in the kit. The port plugs directly into one of the ports on the side of the device.

The device is also highly durable as it has passed the six-foot drop test and is IP54 water and dust-resistant.


The Goal Torch 500 Multi-Use Light is a rectangular-shaped lantern with a hexagonally-shaped base and an elongated front containing the LED light. The LED light itself has three light nodes, which collectively emit 500 Lumens of bright light.

The device features multiple light options ranging from an intense, concentrated spotlight lighting style to an evenly distributed, mellow, floodlight lighting style. Each lighting style has additional options for managing light intensity, including low, medium, or high.

The device has a 5200MAh battery that is rechargeable either through a built-in solar panel or a USB-C input port that charges from any USB source. The battery can store enough power to charge additional devices like your mobile phone and headlamp multiple times through a USB charging port. Either charging option will charge the device fully within four hours.

Additionally, the device has an IP67 rating that ensures protection against particle-based elements, and it’s also waterproof when submerged in up to 1 meter of water for at least 30 minutes.


The AYL Starlight camping lantern is an affordable and reliable lantern and one of the best camping electronics you can take with you to the wilderness.

The device has a blender-like form factor, with a round LED light top and a rubberized plastic base containing a control know and USB port for charging the device. The device features two metal handles located on opposite sides of the LED light base for an easier grip on either side of the lantern.

The device also has a removable convex reflector cap that can rotate a total of 360 degrees. You can easily remove the cap to get more focused lighting. Located at the base is a small hook that you can use to secure the lantern on top of any surface.

Illumination-wise, the lantern delivers an overall output of over 600 lumens, guaranteeing extra clear lighting quality. The lantern also comes with controls for controlling the intensity of light that you get: low, medium, or flashing strobe. The lantern also features a green light indicator at the base, which helps you find the lantern in the dark.



Likely one of the greatest modern-day inventions of all time, the humble flashlight is also an essential camping tool for various reasons. Flashlights are very portable, so you can easily take them wherever you go, and they also offer a focused light that you can point in any direction.

These two traits make a flashlight great for navigating in the dark and looking for objects in the dark. A flashlight can also help signal for help when you get lost and help you ward off animals. With this in mind, may we present you with a selection of flashlights you can rely on during a camping trip.


The GEAR Light LED flashlight is a tactical flashlight and one of the best camping electronics. The flashlight is helpful for both urban and rural environments, camping, navigating the city, or as part of a home emergency kit.

The flashlight measures only ‎7.5 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches, making it very lightweight and easy to pack into backpacks, glove compartments, and camping rucksacks. The outer casing of the flashlight is made up of military-grade aluminum that is water-resistant and drop-proof by about 10 meters.

This flashlight emits ultra-bright spotlight-type light that is very good for finding your way or looking for objects at night. The device runs on four AA batteries, which is a little more than you might expect for an ordinary flashlight. However, that may be an advantage power-wise since it will allow the light to last longer.


The LED tactical flashlight from VONT is another versatile option that works well both in the wilderness and the city. The company claims that this flashlight is being used by the U.S. Special forces and is also highly popular among hikers and trekkers.

The tactical component of the flashlight has to do with its aluminum casing, which gives it a water-resistant and fall-resistant quality. The device emits bright light of up to 400 Lumens and has a beam length of about 60 meters.

There are a variety of lighting styles to choose from, including a spotlight, floodlight, strobe light, and SOS light for emergencies. The beam width is also dully adjustable.

The flashlight also promises to make the most out of the AA batteries you put in and can deliver up to 20,000 hours of LED light power.


Other than camping, there are other fun activities that you can do in the wilderness, and that include exploring caves and historical locations. However, some of these activities can be hard to do with a flashlight in hand, so you may want to use a headlamp instead.

A headlamp is nothing more than a flashlight mounted on your forehead with a strap, and it’s explicitly designed to keep your hands free. One of the beast headlamps we’ve seen o far would be GEAR’s LED headlamp, which has many of the same features as the GEAR LED flashlight.

Weighing a mere three pounds with batteries, the device may be considered lightweight in terms of storage and when worn at the top of your head. The device has two components: a headlamp with a brilliant beam and seven different lighting styles; and a removable, washable, and adjustable headband.

The headlight is adjustable by 45 degrees, which helps direct the light in any direction you need. The device is also water-resistant and shock-proof, meaning it should work in the rain or after you accidentally drop it.


Camping activities don’t have to stop once the sun sets, but you have to have the right gear to find your way through the dark. If you want to participate in some nighttime exploration and games, consider bringing a lightweight and reliable headlamp like the one from VONT.

This headlamp can be analyzed based on its components: the headlamp and the head strap. The headlamp is small and lightweight, fits into any rucksack, and is comfortable to wear at the top of your head. And while not entirely submersible in water, the headlamp can also withstand being sprayed with water at a distance of a few meters.

The headlamp attaches to a plastic clasp with a thick yet lightweight, adjustable nylon strap. The buckle mechanism on the strap allows it to accommodate anything from the thickest to the smallest foreheads. Like the headlamp, the strap is waterproof, tear-proof, and easily replaceable.

The headlamp comes with two lighting modes (or colors) that include white and red. You can toggle between these two lighting modes, and each comes with three different lighting levels (low, medium, and high). With an adjustable lighting port that tilts fully up to a 45-degree angle, you can easily point your light in any direction.

This headlamp runs on three non-rechargeable AAA batteries, which last up to three hours on high-intensity light and up to eight hours on low-intensity light. Vont also added a timer feature on the headlamp settings such that the settings automatically close when you have not selected a setting within five seconds of having opened it.


Electric Lighters

Building a campfire is just one of the more basic tasks you need to do while camping, but it can get very difficult when the winds are blowing or it’s raining. In case the weather conditions are not in your favor, an electric lighter or fire starter can make all the difference in starting and keeping your campfire.

They work by forming an electrical connection between ceramic nodes to give you an idea of how electric lighters work. Unlike ordinary lighters that need butane or lighter fluid to work, electric lighters only contain two components: a rechargeable battery and a heating coil.

An electric lighter will generate a laser-like spark with a single click of the ignition button. The spark will turn into a flame when it comes into contact with a combustible material like firewood, the wick of a candle, or the stove burner.

These lighters’ electric mechanisms allow them to function even under unfavorable conditions, including a windy or rainy environment. But perhaps the most impressive part of these lighters is that they rely on a Micro USB connection, the same connection you use to charge most of your devices.



The AELIOR electric lighter is a portable light and one of the most innovative camping electronics available. As an electronic lighter, it generates a laser-like spark instead of a flame and can generate it even under windy or wet conditions.

The lighter has an ergonomically-designed, tilted cover that you can flip to access the ignition chamber. A single click of the ignition button and a laser-like beam come to life, and the spark is far less volatile and hazardous than a regular flame.

The electric components of the lighter are protected by a zinc alloy shell covered in an essential PVD coating. This coating not only gives the lighter a futuristic appearance but also keeps the electronics safe from the elements. The lighter also features an automatic power-off mechanism that turns off the laser after ten seconds.

Right below the ignition button is four LED battery indicators that let you know when it’s time to charge. A small USB charging port at the bottom of the device connects to a USB cable and charges your device via a wired connection to a laptop, tablet, or portable charging station.


A durable and reliable solution to making a fire even under unfavorable weather conditions, the ARCETECH rechargeable lighter is another great option to consider. This lighter can light up a fire for all setups that require it, including candles, a campfire, a stove, or even a fireplace.

The device has a very sleek form factor, with a cylindrical metal body that is slightly thicker and heavier than a sign pen. At one end of the lighter is the ignition mechanism, while a USB port for charging is at the other hand. In the middle section is an ignition button and four LED light indicators to let you know when it’s time to charge the device.

While the charging time is not specified, a single charge should reportedly allow you to use the device about a hundred times at best. In reality, the figure should be less dependent on how long you have been using the device.

The lighter has a safety mechanism that turns off the ignition automatically after being turned on for seven seconds. This mechanism is useful in preventing a fire in case you accidentally press the ignition button.



Regarding style and functionality, the RSBYE electric is as good as you can probably get for this category. The lighter pairs a gorgeous and safe design with t the fuel-free, wind-proof reliability that comes with an electrically-charged lighting mechanism.

The lighter looks sleek, masculine, and formal with its black, PVC-coated metallic design and LED indicators. The device was designed to be a lighting tool for cigarettes and candle wicks. Although, of course, it is perfectly capable of lighting up much larger flammable setups like a campfire or a stove.

At the heart of the lighter is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers up via a wired USB connection. A fully-charged battery will get you anywhere between 40 to 60 sparks. Additionally, the device can be charged anywhere between 500 to 600 times before needing a replacement.

But perhaps the most exciting part is that the designers were kind enough to offer various designs for us. These options include pink, blue, black, silver, and gold, all coated in a shiny material.


Weather Radio

Right now, you’re probably thinking, why on earth would I want to bring a radio to the wilderness? While you can’t be faulted for thinking that outright, the type of radio that we’re recommending is by no means the standard AM/FM fare.

A weather/emergency radio can tap into offer AM/FM radio stations and emergency channels for critical alerts. In cases where natural disasters have a season, these radios can warn you of an impending weather disaster so you can get a head start on leaving the area.

There’s also a special breed of emergency radio called crank radio that can generate power with a simple turn of a head crank. And while the radio can’t be used to charge other devices, it does offer an assurance that it will stay powered for as long as needed.

But of course, a weather radio is useful when camping in the wilderness and everyday life. Suppose you live in an area at high risk of disaster impact. In that case, you will likely need a weather radio in your home at all times to alert you of impending weather disturbances.



Weather forecasts may not seem like a big deal when you’re living in the city, but having a weather radio on hand can make all the difference when camping in the wilderness. In case of an emergency, you should consider taking a crank radio like the one from RunningSnail.

Though technically not small, this radio is small enough to carry with one hand or fit into your camping bag. But even when the device is lightweight, it’s not light enough to get blown away by the wind when placed on a single spot outdoors.

Another critical aspect of the crank radio is that it has a generator. A plastic crank extends upwards on the side of the radio, and you only need to pull it to generate power or the emergency battery inside the device. You can use this emergency power to charge other USB-connectible electronic devices you may have.

The radio can give you access to basic AM/FM channels. It will also give you access to seven NOAA channels that can provide you with the latest weather and hazard information. The latter is particularly useful for finding out if a hurricane, tornado, storm, or other weather disturbance is coming your way.


The MAOKOT emergency weather radio is another affordable and durable option for when you want to avoid being stranded in your camping spot during a serious weather disturbance.

The rectangular-shaped radio weighs a mere 200 grams, which makes it light enough to carry with you while walking around. It’s also supposed to fit into your camping bag without bugging you down if you ever need to walk long distances.

As for the traditional features of a radio, it has AM/FM radio plus a selection of NOAA channels that you can tune into for weather reports. The short antenna used to intercept radio signals is short but extendible. Although, in reality, the expanded size of the antenna is still a little smaller compared to that of other emergency radios.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of all is that it offers three ways to charge: USB cable, solar power, and crank. Other than the single input port is an output port you can use to charge your phone or GPS device to call for help. On top of everything, the radio also functions as a handheld flashlight with a light beam at the front of the device.


Suppose you think the solar-powered, crank-powered radios are a bit of an overkill. In that case, you might want to consider something simpler. The Midland emergency weather radio can give you the weather updates that are relevant to your area when you need them.

The box-like, lightweight radio features AM/FM radio on top of seven NOAA channels. Each NOAA channel can give you weather reports related to floods, tornados, thunderstorms, and other warnings.

The radio has the unique ability to sort weather alerts per country, with a total of twenty-five countries under its system memory. With this system, you can select the countries where you want to receive weather alerts.

If an incoming weather disturbance is headed your way, the radio can alert you via a siren, voice alert, and a worded alert. These alerts will flash through the LCD screen at the front of the device (i.e., tornado).

Unfortunately, the device doesn’t have a crank for charging. But it does carry AA alkaline batteries for emergency power in the event of a power shortage. As a bonus, the radio has a built-in clock with alarm and snooze capabilities.


Charging Devices

If you’re going camping, the chances are that you’re bringing a few electronic devices with you into the wilderness. Depending on how long you intend to stay, your devices are bound to run out of power, in which case, you will need a device you can use to charge them.

In contrast to smaller power banks, a portable charging station can carry more power for more charging sessions. These devices are commonly outfitted with input ports for charging, as well as output ports for charging other electronics.


If you are the type to camp out for more than a week at a time, your devices probably won’t make it back without a recharge, and a tiny power bank just won’t cut it. If you plan to camp out in an RV or have a nearby vehicle to store your things, consider bringing a larger device such as the EF EcoFlow.

Weighing 18.6 pounds, the EcoFlow is far heavier than your standard portable power bank. But what it lacks in terms of its form factor, it more than makes up for when it comes to its charging capability. The device outputs up to 600W (1800W maximum), enough to charge up to ten devices simultaneously for hours on end.

The power station features six AC outlets, two USB-C ports, two USB0-A ports, and a single standard DC 13.6V port. The availability of AC outlets is very useful for charging devices that do not have USB porting (i.e., hair dryer, coffee maker). Thankfully, the majority of portable electronics that most people think to bring into the wilderness can charge both ways.

The power station can power up via solar panels (not included), an AC wall adapter, and a car charger. It charges very quickly, reaching fully charged capacity in less than two hours via AC charging and around 3.5 hours via solar panel.


If you still need the extra power but can’t handle the extra baggage, you might want a lighter option to charge your electronics. The SooPii charging station is slightly larger than a power bank but with over thrice the charging power.

The white, box-like charging port looks a little like the box the iPad Pro mailed in. The only exception is that it weighs much lighter at a mere 300 grams, which is already lightweight by charging station standards. However, the larger large form factor of the bag will still take up some space in your bag.

The charging port has seven, including one dedicated power delivery port and six high-speed USB ports. The array of USB ports is divided further to accommodate devices according to their operating system (Android or IOS).

The device is accompanied by seven cables to match; four for charging iPad and iPhones, one micro-USB cable, one type-c cable, and one USB-C to C cable for Android devices.

Powered by SooPii’s proprietary PowerAI and VoltageBoost, the device can recognize any device attached to it and boosts the charging state accordingly. There are two color options for the device, which include white and black.


Westinghouse is a powerhouse for electrical devices, and their portable power station is hands-down one of the best-charging stations around. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this lightweight and portable charging station should be enough to cover the power needs of your entire family or camp buddies.

While you will probably need a vehicle to transport and store the power station, it is relatively easy to carry to and from your vehicle and into your camping location. Aside from being lightweight, the charging station is also quiet, producing less than 52 decibels of noise per charging session.

This power station can deliver up to 194-Watt hours of power with a peak wattage of 300. It can accommodate up to nine devices simultaneously and can charge a lone phone, laptop, or tablet multiple times.

The device’s control panel features three USB ports, two household outlets, a 12V AC outlet, and an LED display. The LED display provides information on the device’s charging status and remaining battery life.


Water Kettles

Water is an essential part of surviving in the wilderness. Still, most water sources can’t be trusted and may cause serious illnesses. The easiest way to ensure that water is safe to drink is to boil it, but that would require building a campfire, which is not always possible.

Alternatively, you may have access to safe drinking water and want to enjoy hot beverages to fight the cold while you’re out in the wilderness. Either way, you’ll need boiled water regardless of your situation, and a portable electric kettle can give you that.


This portable electric kettle from Sekaer is a simple yet elegant solution to getting boiled water whenever you want when you want. It gets the job done quickly, safely, and with no fuss, and you can use it for years.

At only 8.8 inches in length and 1.3 pounds in weight, this electric kettle is only about the same size as a regular thermos. This should allow it to fit easily inside any bag and be light enough to fit into any location.

Even more impressive is the small LCD projector at the front of the kettle, which lets you know the real-time temperature of the water. In just five minutes, you can have at least 380ml/13oz of hot water, after which the kettle will shut off automatically.

The internal section of the kettle is made up of food-grade stainless steel, which prevents the kettle from overheating while maintaining the heat of the water. The food-grade composition of the interior also ensures that the kettle will resist rust and corrosion.

The only downside is that this kettle is not rechargeable and requires a real-time power source with an AC-type plug. If you want to plug into a power station running exclusively on USB connections, you need to use an AC to USB adapter.


Another equally portable and reliable option for boiling water would be the portable electric kettle from Avazera. Similar in function and form to the Sekaer portable kettle, this kettle will heat the base for your favorite beverages.

The kettle’s sides are designed specifically to prevent any spillage, while the bottom of the kettle is designed to prevent slippage. It comes with a thermos-like vacuum cup, which you can use to drink water from the kettle on top of closing it.

It takes around six minutes to boil 350ml of water, and a small vent hole in the design will help reduce the pressure in the kettle to prevent leakages.

Unfortunately, like the Sekaer kettle, this kettle also plugs in a typical way through an AC port. That means you will need to have an external power source and an adapter to make it work.


Designed for the techie camper, the CHACEEF electric kettle has some innovative features to make you feel like a beverage guru. If you’re worried about keeping your water warm long after boiling it, this kettle offers a solution.

Built with premium materials, this kettle is tough enough to travel anywhere with you. Its thermos-like form factor makes for a lightweight and easy carry if you’re not put off by its adorable baby-pink exterior.

Another critical feature is the “keep warm” mode that automatically turns on after the water has finished boiling. This mode lowers the temperature from oiling to a steady 122° Fahrenheit (F) for as long as the kettle is turned on. It also features two separate modes for boiling tea or coffee; each mode has a different temperature.

The inner port consists of food-grade steel designed to keep metal particles from getting into your hot water. A long LED strip at the front of the kettle gives a thermometer reading of the water as it boils.


Solar-Powered Charging Devices

If you are going outdoors to enjoy the sunlight, why not use that sunlight and turn it into something that can power up your devices? This is precisely the idea behind solar-powered charging devices, and they will allow you to harness the amazing powers of sunlight.

These portable solar panels don’t need to be mounted, are light enough to carry around camp, and easily fit in your camping pack or car. You can also directly charge your phones, tablets, and other small devices without conversion tables.

But since these devices rely on sunlight to draw power, they may not be useful in cloudy or rainy weather conditions. They will also not be able to harness power during nighttime, which is an important consideration.


Depending on where you’re going, there’s a high probability that it will be a sunny place, wherever that may be. Instead of relying on electricity from home to charge your devices. Why not harness the power of the sun? That should be easy with a portable solar charger from SurvivalFrog.

This charging station has four lightweight, rectangular solar panels with plastic bezels and a leather, waterproof casing. The panel also comes with a series of hooks and chords for hanging the device anywhere the sun is available. That may be at the back of your car, at the side of your tent, or over your shoulder while hiking.

The four panels are arranged vertically on a kit that folds onto itself to form a compact, tablet-like device that fits into a large pocket. When unfolded, the panel is about 14 inches wide and 35 cm thick, which reduces to four inches wide and 1.25 inches thick when the panel is folded.

Each panel can take up to 5.5W of power, and collectively the four panels have a total battery capacity of 6.500 mAh. It can charge up to three devices simultaneously and a single device up to three times until they’re fully set. The device charges automatically, so you must plug in your devices via a USB connection.


While you may have all the time in the world when you’re out in the woods, you also don’t want to wait forever for your devices to charge. For fast and efficient charging in an affordable package, we highly recommend the BigBlue solar charger.

This charger comes in a panel-like form factor, with five rectangular panels that spread out in a canvas-like manner when in use. A special plastic-type surface keeps the panel from condensation, and all three ports come with a rubber seal to protect them from the elements.

The device also features a nifty auto-restart feature when the charging process is slower than expected due to weather or other conditions. This comes in handy during cloudy weather, for as long as you don’t take the panel out directly under the rain.


If you are a light packer and hate taking too much with you, then you might want a solar charger that is smaller than most. The BLAVOR solar charger power bank is about the same size as your power bank, except it can draw power directly from the sun.

You couldn’t be blamed for mistaking this charger for a smartphone or a small tablet because it certainly looks like one. A singular solar panel sits in the middle, protected at the sides by rubber bezels, PVC coating at the front, and a rubberized matte black material at the back.

If you look at the bottom of the device, there should be two USB ports, one for input and another for output. It also features a flashlight with different lighting modes for emergencies. A USB-C cable should accompany the kit, which you can use to plug your devices.

This charger consists of a singular but powerful solar panel that can charge your phone or tablet on a single charge. It supports both standard USB-C charging and Qi charging for i-enabled devices. The device takes around thirteen hours to charge fully with a 5V 2.1A adapter.


Portable Showers

Camping may be one of the best experiences in life, but it can come with various sanitation issues, especially with multiple people around the same spot. Suppose your campground doesn’t have the facilities to allow you a decent bath. In that case, you might want to consider investing in a portable shower.

Portable electric showers have two basic components: a showerhead and a pump with a battery-operated motor. The battery-powered motor pushes water inwards through a suction on the pump and upwards and outwards through the shower head for that rain-like showering glory.

The majority of these devices contain rechargeable batteries that you need to plug into a power source via a USB connection. Some portable showers have additional features that allow you to control water pressure and stream type.


The Iron Hammer handheld electric shower is an affordable, multi-purpose portable shower system for indoor and outdoor use.

The battery-operated shower sucks the water from a source such as a bucket filled with water and then spurts it back through a connectible shower head. A detachable attachment allows the shower to clap onto a smoothly-tiled wall or otherwise hang from an elevated ledge.

This portable shower is small, lightweight, and compact, which are three physical attributes to look for in a piece of camping equipment. It also comes with a pressure-adjustment system that lets you control how strong the water is going to pump out of the hose.


The Danco Portable handheld shower has a similar design to the Iron Hammer portable shower. Like the Iron Hammer, this portable handheld shower will allow you to shower in the middle of the wilderness for as long as there is a water source.

The shower doesn’t offer much in the way of streaming type and pressure strength, but its default shower pressure and streaming type are the ones most showers use anyway.

The portable shower also comes with an attachable suction cup for attaching the shower to a flat wall and an S-Style hook for attaching the shower head to a wall implement.

The rechargeable water pump plugs easily into devices that accept USB charging. The manufacturers have added a charging implement, usually a USB cable or a wall adapter, for easy charging. A single full charge will take up to an hour of continuous use.


One of the more popular options, the RISEPRO portable shower, is a compact, portable, and user-friendly shower system. It will give you as many decent showers as you need while in the wilderness.

This device works in a pretty straightforward manner. Just charge the battery, dip the suction into the water source, and turn on the device to start getting water out of the showerhead. The shower can deliver up to two liters of water per minute, which is already an excellent flow for any water source.

At the core of the portable shower is a 2200mAH Lithium battery that can easily be recharged via USB cable (already included). If you have a laptop, portable, or solar-powered charging station, you’re good to go.



At the opposite end of the spectrum are situations where the camping grounds are too hot, which can spoil your food stock earlier than you intended. Assuming that you are traveling with a large vehicle that you can place nearby, you can bring a cooler with you to keep your food and beverages cool.


The AstroAI Electric Cooler is a simple and affordable solution for keeping your consumables fresh for longer. This unit, in particular, is designed to keep things cold and not frozen, refrigerator-style.

With internal dimensions of 12.8 x 8.8 x 13.1 inches and a volumetric capacity of 24 liters, the cooler can fit in most types of beverages as well as food packages. It’s just big enough to fit all your food and small enough to fit in the back of the car.

The cooler can maintain the temperature of your food and beverages at about 32°F (18°C) below ambient temperature, and this is enough to keep your drinks and food cold without freezing. In addition, the cooler can maintain cool internal temperatures for about a day even without electricity.

Designed to draw power from your vehicle, it comes with an eight-foot-long cord that allows for some distance between the cooler and your car. An on/off switch is located on the cord near the end of the cooler, while a standard 12V car cigarette-type lighter plug sits at the other end.


Some devices are more innovative in any particular niche than others, which is true for the Kohree portable freezer. Built with smart features, this portable freezer looks out for your devices and car battery on top of your food.

Another critical aspect is the dual compartments, a big one for refrigeration and a smaller one for freezing. The freezing section has a carrying capacity of 32.98 liters, while the refrigeration section has a carrying capacity of 7.2 liters.

This portable freezer comes with various innovative features, starting with an electronic control module that monitors the power level of the car battery. It helps to protect your battery from running out of power.

The LCD controls have a digital lock to prevent accidental touches. It also features a USB charging port for charging electronics and internal lighting for using the fridge in the dark.


Another great, lightweight, and affordable cooler is the JOYTUTUS portable refrigerator. This portable cooler is a bit lighter than the average portable cooler, so it’s easy to carry with two hands to the beach or your camping spot.

The refrigerator can cool down from 77℉ to 32℉ within 15 minutes, a very impressive temperature adjustment for a portable cooler. It’s also designed specifically for super quiet functioning, and you won’t even notice it working while you drive.

Storage-wise, this cooler is a little smaller than its counterparts, which may be good or bad. The refrigerator’s internal dimensions are 13.8 x 9.8 x 10.7 inches, making it about the size of a regular toaster. The empty case only weighs about 24.5 pounds, about the size of a 1.3 gallon of water or a two-year-old toddler.

Regarding carrying capacity, the cooler can carry a total of 25 liters, which is already enough to store a couple of days’ worth of food and drinks. There are two modes for refrigeration; an eco mode for saving energy and a max cooling mode for fast cooling.

It also offers gear control with three separate modes for managing the volume power draw of the refrigerator from the car battery. When the car battery power is low, it will stop running to protect the car battery.


Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Rechargeable hand warmers are a must-have if you spend a lot of time outdoors during winter or simply have a low tolerance for the cold. These devices are not only adorable to look at and easy to carry but also a great way to prevent frostbite in any situation.


The oblong-shaped hand warmer is about the same size as a regular desktop mouse, and its highly portable design allows it to fit easily into any bag.

The heater recharges via a USB connection, and a single charge can already get you up to eight hours of hand-warming power. The device takes around three seconds to reach its maximum temperature of 140°Farenheit. With a dual-sided warming capability, you can keep both hands warm even with gloves.

Even more impressive is that the device doubles as a power bank for charging phones and other electronics. Just connect your phone or tablet using the USB cable provided.


The Zippo heat bank and rechargeable hand warmer are ergonomically shaped and portable devices. It can keep your hands warm whether you’re out in the wilderness or walking your dog.

The hand warmer comes with six levels of warmth, so you can choose which one you need depending on how cold you feel. Aside from keeping your hands warm, the device also alternates as a power bank for other electronics.

At the heart of the device is a rechargeable 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery that charges via a USB connection. A single charge can give you about nine hours of hand-warming action.

The hand warmer is available in various exciting colors: silver, black, blue, champagne, and orange.


If you prefer something more subtle and lightweight, then the Orastone Rechargeable hand warmer is highly recommended.

With dimensions 60x60x22mm, this rectangular-shaped warmer is only about the size and shape of a compact mirror or contact lens case. It will easily fit into any type of handbag, backpack, emergency kit, or even the glove compartment of your car.

Like other hand warmers, this device contains a lithium-ion battery that recharges via a USB connection. A single, full charge can get you between three to four hours of heat.

Not to mention, the hand warmer comes in various elegant and futuristic designs, so it doesn’t look out of place inside your backpack.



A good camera nowadays is like sugar in your coffee; the experience is not complete without the added sweetness. A camera will allow you to record and capture every moment of your trip to relive it long after you’ve forgotten the details. Here are the best outdoor cameras that you can use to immortalize your camping experience.

Of course, camping trips don’t last forever, and you will have to return to civilization at some point. At that point, you will want to upload your recorded footage and edit it before saving it to a storage device or on social media. For this purpose, you might want to consider this list of the best photo editing software to help you.


Formerly the flag-bearer of the GoPro brand, the GoPro Hero 8 black stands right in the middle of the older GoPro 7 and the newer GoPro 9. But while this older sibling may lack the GoPro Hero 9’s front-facing screen and 5K video powers, its performance is much closer to its newer sibling than its older one.

There are two core features to the new Hero 8 Black: HyperSmooth 2.0 and TimeWarp 2.0. The latter serves to buffer any umps and bounces across all resolutions and frame rates, and the last is useful for recording time-lapse videos. Additionally, a handful of new photography settings, capture presets, and video modes for professional-looking footage and photos.

While not completely waterproof, this camera has some level of water resistance for up to 10 meters / 33 feet for about five minutes. Suppose you want to make it more waterproof. In that case, you can always place it inside a waterproof casing before heading on a water-based adventure to protect it.

While having a battery of higher capacity than the Hero 7, Hero 8 Black draws more power leading to an identical 1,220mAh lifespan as the Hero 7. That said, it should squeeze out about 50 minutes of shooting time on high-resolution and up to two hours on lower resolution or TimeWarp.


Launched nearly two years after the Insta360 One R, the Insta360 One RS is supposed to be a new and improved version of the original with better image quality and unique features.

The Onsta360 One RS may look like the original version, but it has changed physically in more ways than one. This model comes with a new battery type, a new camera lens or sensor module, and generally better internal components for faster image processing.

The camera can shoot at 2.7K resolution at 100 frames per second at 1080p at 120 frames per second or 4K at 60 frames per second. With the 4K Boost Lens attached, resolution can jump from twelve megapixels in 4K Wide Angle mode to forty-eight megapixels for extra clarity.

With improved image stabilization, the camera no longer produces images with strange distortions, precluding the need for post-capture editing of the video. The HDR video mode also offers crystal-clear images even from long distances.

Accompanying the modular camera is a comprehensive editing software called Insta360. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can upload your captured footage directly from the camera and into your mobile phone for editing.


The Drift Ghost XL is the bigger brother to the Ghost X, with the same bullet-style form factor and rugged appearance.

Weighing 127 grams, the Ghost XL has a body dimension of 3.6 x 1.9 x 1.4 inches, which is light enough to carry with you on a bike or a motorcycle, or even as a handheld device. At the side of the camera is a simple tripod mount that can attach to a camera tripod in multiple ways.

The Drift Ghost XL carries over the original’s rotating lens. The lens can rotate up to 300 degrees and covers a maximum of 140 degrees field of view. Image quality-wise, it can capture amazing footage up to 4K 30FPS and take crystal clear photos up to 12MP.

While not completely waterproof, the Ghost Action XL offers some water resistance. With an IPX7 rating, it can hold off water for a depth of about one meter for about thirty minutes. But of course, it’s more suited to fighting off accidental splashes and rain.

Like most action cameras, the Drift Ghost XL pairs with a downloadable mobile application called Drift. This app can customize settings and filming modes and monitor live recordings.


GPS Trackers

If you plan to follow a days-long trail in the wilderness, you will need a reliable GPS device. While most cellphones have access to GPS applications, signals can easily be blocked off by trees and mountains. Not to mention, cellphone batteries only ever last for a few hours. So unless you’re carrying a charging station, your phone will likely be useless for the rest of your trip. With this in mind, you might consider investing in a reliable GPS device.

Unlike cellular-based apps and Bluetooth trackers, satellite-based devices send data through cell towers; satellite-based devices send data through satellites that orbit the Earth. Satellite signals are transmitted above the earth makes them so reliable in remote areas. It ensures that the tracker maintains a signal to indicate your location even when you are in a location that is out of cellular coverage.

Considering that thousands of hikers and campers have died after getting lost in the wilderness, you can avoid being part of the statistic by investing in a reliable GPS tracker. A GPS tracker can help you find your way through the wilderness, especially at night when the visibility is close to nonexistent. This is useful for going to your camping location and finding your way back.


If you want a lightweight and reliable option for tracking yourself or a loved one while on the trail, the Tracki GPS device is one of your best options. This device works both outdoors with GPS tracking and indoors via Wi-Fi positioning.

With dimensions of 1.75 x 1.5 x 0.55 inches and a weight of only 1.26oz, this tracker is one of the most lightweight trackers you can come across on the market. The device comes with its own SIM card, plus a series of attachments to clip the device onto different objects like your backpack, dog collar, or belt.

The device has two modes: an outdoor mode with unlimited, worldwide GPS tracking and an indoor mode with an estimated range of fifty range. For navigational purposes, you can put the tracker on your person while hiking to find exactly where you are on a map.

To check your location in real-time, you only need to log into the application to see your tracker location. The system will update your location every sixty seconds, so you should always know where you are on the map. However, just like with a cellular service, you need to have an active subscription with Tracki to access their GPS data.

The device runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery lasts up to five days with GPS tracking and thirty to seventy days without real-time monitoring. Tracki offers an optional battery that can extend your device’s battery life to three to four weeks.


Offering a user-friendly blend of simplicity and performance, the Garmin eTrex GPS navigator is one of the most effective options in the eTrex lineup. It is a cost-effective, lightweight, and reliable tracker, and it’s also one of the few trackers with additional perks like a barometric altimeter and electronic compass.

The palm-sized GPS device comes with a fully-colored2.2-inch LCD screen with 240 x 320 display pixels for improved readability. It also comes with pre-loaded topography maps that can highlight roads and bicycle routes, depending on what you need.

The device supports two satellite navigation systems: GPS and a global navigation system (GLONASS). GLONASS is just like GPS, except that it’s based in Russia. The availability of data from two systems means that positions can be fixed more quickly and accurately.


The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is a highly compact yet capable tracking device. It can track practically anything or anyone for as long as the device is charged and connected to the GPS network.

Its software is compatible with most operating systems, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Regarding battery power, the tracker can last up to two weeks on a single charge, which is more than enough time for the average camping trip.

The tracker is lightweight and undetectable inside your camping pack, measuring just 2.2 x 2.2 x 0.8 inches and weighing just 1.5 pounds. Aside from being light and discreet, the tracker is also resilient to tough weather conditions.

But perhaps the most critical advantage of this tracker is its worldwide GPS tracking capabilities. Regardless of the city or country, you are in, whether camping or just exploring, the tracker can help you find your way.

The tracker also features a built-in SIM card that can connect to the 4G LTE network. The tracker also ensures accurate location mapping by sending location updates every three, five, ten, or sixty seconds to the mobile app. Users can share their real-time location via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media through the app.


GPS Communications

As powerful as today’s cellphones are, cellphone signals are still entirely dependent on the presence of cellphone towers, which are hard to come by in the wilderness. While the actual signal strength may depend on your location, a cellphone simply may not be able to help you in case you need to call for help.

Similar to a GPS navigator, a satellite-based communication device relies on satellites to send and receive data. It will allow you to send and receive messages in areas where cellular and Wi-Fi signals are hard to come by. It ensures that your messages will most assuredly make it to your loved ones or emergency contacts regardless of your location.

Some GPS communication devices also feature GPS tracking abilities. Most devices with this dual feature can automatically send your coordinates and map location along with your message. Both capabilities are, of course, very useful for camping in very remote locations.


The Garmin 66i is a premium device with the combined ability to send communications and navigate via GPS.

The Garmin 66i takes after rugged smartphones in terms of design. It has a rectangular form factor and a waterproof and rugged body covered in a rubberized casing. Were it not for the thick body, three-inch screen, and small antenna; you probably wouldn’t recognize it as a GPS device.

The device comes with an IPX7 rating that will allow it to resist water at a depth of one meter for up to thirty minutes. It also earned the MIL-STD 810 certificate, a military-grade certification involving a series of unconventional durability tests.

Physical attributes aside, the Garmin 66i is primarily a GPS communication device, and more specifically, it relies on the Iridium satellite network to send messages and locational data. Make sure you have all the necessary numbers saved into the SIM card lest you forget them during an emergency.

Aside from its communication capabilities, the Garmin Map 66i also features highly reliable navigational capabilities. Input a location; the map will show you the best possible route. If you veer off the designated track on the map, the device will beep to notify you.

The device comes pre-loaded with routable topographic maps, though you can always upload your own from the internet and GPS apps. Luckily, the device can store thousands of waypoints, GPS tracks, and routes tailored to activities like biking, hiking, etc.

Suppose the list of features we’ve mentioned isn’t impressive enough. In that case, the device also comes with its digital compass that works both when you’re stationary or on the move and its barometric altimeter to measure elevation.


When spelling away your off-grid communication worries, you probably cannot find a more compact and reliable device than the Garmin InReach Mini. This device will allow you to communicate with your loved ones from any part of the world where cell signals or Wi-Fi are not available.

As a two-way satellite communicator, the Garmin InReach Mini can send and receive messages, unlike other devices that can only send messages. However, the caveat is that each message can only carry up to 160 words, or the message won’t go through. While limiting at times, it should be enough to get your point across, especially during an emergency (i.e., Please send help!).

As a GPS communication tool, each message sent through the device contains additional information about your location as well as an accurate topographical map for visual purposes. The messages include the following information: time sent, date sent, coordinates, speed (if you are moving while sending the message), elevation, and a detailed map of your location.

The only caveat is that the text messaging function on the device is clunky and difficult to use due to the lack of a physical keyboard. Luckily, the device can also pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth. In this case, you can use your mobile phone to type in a message, which would be easier and take less time.


Regarding GPS communication devices, those who want the perfect combination of safety and convenience cannot go wrong with the ACR’s Bivy two-way stick global satellite device.

ACR’s Bivy looks like a rugged power bank with its rectangular form factor and rubberized casing. It also has the same lightweight, pocketable design, except the communicator has a distinctive keyring hole on one side. Weighing less than 100 grams, it may even be lighter than an actual power bank.

Unlike other GPS devices, this device doesn’t offer a way to send messages directly. However, it does pair with an application on your phone that you can use to send and receive text messages. The text messages sent through the app will contain information about your location.

Aside from two-way text messaging, the app will also get you a few other features like SOS signaling and location sharing. You can check detailed weather reports, make emergency calls, and track your altitude, pacing, and more.

And thanks to the crowdsourcing capabilities of the app, you can gain access to thousands of trails and routes contributed by other Bivy users. The app can also store maps offline, so you can access them while you’re out and about in the wilderness.


Final Thoughts on the Best Camping Electronics to Buy Today

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There you have, our compilation of must-have camping makes your camping trips more comfortable and safe. In selecting items to include in this list, we opted for items with characteristics that are ideal for outdoor use, specifically durability, portability, and multi-purpose design.

We selected devices that are built to withstand unfavorable weather and temperature changes as well as damage from being accidentally dropped on a hard surface or water. We also chose devices that are lightweight as these are easy to transport, whether you are on foot or taking a vehicle with you. Of course, there are some exceptions, but most of the essentials should be lightweight. In addition, most items on our list are multi-purpose by design. For example, most weather radios come with a flashlight or a charging port for charging other electronics.

That being said, we hope that our guide has enlightened you as to the different types of camping equipment and how they work. We also hope that our list will help you narrow down your options so you can find only the best and most cost-effective products to meet your camping needs in the future. Remember, every camping trip is different, so you must bring different gear for different occasions.




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