Godfall PS5 and PC Preview: Everything You Have to Know

Godfall PS5 and PC

With the advent of the PlayStation 5 right around the corner, new PS5 games are starting to pop out to take advantage of the new system. One of these games is Godfall. In this article, we’ll give you the scoop on this new game and what it’s possibly going to be like when it’s released this November. Read on for our exclusive Godfall PS5 and PC preview.


What Is Godfall

Godfall Environment
Photo from Godfall


Godfall is an upcoming looter-slasher game made by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox for the upcoming PS5 game console and the PC this 2020. The game is set in a fantasy universe that’s filled to the brim with stories of heroic knights, arcane magic, fantastical monsters, and an upcoming apocalypse.

Players embark on an adventure of a lifetime in a fantasy ARPG. It makes use of high-impact third-person melee fighting to engage the players. All while they hunt for usable tools, weapons, armor, and loot, don legendary items, beat vicious and unforgiving enemies, tackle various missions from the challenging to the mundane, which all gives players head-turning loot. Along the way, players will meet various enemies that they should vanquish and obliterate lest they stand in the way.

All in all, Godfall is slated to be a melee version of Gearbox’s Borderlands series. And it’s something to keep an eye on for fans of the looter style of games, even if the premise is a bit different from what we’re used to.

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Release Date

The Godfall PS5 and PC release dates are on November 12, 2020. For the PC version, you can get it via the Epic Games Store. It will also serve as one of the PS5’s launch titles.


Godfall on PS5 and PC

Godfall will be available on the PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store. Also as one of the PS5’s launch titles, players can immediately jump into the game when the console is released. The developer’s planned release of Godfall on PS5 is them wishing to showcase the graphical capabilities of the newest console generation to the masses. And based on the fidelity and crispness of the game? It would seem that they succeeded.

Meanwhile, the PC version of the game will be available in November. However, like its looter-shooter counterpart, Borderlands 3, the game is initially available on the Epic Games Store, and not on Steam. So PC players might want to go install the game from the Epic Games Store if they want to play on day one.


Godfall PS5 and PC Features


Godfall has several features that are going to be something to keep an eye on when the game is released. Let’s continue this Godfall PS5 and PC preview by taking a look at the games’ features.



For one thing, the game seems to look similar enough to Borderlands in terms of gameplay. The game is described as a “looter-slasher” that’s set on a “high-fantasy” world. Now, if you’re a perceptive kind of gamer, the whole premise sounds very similar to a more mythological take on the Borderlands series. This time, the various wacky guns and other ranged implements of pure death and destruction are switched with swords, polearms, shields, and hammers. Keith Lee, Counterplay CEO said that Godfall is a combination/marriage of looter-shooters like Borderlands, and the Destiny series and the monolithic and enormous beasts and the titanic scale of various classic RPGs like Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and others.

In a statement on the Gearbox Software site, Keith said that they are “innovating with the game to provide prospective players a fresh take on the action RPG genre by rewarding players that emphasize skill-based offensive gameplay and making sure that every hit that they make matters.” This statement reinforces the thought of rewarding players with loot that can enhance their preferred playstyle.

Other than this, and the weapons that people are using, no one knows


Weapons and Combat


In Godfall, there are five types of weapons that players can equip and use. Each of these weapons has their own unique identities and capabilities within the game. They come in different speed and damage stats, combo strings, and abilities. And each one is based on what kind of combat the weapon itself excels in. So far, the available weapon play styles revolve around Longswords, Dual Blades, Polearms, Two-Handed Warhammers, Two-Handed Greatswords, and last but not the least, the Shields.

As you progress in the game, you’ll be able to get stronger weapons for your preferred playstyle as well as customization and upgrade options.


Dual Blades

The dual-blades playstyle focuses on damaging opponents with a barrage of fast strikes. They’re best when facing a lot of unarmored targets or focused on overwhelming a single target. The developers stated that they’re inspired by and reminiscent of Kratos’ Blades of Chaos from the God of War games, and there are implications that you play the weapon class similarly as well.

The Dual Blades look like a combination of small daggers and swords. It allows players the ability to perform quick and speedy combos by doing four sequential light attacks towards various enemies. This absolute hail of blade slashes can then be followed up by using a heavy attack. The developers made it known by the name of Blade Cyclone as a combo finisher. The name of the attack is exactly what it says on the tin, a veritable flurry of sword slashes that the player uses to obliterate the enemies that surround him.

The game trailers also revealed that the swords also come with additional two signature abilities that players have. The first one, Inner Focus is a rage mechanic on the Dual Blades that slowly fills up a charge and then gives a power boost to the Dual Blades for a limited time once they’ve been activated. The second is the Mortal Coil. This ability pulls a targeted enemy towards the Dual Blades user like a hook. This is very helpful when targeting a powerful enemy inside a group.

Other abilities and skills haven’t been revealed by the game devs, which means that there’s still a good chance that there are skills that will manifest themselves in the launch.



Now, let’s talk about Longswords. This significantly bigger weapon than the Dual Blades shifts the focus from elaborate and flashy combos to more on a timing-based combat system that’s reliant on its various abilities, skill attacks, and cooldowns.

Similar enough to the Dual Blades, Longswords have their version of a four-hit light attack combo that finishes up to a heavy attack finisher. However, it is a little bit slower compared to the Dual Blades.

The Longsword playstyle has two very important abilities. The first one is an ability known as the Spectral Flurry. It’s an uninterruptible sequence of lightning-fast sword slashes that inflict a ton of damage to any enemy in a set area. Meanwhile, the second ability, known as Spiral Technique, turns all enemies in front of a player into nothing more than salami, either killing them outright or stunning for a few seconds.

All in all, the Longsword emphasizes ability usage to deal damage to a single enemy, making them useful in boss fights but also with some usage against regular mooks that you’ll find in your adventures.



The Greatswords are exactly what it says on the tin. They’re large swords with wide, sweeping arcs and slashes, combined with some Stinger-like attacks. This will remind players of Dante’s version of Stinger when using any of his swords. The Greatsword class of weapons has its unique attack flourishes and animations.



These weapons aren’t displayed that much during the trailers other than a few clips. But here’s what we do know.

Polearms in the game look like they’re used for crowd control. Their weapons that allow players to use long-ranged stabs to poke and kite at large enemies, and then switch to wide, sweeping arcs to keep the various monster critters at bay.

In short, Polearm users in the game seem to be a Crowd Control class of weapon, and it’s up to the user to keep lower priority enemies from the team so that the big-boy damage dealers can kill off the higher tier enemies. That is if you’re going for their co-op mode.



Now, let’s talk about shields. What’s cool about what’s already shown in the gameplay trailer is that it doesn’t matter what weapon type players currently are using. They’ll always have the ability to use their shield that allows them to prevent enemy attacks from hitting them. Also, shields can create openings on their enemies to leave them vulnerable for deadly ripostes and counter-attacks.

Players can avoid taking any kind of damage from enemies by timing their shield blocks perfectly to parry the attacks of their enemy. A perfectly timed parry can then trigger the ability named Shield Strike. This allows players to stun an enemy for a short time period. The Shield also can be thrown at faraway enemies to stagger them. Plus, there’s no need to pick them up because the shields return to players. If you press the shield trigger again while the weapon is in a projectile mode, a Wave Attack ability will be used by the player character. This attack inflicts damage to enemies in an area surrounding the player’s character.

Lastly, if players double-tap the shield trigger, the action starts the ability called Petrifying Slam. This ability stuns any enemy that surrounds the player in a radius. This leaves them vulnerable like a sitting duck, fit for execution if the player is fast enough in attacking them before they manage to recover.



Godfall Combat
Photo from Godfall


Another thing that they didn’t talk about in terms of abilities and skills are the Hammer class of weapons. However, there’s some gameplay footage that was seen on the gameplay trailers with the Hammer weapon class.

For one, the weapon class seems to favor slow, hard-hitting attacks on multiple groups of enemies—with vicious side-to-side sweeps and groundbreaking slams that emit powerful shockwaves. Other than these snippets of gameplay though, the Warhammer weapon class doesn’t have anything on the trailer when it comes to their skillsets and abilities. However, as far as we’ve seen, they’re mostly for big damaging blows, something that looks like essential when breaking enemy guards.

Other than this, there’s currently no info about how the class will play out. Players will need to wait a bit more and hope that there’s a trailer that explains the nature of the various weapons further.



Now, let’s talk about Valorplates. This is the game’s version of Warframe’s Warframes (yes, I went there). And each Valorplate has specific abilities that players can use to fight against their enemies. Other than this, there’s still no info about how Valorplates affect gameplay. What we do know is they have a big impact on what weapons you can equip, and what abilities you can gain.



Photo from Godfall


As of right now, there’s only been hints and snippets of what Godfall’s plot is going to be. But, if we’re going to take a look and base it on the game’s genre, it’s starting to seem as if the story is going to play a secondary role. It looks like it will focus on a good combat system and tons of possible replayability.

The game’s trailers have shown bits and pieces of its lore. However, we know that players will be playing as Valorian Knights. The player can then equip Valorplates, which are sets of armor that improves your strength in combat. This will be essential as you’ll be facing off against a mad god.

Players will take control of the last remnants of an exalted Knight’s Order that aims to stop the incoming apocalypse.


Godfall for PS5 and PC: The Good and the Bad

Godfall Epic Games
Screenshot from Epic Games Store


Overall, Godfall is a game that takes inspiration from many different games and genres. It wears said inspiration proudly on its sleeves, and it won’t compromise when it comes to what it offers.

However, familiarity breeds contempt as the saying goes. This very unapologetic inspiration might turn off some players from playing the game and experiencing what it can offer. But only time will tell what will happen.

We’ll have to wait until the launch of Godfall for PS5 and PC to see the whole package. Mark your calendars for the big launch of this new PS5 and PC game!

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Godfall PS5 and PC Preview: Everything You Have to Know

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