15 Best Robo Advisor Platforms You Need to Manage your Money

The Best Robo Advisors
The best robo advisor for you is just around the corner. Robo advisors have broken down traditional barriers between financial services and average customers. Sound financial planning is now accessible to more people than ever since robo advisers can help you find the right balance for your investments. This applies to both experienced investors and beginners. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes robo advisors stand out. We’ll also list down some of the most trusted robo advisors you can choose from.
The Best Robo Advisors
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What are Robo Advisers?

 Robo advisers are a form of automated investment platforms meant to provide digital financial management services online. The online platforms allow users to easily open an investment account and choose an appropriate combination of investments. The robo advisers then collect financial information from clients, which includes individual goals for investment, and use algorithms and mathematical rules to come up with the best advice. They also help clients automatically invest client assets in the best portfolios. Just a clarification though: robo advisors are not a type of artificial intelligence (AI). Nonetheless, robo advisors are now advanced enough to handle basic investment tasks. They also remove human contact from the process.
Robo advisors can also provide a range of services, including investing, trading, and borrowing. Most robo advisers are also able to determine your risk tolerance through surveys. Your financial information and preferences inform the program about your acceptable risk level. Potential categories include highly aggressive-, moderate-, or minimal-risk takers. The program can recognize your risk level and use this to select your portfolio. The program takes these into account to adopt the appropriate investment strategies.

What Are the Benefits of Robo Advisors?

Robo Advisors Benefits
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Robo advisors leverage technology to reduce the need for human intervention. This also allows the best robo advisor to keep their fees low compared to traditional mutual funds and fee-based financial advice firms. The automation process also makes investment more efficient since it removes the possibility of human error. It’s also an effective way to protect the privacy of their customer.
It also takes significantly less capital to get an account started. The minimum balances required for standard accounts range in the hundreds of thousands, while the best robo advisor usually comes with lower minimum balance requirements. Some don’t even impose a requirement for starting an account. Transaction fees are also cheaper than traditional fund managers. Human advisors typically charge more than one percent of assets under management. Meanwhile, the best robo advisor only charges somewhere between 0.25% to 0.50%.
Robo advisers are also accessible for both amateur and long-time investors alike. Most are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week as long as the user has an internet connection. This makes it easy for first-time investors to start an account from scratch. Most robo advisors also have plenty of educational tools for beginners. It’s also convenient for existing clients of asset management firms. Their clients get to enjoy the benefits of robo advisors without having to transfer funds. The best robo advisor offers a combination of ease of use, security, and low fees. These features mark robo advisors as an ideal platform for modern-day investing.

Best Robo Advisor Platforms

Robo Advisors
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There are currently more than 200 robo offerings in the US, and more of them get launched each year. Most of them provide a combination of services. This includes managing your investments and giving overall financial advice. This is of course, in addition to safekeeping and monitoring your funds. They can also help you plan for retirement and set other financial goals. Below is a compilation of the best robo advisor to grow your money:


1. M1 Finance

M1 Finance
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M1 Finance is a free robo advisor with portfolio management features. The software offers a hybrid of investment options, one of which usually is a combination of individual stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The program also has access to thousands of other investment options. The software has low barriers to entry with a minimum balance of only $100. It allows users to sell and purchase robo stocks in whole or in part. Since stocks are expensive, users can opt to buy a fraction of a whole share. This gives you the freedom to purchase any percentage of one stock. This is better than having to pay for the complete cost of a single share.

The software is great for passive and first-time investing. Users have the option to create their personal investment rations, and there’s also a series of pre-made investment portfolios to choose from for convenience. These are easy to visualize as everything comes in a pie format. The program automatically adjusts your portfolio during set time intervals as well as the buys and sells. Its objective is always to get the account to the predetermined percentages. M1 Finance is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for iOS devices.


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2. Betterment

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Betterment is a long-term digital investment platform. The program uses smart financial tools to build you your own portfolio with mixed assets. This correlates to your financial profile, investment objectives, and other criteria. No amount is too small to invest for Betterment since the program doesn’t impose a minimum balance. You can start small and later expand your portfolio by adding in small amounts on a regular basis. Many of the funds managed by Betterment is also managed by Vanguard, a leader in low-cost ETFs.

The program essentially invests your money in low-cost, mixed assets. This is the best option to minimize transaction costs. It also automatically rebalances your portfolio. This applies to market fluctuation and changes to your personal circumstances, allowing you to stay on track towards your investment goals.

It also finds ways to cut down on your individual tax bills at the end of each year. It does this by recognizing small-capital losses on your investments. Not many robo advisers offer this service. There’s also a Smart Saver feature intended for your emergency savings: it invests the money in very low-risk and short-term bonds. This allows the money to grow while unused and gives you the ability to pull the money out when needed. This is in contrast to traditional savings accounts where the money stagnates. Betterment is available primarily as desktop software and a mobile app for iOS devices.

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3. Personal Capital

Personal Capital
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Personal Capital is another multi-platform digital investment software. This personal investment software relies on both human management and robo apps: the apps are used for analyzing the best investment mix while professional advisors create customized portfolios based on their clients’ spending habits and needs. They also support investments in a variety of asset types, including US stocks and bonds, international stocks and bonds, and many more. This diversification helps maintain a balanced and secure portfolio.

They also handle the disciplined rebalancing of your assets by selling positions that have appreciated in value to reduce risk. It also has the ability to generate savings from your tax losses. The program automatically balances your portfolio on a regular basis, and the ratios are always based on your risk portfolio and preferences.

This also removes emotional decision-making and guesswork in the investment process. Another very important feature is the ability of the software to generate savings on your tax losses. It also optimizes your taxes to incur annual savings which can add up over time. The firm invests in more tax-efficient ETFs. Personal Capital is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for iOS devices.

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4. Acorns Spend

Acorns Spend
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Acorns Spend is another easy-to-use digital investment platform. Users get to experience the best of passive investing for minimal monthly fees without any minimum balance, allowing you to invest as much as you want. At the outset, users get to choose between five basic portfolio templates and then opt to expand their portfolios slowly over time. While Acorns Spend doesn’t offer a lot of options compared to what other robo advisors offer, they are single-minded with their investment strategy.

The software uses a built-in dollar-cost averaging mechanism. Essentially, this allows users to make small purchases using their Acorns debit card. Acorns rounds the price up to the next dollar and invests the change automatically. For example, if you purchase a bagel for $3.50 dollars, Acorns will round up the amount to $4. The difference in cost is automatically invested.

The software also automatically rebalances your account as needed. Because the app works automatically, users don’t have to make plenty of decisions from the get-go. This also makes it ideal for first-time and hands-off investors. Acorns is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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5. Vanguard

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Vanguard is a popular global investment management firm that offers a variety of financial services, including Personal Advisor Services (PAS). PAS combines the power of robo advising with access to a team of experts. Vanguard essentially offers the traditional low-fee ETFs and mutual funds with some of the lowest fee investment products on the market. Vanguard is also a mutual fund company that allows investors to pool their money to buy stocks. This translates to shared ownership of the funds.

The apparent downside to Vanguard is that it isn’t beginner-friendly. It has quite a high barrier to entry, with the minimum balance at $3,000 for most fund types. You also need to have at least $50,000 in your account to access their advisory services. Service fees are reasonable, but the hefty maintaining balance can be glaring. There’s also no means to purchase fractional shares with Vanguard: the minimum investment for ETFs is the cost of a single share.

Even with these premium costs, you are also sure to profit over the long term. It also has the best tools available for building your portfolio. It also helps users to stay on track with their investment goals. Vanguard is available as a web-based software that’s also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

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6. Interactive Advisors

Interactive Advisors
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Interactive Advisors is a special advisory service offered by Interactive Brokers. If you’ve never heard of Interactive Brokers, it’s an investment management firm. The program uses a combination of robo advisors and real consultants. The software offers a wide range of portfolios from which users can choose, and it’s possible to exclude companies you dislike from the list of investment options. Most portfolios contain a variety of stocks rather than ETFs. The software also allows the purchase of a fraction of a whole share, with the minimum balance for an account set at $1,000.

Rules-based automated portfolios are usually reserved for beginners and low-balance accounts to provide an interactive and easy-to-use platform. On the other hand, high-value investments are actively managed by experienced financial managers. A Portfolio Analyst consolidates your financial accounts in one place to give you a clear and simple picture of your investment portfolio.

The software also offers some help with setting your investment goals. Margin lending is also possible, allowing customers to borrow money against their accounts at low interest rates. Interactive Advisors is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for iOS devices.

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7. Ellevest

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Ellevest is another competitive investment platform. Ellevest portfolios comprise of ETFs from a variety of asset types that are also managed by Vanguard, a leader in low-cost ETFs. Customers have two packages to choose from at the outset, and all charges fall between 0.25% and 0.50% of the account balance per year. Either way, each client will get access to a combination of resources that includes both human financial planners and robo advisors.

The program is designed primarily for the female market and takes gender-based wage differentials into consideration. They take into account that women tend to get paid less than men for the same type of work, so a higher savings rate is programmed and recommended for women. They also offer coaching services for women with financial issues, covering problems like salary negotiations and career transitions.

The program is not exclusive for women and men are welcome to join. Both genders can use expert advice for their long- and short-term financial goals. The counselors and software help clients set up their portfolios, and these are automatically rebalanced as needed. Ellevest is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for iOS devices.

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8. Ally Invest Forex

Ally Invest
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Ally Invest Forex is another great example of a self-directed online banking platform. The online investment program intends for entry-level to mid-level investors. It also works well existing clients who want to do more with their savings. The program acts as a one-stop-shop for clients with existing accounts and investments. Users with existing accounts can easily set up an investment account, and the prices for standard commissions and contract fees are competitive. Users are not charged for account management and transaction fee, but the program does require a minimum balance of $100.

A live invest feature allows users to trade directly through the software, and this includes stocks, bonds, and mutual funds among others. The live invest dashboard itself is customizable and ever-evolving. There are also plenty of tools available for option traders. An example of this is a probability calculator for analyzing market changes.

All portfolios are also monitored and automatically rebalanced as needed. The program also has basic portfolio analysis capabilities. There is also an entire section dedicated to helping beginners get started on investing and personal finance. Ally Invest Forum is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for iOS devices.

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9. Future Advisor

Future Advisor
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Future Advisor is a reliable robo adviser that focuses on investment management, retirement planning, and college savings. Future Advisor portfolios comprise of mixed assets from various sources that is typical of most robo advisors. Users also get to enjoy a sophisticated set of features such as the ability to balance your portfolio following your investment targets and to generate savings from your tax losses.

In addition, the program also employs a combination of advisory services. This means you’ll work with both robo advisors and a team of financial advisors. These features make the platform ideal for self-directed and hands-off investors. It’s also ideal for clients who have existing accounts with other investment firms: account holders from these firms no longer need to move their funds.

Unfortunately, the fees and deposit limits are quite steep. The minimum balance is set at $5,000, and users will also have to pay management fees equivalent to 0.50% of assets. Customers may also incur transaction fees for moving accounts from other investment managers. Nonetheless, the program promises plenty of free services to compensate for high costs. Investment management is at the core of this program, so retirement planning and college savings are offered for free. The software can handle the asset distribution on your investment pie and analyze transactions as they happen. Future Advisor is available as a web-based platform.


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10. SoFi Invest

SoFi Investment
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SoFi Invest is an online lender platform. The platform has basic services such as loan refinancing and personal and mortgage loan services. Automated investing is the newest addition to the product line, and the robo advisor sets a minimum balance of $100 for membership. The program doesn’t charge any advisory or administrative fees, but it does have built-in expense ratios for ETFs that you can trade. This is just the standard for all ETF trading platforms.

Most of these ETFs get handpicked and come at a low cost. The program automatically scans for points that are off-track and rebalances your portfolio as needed. Clients also get free access to a combination of advisory services such as both robo advisors and financial planners.

At the outset, users get to choose from among ten different portfolios based on varying risk tolerance and investment objectives. These portfolios come at very competitive costs, and first-time investors also get to enjoy free career coaching events. They also get discounts for SoFi loans and recurring deposits. The platform also expands to SoFi Money, a checking and savings hybrid account that allows users to withdraw money from ATMs anywhere. SoFi Invest is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for iOS devices.

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11. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab
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Charles Schwab is a one-stop-shop online investment platform. The minimum balance to enable the Intelligent Robo advisor is $5,000, and you can transfer your money into the account for a minimal fee. You can trade and sell stocks right through the app, and a special tab is dedicated for quick ETF trading. Furthermore, you can trade any stocks, options, and bonds.

You can find all portfolios that you invest in listed in alphabetically on a secure page. The total market value of all the stocks that you own is readily available for your review. You can also quickly see the day changes and gains for individual stocks, and you also get access to the most popular global exchanges. The user interface is also easy to navigate. These are the best dedicated platforms where you can sell and purchase stocks.

A Schwab stocks list lets you in on the stocks that are expected to perform well over time. There’s also a research tab for stock market updates and news. In addition, each client gets their own personal consultant whom they can contact at any time. The site is also complete with learning materials for beginners. Charles Schwab is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

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12. Wealthsimple

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Wealthsimple is a popular online financial trading platform. The program offers a wide variety of accounts, including personal, corporate, and savings accounts. There are also dedicated trading account options to choose from. Users are allowed to have more than one account and are able to conveniently transfer funds from one to the other. Management fees is are minimal regardless of the total amount invested. The program can automatically purchase ETFs on your behalf following your preferences. Wealthsimple also favors mixed assets over individual stocks and bonds.

The program will automatically balance and rebalance your portfolio. The objective is always to get the best possible profit in line with your individual investor profile and your risk tolerance. This is also in direct correlation with just how aggressive your portfolio is going to be. A more aggressive investment plan will lean more on stock mutual funds rather than bond ETFs. Meanwhile, a more conservative portfolio would yield the opposite. The program is also designed to invest as much as it can to help you get higher profits. However, this might mean less cash on your active account. Wealthsimple is available as a web-based software that is also available to iOS devices.

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Bloom is an online investment manager that focuses on employer-sponsored retirement plans. The sole focus of the platform is to help you manage and grow your retirement funds while also giving you the chance to invest in low-risk portfolios for stable returns. Getting started with an account is simple: it just takes less than five minutes to set-up and has no minimum balance. In addition, users also have the option to pay reduced annual fees. After opening an account, clients receive fact-based recommendations for their portfolio. This consists of the best combination of bonds and stocks.

You can customize the investment pie as you see fit. The program will automatically manage your portfolio after the account is set. They also rebalance your portfolio regularly and give users professional assistance when needed. There are also plenty of in-app tools to help you select the appropriate investments for your portfolio.  The system will also notify you of any hidden fees, hacking attempts, and any market changes. Blooom is available as a web-based software and a mobile app for iOS devices.

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14. SigFig

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SigFig is another low-cost portfolio manager that offers comprehensive portfolio management. This is also the type of software that lets you reconcile external accounts into the program.  All transactions are logged into the program so it’ always updated. The system constantly monitors and optimizes your investments. It also implements tax-efficient strategies like generating savings from your tax losses. The system automatically rebalances several times a year, and your investments are also transferred automatically to where they can generate more returns.

Transactions costs are adjusted based on the total amount of investments, and your funds are also covered by insurance. All investment information is also placed on a dashboard. This way, you are always aware of your portfolio balance and total earnings. Clients also get access to investment experts who provide sound advice for difficult investment decisions. SigFig is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for iOS devices.

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15. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments
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Fidelity Investments is a financial management and trading platform. The program offers a selection of accounts, the most popular examples being the individual and joint non-retirement accounts. The service has no minimum balance to open an account, but you need at least $10 before you can start investing. Fortunately, management fees are low with no added investment expenses, making it affordable for beginners and experienced investors alike.

The program primarily uses mutual funds to build portfolios. These portfolios get built from a wide variety of asset types. A combination of human resources and robo advisors monitor your portfolio and provide advice on your investments, and rebalancing is done by investment managers as needed.  The program also offers a wide selection of financial planning tools.  Fidelity is available as a web-based software and as a mobile app for iOS devices.

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Disclaimer About the Use of Robo Advisors

Disclaimer Robo Advisors
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Just a disclaimer about using the best robo advisor: these are simply financial tools. They cannot make up for the lack of investment knowledge. Most robo advisors assume users have an understanding of basic investment concepts and their financial circumstances. It’s also important to have well-defined financial goals. Some experts would also advise against complete reliance on a robo advisor, especially during extreme market changes. In such cases, this needs a combination of personal research and advisory services. The same is true for alternative types of investments.

Expanding Field of Investment

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The modern stock market has come to include investments in technology. It has since then dominated the stock market in unexpected ways. A sector with the largest potential for growth is the Internet of Things. These are otherwise known as IoT devices, referring to a system of devices connected to a single network. Technology giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple have invested heavily in this, and their investments are notably focused on the development of hardware and software. You can start investing in the same stocks, too. Here are some examples of the best Internet of Things stocks to invest in 2020.
On the other side of the field are cryptocurrencies. These are digital currencies that use strong security practices to facilitate transactions online. This carries benefits like transparency and decentralization. Nonetheless, this type of currency remains speculative and is more unpredictable than normal stocks. We recommend this complete guide to investing in cryptocurrency and the latest guide on what cryptocurrencies to invest now to learn more about it. You will also need a safe place to store your coins, so consider the most secure cryptocurrency wallets available.

Final Thoughts on Best Robo Advisors

Final Thoughts Robo Advisors
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The best robo advisors are great for managing funds since they help you distribute your assets, plan your retirement, and achieve your financial goals. Robo advisors are also ideal for beginners who may only have a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to invest. It’s also great for investors may not have the time nor willingness to pick out their own stocks. The best robo advisor also eliminates human intervention in the process, bringing down transaction fees. Monthly robo advisor fees are also not much higher than your monthly Netflix fees.

The best robo advisor makes it easy for investors to control their accounts by helping you pick out the appropriate portfolios to invest in. They also have the ability to carry out complicated tasks. This includes balancing your portfolio and reducing hidden fees. They also save you on tax costs at the end of each year. These abilities save you from making serious mistakes in the long run. Besides this, they lower barriers to entry for financial markets.

Even then, the best robo advisors are not solely responsible for your investing future. You need to understand how the platform works before you even begin trading. You also need to determine what stocks you need to be trading. This requires plenty of research. It also requires assistance from experts. Nonetheless, robo advisors are highly useful tools for investing.

15 Best Robo Advisor Platforms You Need to Manage your Money

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